Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1001

“You are not afraid that they will directly determine the position of Patriarch when you are away?” Chen Feng asked.

Qian Xueqiu glanced at Chen Feng and noticed the three envelopes in his hand, but Chen Feng shrank his hands behind him, seeming to have deliberately concealed it. Even if it is given to them for a lifetime, they will not argue about the results.”

Chen Feng didn’t have any accidents, he had heard of it a long time ago.

“But even so, you don’t seem to have any advantage right now. I looked at them, as if I didn’t even look at you straightly. You want to get the position of Patriarch, but it’s not that easy.”

Qian Xueqiu pretentiously smiled deeply, and said, “I naturally know, otherwise I wouldn’t have to run out at this time. After two days, you will look at it again.”

Chen Feng was taken aback, and looked at him in surprise. Qian Xueqiu naturally wouldn’t say any more, it seemed that Chen Feng was just waiting for these days.

At this time Qian Xueqiu turned away from the subject and said, “If I become the head of the Qian Family, what do you want me to do for you?”

Chen Feng also became curious and said, “You start thinking about this kind of thing now. If you are heard by others, you will have to be laughed at. However, if you really become the head of a thousand families, naturally you still want two things. ”

“The two things?”

Anyway, it was just an imaginary, Chen Feng said: “Naturally, the first goal of approaching Qianjia is to deal with Mowolf. But now it seems that Molang and Qianjia are actually immortal. No matter who is in charge, I don’t think this is the same. It’s too easy to change.”

Qian Xueqiu nodded: “Indeed, if it weren’t for Molang, the Patriarch would not have died, but this hatred has ended.”

He looked at Chen Feng again and said, “So what about the second thing?”

“I’m going to the Sea Lion Tower, but after knowing the gift to Emperor Taihao, I actually want to follow along. I think you won’t refuse.”

Qian Xueqiu also nodded, and said, “If it is for Emperor Taihao, even if I can’t be the head of this thousand family, I will take out the things when the matter is over.”

“Take it out? You don’t want to see it yourself?” Chen Feng asked suspiciously.

Qian Xueqiu smiled and said, “This was originally your martial arts practice. I, a guy who has no martial arts at all, did what he did in the past. If he is not careful, he may be injured.”

Chen Feng thought about it, but then he sighed: “Sometimes I really don’t understand you.”

Qian Xueqiu was a little surprised: “Why don’t I understand, I’m just trying to live a better life, doing my own efforts, if I really can’t get it, I have nothing to ask for, so I will send this thing out. , To make the people happier, at least it’s not a bad thing.”

Chen Feng said: “That’s why I think you are very strange. The human heart is actually very narrow. The things that can be accommodated may be nothing more than yourself. At most you can add a few relatives. If there are too many, you really can’t fit in.”

Qian Xueqiu smiled and said: “I do the same, just see it openly.”

The two chatted, and they had returned to the inner courtyard.

“Since you have said it for two days, I will wait for your good news. At that time, I must accompany you to drink a few more glasses.”

Chen Feng said that he was proud, but Qian Xueqiu just smiled and shook his head.

Seeing Qian Xueqiu’s departure, Chen Feng felt that he could really look forward to it two days later, although he did not believe that Qian Xueqiu could sit in that position at all.

With the three letters in his hand, Chen Feng also returned to the courtyard.

“Chen Feng!” Feng Qi shouted out in surprise as soon as he saw Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was also happy. He hadn’t seen each other for two or three days, but he felt like he had been away for a long time.

Feng Qi was holding an embroidery needle in his hand, and because of his excitement, it seemed that he got stuck in his hand. Chen Feng immediately ran to Feng Qi in worry and asked, “Did you get your hand?”

Feng Qi smiled, “Aren’t you coming back?”

Chen Feng also smiled and said, “With you here, I naturally have to come back.”

Feng Qi’s face turned red when he was molested, and he cursed: “Rogue.”

Chen Feng didn’t care, but just looked at the embroidery in Feng Qi’s hand, a bright peony, very gorgeous.

“Peony is rich and elegant, and I like it a lot.” Chen Feng exclaimed.

Feng Qi said in a huff: “It’s useless if you like it. I embroidered it for a long time before I won’t give it to you.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Could you give it to someone else.”

Feng Qi was ashamed of what he said and snorted.

At this moment, Long Ling walked out from inside. He heard Chen Feng’s voice just now, and there was no surprise when he saw it at this time. It’s just that his complexion is still cold.

Chen Feng looked at her, and remembered the previous quarrel.

“Are you going to give this peony to your sister, but I don’t think it is suitable.” Chen Feng said to Feng Qi.

The topic led to Long Ling, and Feng Qi asked curiously: “Why is it not suitable? I just want to give it to her.”

Chen Feng took it over for embroidery, touched it carefully, and slowly said, “The peony is as passionate as it is, and it matches you better. If it’s Longling, I think the bluegrass is better.”

“Lancao, um, it’s very similar to my sister in temperament.”

Long Ling was also listening, and hearing Chen Feng’s evaluation, he couldn’t see any gesture.

But when Chen Feng looked at Long Ling again, at least the eyes between the two had softened a lot.

“Then I will embroider another orchid and give it to my sister.” Feng Qi muttered, saying there.

“You should embroider your peony first.” Long Ling said to Feng Qi.

Feng Qi smiled brilliantly, “Okay, that’s how it was decided. My sister will definitely like it.”

It seemed that every time I was with Feng Qi, I would think simpler and happier.

“Why don’t you give me something too!” Chen Feng said while he was happy, but Feng Qi’s eyes were naturally only provoke.

After having dinner with the two of them, I didn’t expect it to rain. The wind was a bit strong, the leaves hanging outside were rustling, and the rain hit the window, which was also a burst of crackling.

As soon as Chen Feng walked back, he seemed to hear something. He asked Sister Long Ling to go back first, and he walked out with an umbrella.

Even the umbrella was useless when the rain was heavy. After a while, Chen Feng’s lower body was soaked.

But seeing the fallen figures in the Qianjiayuan, he knew he had heard it right.

When they ran over to check, the people in those thousands of families had no breath, and in the rain, the blood was almost invisible, and it was completely diluted into the rainwater of Wang Ju.

Chen Feng listened to the sound, and ignored the umbrella in his hand. He threw it aside and ran in the direction of the movement. When he arrived, an old man with beard and hair in black was standing in front of Chihiro Ken. The two didn’t do anything, both seemed to be afraid of the other party.

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