Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1009

Qin Dabao carried a dagger and rushed up. His speed was very fast, the dagger in his hand was faster, and he could always pierce a person’s chest without seeing it.

Seeing someone fall down again, the guy in the lead yelled and ran away first.

The other three also retreated quickly.

Qin Dabao watched them not chasing them, but looked at Chen Feng and the burning house.

It seems that he also knows that there is no hope of saving it again now, just standing aside, quietly watching him burn.

Chen Feng walked to Qin Dabao apologetically. He felt that this kind of thing happened under his supervision and it was his problem.

However, Qin Dabao smiled and said, “It seems that this is God’s will to let me go.”

The fire lasted until the next day before it was gradually extinguished, and only the burnt and collapsed walls and black bricks were left inside.

Some things are good to distinguish them, but they are completely useless.

“After living for so long, I actually have some feelings for these.” Qin Dabao rubbed his nose and laughed at himself like a joke.

But although it seemed to be a joke, there was still some truth in it.

He walked to the bedroom and found a black object that was already unrecognizable from the original bedside. He placed it in his hand and slowly opened the black package outside, revealing a black pendant inside.

Chen Feng felt familiar, he thought about it, and remembered that he found the same thing on the ghost face, the half-moon black stone pendant.

Looking at Qin Dabao’s eyes again, he was a little intoxicated, and Chen Feng was not good to ask the source of this stone.

It was no longer possible to stay here, Qin Dabao simply took a look and left the house.

After going out, Qin Dabao stretched his shoulders toward the sky, as if he was announcing something.

Chen Feng then asked, “That stone pendant just now was a token of those ghost-faced people?”

With that said, he also took out the stone pendant he had hidden, proving to Qin Dabao that he also had one.

Qin Dabao didn’t seem surprised, and said slowly, “Your sister-in-law left me this thing.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised. First, he did not expect that the woman in Qin Dabao’s heart left him with something, and second, he did not expect that the woman was related to the ghost face man.

After thinking about it, it was natural that I couldn’t explain it clearly, but I had a vague idea.

Without a place to live, Chen Feng and the others had to go to another place.

But knowing that there may be Molang people staring on the road near here, Chen Feng can only look at Qin Dabao.

“Just follow me.” He also saw Chen Feng’s worry, and said so.

So a few people went on the road. Chen Feng was disguising a bit, grabbed the carbon dust from the ground and applied it to his face. It was still very even to the touch, and his hair was a little messed up. He was really not a familiar person. It’s really not easy to recognize.

Then they walked all the way, although no one stopped them, but people stared at them from time to time on the road, but they didn’t know if they were really looking at them hard, or because of Chen Feng’s dark face, they were curious.

In the teahouse by the Nanhu Lake in Lanshi, Xiu Niang sat there a little bit unconscious.

There was no wind in the South Lake, it was like a huge mirror, but the birds didn’t like it so quiet all the time, but they also fell on the water and swept across it, so there were waves of ripples.

Xiu Niang would still smile knowingly if she saw it, but now she was just dumbfounded and lost a little interest.

Thousands of families naturally spread in Lanshi, and many people felt panic, thinking that after the thousands of families were gone, after the desert wolf dominated, the desert was just darkness.

Fortunately, Molang did not do anything in these few days, but there were not a few people who made preparations.

A smart little girl, only seventeen or eighteen years old, quietly walked from behind Xiuniang, and then she covered her eyes, her voice pretending to be dull and said, “Guess who I am?”

Xiuniang was awakened by this movement, but naturally she knew who it was without guessing.

“Qing Ling, stop making trouble.” Xiu Niang said in a dull voice.

Listening to Xiu Niang’s moodiness, Qing Ling put away such playful thoughts, and asked with some worry, “Is Xiu Niang worried about that person?”

Xiu Niang didn’t speak, she just looked at the lake, but she didn’t know how much she was thinking about.

“Xiu Niang, he will be fine. A person so smart will always find a way to protect himself.”

Xiuniang hoped so too, but still sighed, “But he is a man without martial arts.”

When Qingling saw Qian Xueqiu several times, she liked it, but only the kind she admired, because she knew what Xiuniang thought, and in her heart she only wanted Xiuniang to be with that man.

But from the news she heard by chance, she also knew that this time Qianjia had really encountered something terrible.

And many people died.

She was also worried that she hadn’t even seen the man come for a long time.

“He will be fine, he is extremely smart.” But seeing Xiuniang’s loneliness, Qing Ling said confidently.

It seemed that she was moved by this kind of self-confidence. Xiu Niang looked at Qingling and said, “You don’t have to worry about me. I just think about it. Even if something happens to him, I will still manage it well.”

It also seemed to be energetic, Qingling smiled happily.

The lake surface was calm again, like a mirror, holding the white clouds around, as if wanting a unique view of the sky.

But if you only look at the lake, you don’t feel that the scene is weaker than the sky.

There are guests coming from the teahouse.

Qingling hurried over to entertain him, but this person was black and strange, his neck was quite white, but his face looked like black charcoal when he arrived.

But it was not her turn to blame a person’s appearance, and she just asked what to drink.

Chen Feng came in alone, the other three went to a nearby hotel, and he came straight here.

“I’m looking for a woman named Xiuniang.” Chen Feng said.

Qingling is even more strange, this person came up to find the boss, is it also admiringly here.

Xiuniang is beautiful, so some people are not here for tea, but just to come and see Xiuniang.

Qing Ling regarded Chen Feng as such a person, but thinking that Xiu Niang was down, Qing Ling said: “The boss is a little uncomfortable today, so I don’t see anyone.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised. How could this be uncomfortable today, but thinking about it, he still said, “Qian Xueqiu asked me to come over and find her.”

Qing Ling was also surprised by these words. He looked at Chen Feng and asked, “Is it the Qian Xueqiu from the Qian Family?”

Chen Feng nodded stupidly.

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