Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1003

The man smiled and said, “A countryman, I don’t have a good name, so I always call me Qin Dabao.”

It’s just that Chen Feng has some doubts, but he just keeps it in his heart. He also smiled: “Brother Qin, if you helped us, now the three of our brothers and sisters are still outside in the rain.”

And because of this, he was not prepared to tell the truth about himself.

“My name is Feng Chen, and my two sisters are here to find relatives, but I didn’t expect it to rain heavily when I walked on the road. I didn’t see anyone nearby, so it became like this.”

Qin Dabao just nodded, and said, “You are welcome, whoever comes out will not have trouble, go out and rely on friends. Since you are under the eaves of my house, then it’s fate.”

He spoke very boldly, and Chen Feng thanked him again.

After bringing the water-heating stove in the kitchen into the hall, Qin Dabao put in a few pieces of coal, and it warmed up in a short while.

At this time, the two sisters of Long Ling also walked out wearing swollen tunic suits.

Qin Dabao smiled and said, “You two twin sisters are handsome and handsome.”

Qin Dabao just praised it sincerely. He didn’t see any obscene colors in his eyes, so Chen Feng just smiled.

The two girls turned blue from the cold, and Qin Dabao hurriedly said, “Come on to the stove here, and heat up.”

The two women nodded shyly, and sat around Chen Feng.

At this time Qin Dabao said, “Are you from the city?”

Chen Feng replied: “Well, we came from the province next door, but the relatives here are still there, so we want to come over and recognize them.”

Fearing that his accent would also be exposed, Chen Feng said directly that he was not a local.

“No wonder, I don’t hear your accent like a local. But it’s not easy for you to find this place. After today, I will take you to find it. Here I know everything up and down.”

Listening to Qin Dabao’s enthusiastic words, Chen Feng further dispelled some thoughts. It seemed that he was the person here.

Chen Feng thanked again.

Feng Qi had some cold, but fortunately, there were some medicine at home, so Qin Dabao gave it to Feng Qi.

After eating, Feng Qi fell asleep in a drowsy manner. Because it was only a bedroom, Chen Feng and the others wanted to make do with one night outside, but Qin Dabao insisted that the two women sleep in it, and he and Chen Feng stayed in. Lobby.

Helpless, Long Ling had no choice but to take care of Feng Qi in the bedroom.

The heavy rain gradually subsided, and only the sound of falling on the tiles could be heard. It seemed that it would stop completely after a while.

The fire of the coal stove has now been extinguished, and after the lobby is dark, there is no trace of light outside, and it looks even darker.

Although it was rainy, the temperature was not so low, and Chen Feng didn’t feel any cold outside.

Fortunately, Chen Feng didn’t go to bed so early, so he couldn’t fall asleep, so he yelled softly.

“Brother Qin, are you asleep?”

“What’s the matter?” The voice from there was also very energetic, and it seemed that he was not asleep at all.

Chen Feng silly gossip: “Is Brother Qin alone? Why didn’t he see his sister-in-law and children.”

Qin Dabao said: “Your sister-in-law is dead, many years.”

Chen Feng hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry, I don’t know…”

“It’s okay, it’s been so many years, I can’t remember the appearance of that woman, but it’s very beautiful, not inferior to your two girls.”

Chen Feng only thought that he really liked that woman, and by Long Ling’s standards, he was no worse than them, and he might not be attracted to the honest man in front of him.

“That kid too?”

“Well, they died with their mother and had a car accident.”

Chen Feng was silent, and this was a little sad.

After a while, Chen Feng said again, “Then the big brother hasn’t thought about finding another one for so many years?”

Qin Dabao shook his head and said, “I haven’t thought about it, but I just feel that I can’t forget it. If I marry another one, I will probably fail.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect this man to be so affectionate, which is also rare.

But there is more admiration. He sighed: “If my sister-in-law knows about it, I will definitely be happy.”

Qin Dabao didn’t speak anymore, and Chen Feng didn’t know what he was talking about, and the hall fell silent.

After not knowing how long, Chen Feng also fell asleep.

But after a long time, when he heard something, he woke up again, thinking that it was sister Long Ling, but when he listened carefully, it was the voice of a man.

Looking at Qin Dabao’s position again, there was no one there anymore.

The sound came from outside, and the rain stopped.

Chen Feng also stood up quietly, listening carefully outside the door, there seemed to be more than one person there.

“Are you here to die again?”

Hearing the voice like Qin Dabao said, Chen Feng thought he was dreaming, but he heard voices outside again.

“You killed so many of us, and today I let you know that we are not easy to provoke.”

After speaking, it seemed that fighting sounds came from outside, and Chen Feng was even more sure that he was not dreaming.

I don’t know how long it took before the sound of fighting outside disappeared. Chen Feng hurriedly got back into his quilt, and then the door opened gently.

Chen Feng could hear Qin Dabao’s movements very lightly, and he seemed to be afraid of disturbing Chen Feng.

But even though he walked in, his breath was a bit disordered, and it seemed that the battle just now had no effect on him.

But Chen Feng still pretended not to know anything.

At dawn the next day, Chen Feng got up half an hour after Qin Dabao got up. In fact, he did not fall asleep afterwards. Knowing that Qin Dabao was not an ordinary farmer, he was naturally worried about what he would do, but He only went out once this night.

When he came outside, Chen Feng looked around. There was still rainwater gathering in the mud, and it felt muddy everywhere.

The sky is clear, the sky is blue, and the entire endless sky is so comfortable to look at.

“You got up very early!” Seeing Chen Feng, Qin Dabao said.

And Chen Feng looked at Qin Dabao, where he was boiling water.

He took out the dry wood from the pyre on the side, then looked at Chen Feng and said, “What happened last night did not scare you.”

He really scared Chen Feng when he said this suddenly. Chen Feng didn’t expect that he would be discovered, but in that case, he can only honestly say, “It’s just a little accident.”

Qin Dabao slowly said, “You are naturally not afraid. With your strength, it seems that you are not much different from me.”

Chen Feng was really terrified at this time, the other party even knew his strength.

“How did you know.”

“What’s your name is Feng Chen, your name is Chen Feng, you are from Qianjia.”

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