Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1005

“Did Qianjia encounter something?”

On a trail, Chen Feng stood behind the two sisters, and Long Ling suddenly asked.

In fact, they wanted to ask this question a long time ago, but it has been delayed until now.

Chen Feng froze for a moment, but still replied: “Someone wants to wipe out the roots of Qianjia, and the current situation of Qianjia is absolutely impossible to deal with.”

Long Ling was silent. Feng Qi’s face was still a little pale. Her body was actually weaker than Long Ling. It was just that she was worried about what happened to Qianjia, “Is it really impossible to save it at all?”

It may be that they have been in Qianjia for a long time, so they also have feelings for Qianjia.

Chen Feng said, “There is no way.”

Thinking of the strength of the white-haired old man that day, it was an existence that even Qianhiro Qian could not deal with, and Chen Feng was also embarrassed.

But after thinking about it, when he left, Qianjia was already preparing to hide in the secret room, and maybe some people could survive by luck. And with Molang’s acting style, if they miss a hit, they will inevitably retreat quickly.

This is the behavior of the wolf, and it is also the behavior of the desert wolf.

After all, Qianjia is not just an isolated family, but still has his allies in the desert.

“Then can we go back and have a look? If we encounter thousands of injured families, we can heal them for them.” Feng Qi asked weakly.

Chen Feng said: “Not yet, wait for the decisive time.”

What he was naturally worried about was that Molang had left people in Qianjia.

But when the three of them were wandering, a figure was seen at the end of the intersection. Although they were far away, Chen Feng could still see that it was a woman with a good figure.

When he got closer, Chen Feng finally saw that it was Qian’er.

He guarded Sister Long Ling and faced Qian’er.

“Long time no see.” After seeing Chen Feng, Qian’er greeted Chen Feng comfortably.

But Chen Feng just looked at her carefully and didn’t reply.

“Why are you so careful? I just came over to see you.” She laughed.

Chen Feng asked, “How do you know we are here?”

Qian’er didn’t answer immediately. Instead, she crossed Chen Feng and looked at the two women behind him, and said, “These are the two doctors. They look really good. No wonder you are protecting them like this.”

When Qian’er talked about the two Long Ling, Chen Feng was even more worried, and said, “What do you want to do?”

Qian’er seemed to be a little jealous and said to Chen Feng: “You treat your old lover like this! You really forget your pants when you lift them. A heartless guy.”

Chen Feng didn’t want to say those things to her, but was silent.

And looking at Chen Feng’s cautious appearance, Qian’er said, “Okay, I won’t tease you. I’m really just here to see you, mainly to see two women. But you don’t have to worry, Molang They don’t even know you are here except me, you can live in peace of mind.”

Chen Feng didn’t feel any relief because of Qian’er’s words, and he still looked at each other with a serious face.

Qian’er yelled: “Really a stingy man.”

After speaking, she actually turned around and left, as if she had told her, she just came over to take a look, and didn’t do anything.

After she left completely, Chen Feng was relieved. If Qian’er did something, first of all, it would be difficult for him to protect Sister Long Ling, not to mention whether he could deal with Qian’er’s poison.

“Is she the one you said poisoned you?” Long Ling asked leisurely beside Chen Feng.

Chen Feng didn’t expect Long Ling to ask such a question, so he nodded hesitantly.

“She doesn’t seem to be as bad as you said.” Long Ling said again.

Chen Feng hurriedly persuaded: “Don’t be fooled by her, she is a madman, she doesn’t even know her mind, and what she does is completely confusing.”

But Long Ling didn’t believe Chen Feng’s words, she whispered softly: “I can see that she seems to be sober, with clear eyes and clear speech. It is not a symptom of a lunatic at all.”

Chen Feng was said to live, and such a professional explanation made him seem to be unable to find more appropriate evidence.

Had to say angrily: “It’s just that you haven’t met her when she went crazy.”

Long Ling didn’t argue with him, but just said something, you can go back, and assisted each other with Feng Qi and walked towards the farmhouse.

And because of Qian’er’s incident, Chen Feng worried that Molang had found this place, so he hurriedly left, and it was better to send sisters Longling back to their small courtyard than here.

Back in the farmhouse, Qin Dabao was doing something in the farmland around him.

Seeing Chen Feng coming back, he beckoned directly to him.

Chen Feng had some doubts about Qin Dabao just now, but he couldn’t understand why he only told Qian’er alone as he wanted to say it.

He simply came to Qin Dabao’s side and asked, “You told Molang’s whereabouts?”

Qin Dabao also looked at Chen Feng unexpectedly and said, “How could I do such a thing.”

Chen Feng stared at his face and didn’t see any sneaky flaws, but Qin Dabao immediately said, “But the people of Molang should know that you are here, after all, they know that I am here.”

Chen Feng stunned: “They know you? Then why didn’t you tell us.”

Qin Dabao said indifferently, “You haven’t asked again, and I asked the woman, and she said she wouldn’t speak out.”

Chen Feng thought it was Qian’er, but he still couldn’t accept it, and said, “We are leaving. Thank you for staying these few days.”

But when he was about to leave, Qin Dabao stopped him and said, “Molang is only going to deal with you alone. If they come, I can keep them for you.”

Chen Feng only wanted to believe in himself, so he refused decisively.

“No, I can take them away.”

But Qin Dabao said, “You’d better not leave here now. Thousands of families have encountered something like that, but Molang hasn’t got what they want. Although they are evacuating now, they are waiting for people from these thousands of families to appear. If you go out , Isn’t it a self-inflicted snare, and will also affect the two girls at that time.”

Chen Feng listened to him and thought about it. He felt that he might be really dangerous if he went out.

It’s just that he was afraid that Qian’er was not as simple as she said, and Chen Feng suffered a loss in her hands.

He asked Qin Dabao seriously, “Are you really willing to protect them for me?”

In a few days, Chen Feng had some basic trust in Qin Dabao.

Qin Dabao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, those two girls are a bit like my dead daughters. Even if I don’t care about other things, I have to take care of my daughter’s face.”

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