Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1010

With just such a name, Chen Feng and his party moved into the teahouse.

Chen Feng’s temperament is very quiet recently. He always thinks that things can be done as he wants, but in the end the changes are always so drastic and exceed his expectations. He thinks that instead of this, it is better to stop thinking from the beginning. so many.

Sitting in the corridor of the tea house, you can also see the South Lake from here, but it is not as wide as the tea room upstairs, but Chen Feng’s mind is not there, and he doesn’t care.

Xiuniang glanced at him, and walked over.

“Mr. Chen, right?” She said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng turned his head and saw Xiuniang. He already knew Xiuniang was the owner of this restaurant. He nodded and said, “Miss Xiuniang, are you looking for me?”

Xiu Niang said, “Just call me Xiu Niang.”

Chen Feng nodded.

In Chen Feng’s eyes, Xiu Niang is a very delicate and gentle woman. You won’t be surprised at a glance, but the more you look at it, the more comfortable you feel. There is no reason for alienation at all, and even more willingness to get closer.

“Then Xiuniang, do you want to ask Qian Xueqiu about it?” Chen Feng asked.

Xiuniang nodded and sat down on the porch chair beside Chen Feng. When she talked about Qian Xueqiu, the worry in her eyes was obvious. “He hasn’t contacted me for a long time. This kind of thing happened again in Qianjia. I am worried about his comfort. Whether Mr. Chen has already seen him, he is okay.”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “I dare not say that he is safe now. At least there is no danger in his life now, so don’t worry too much.”

Xiu Niang didn’t seem to be satisfied just knowing his safety, and then asked, “What about other things, is he very haggard, is he unable to even do a normal life?”

Chen Feng said leisurely: “There is no way for this. He was forced to be trapped there. It is not easy to survive, not to mention people chasing them.”

Xiu Niang was silent, she also knew what Chen Feng said, but she couldn’t bear to think about it all the time, and she was also worried about Qian Xueqiu’s safety.

But this kind of worry she couldn’t tell Chen Feng, even she didn’t have anything to say, she could only bear it in her heart alone, maybe when Qian Xueqiu came out, she could tell him this.

Only now, she glanced at Chen Feng and asked, “Shao Chen, what are your plans next.”

Chen Feng is also thinking about this question. Thousands of families are down and down, and Molang is still looking for them. Qin Dabao is just a passerby, but he can’t take care of him for long. He seems to have his own business, but in the future, he must have one. Purpose.

Perhaps Sister Long Ling could be settled first, so he wouldn’t worry too much.

“I haven’t thought about it yet, but we shouldn’t stay here for too long.” Chen Feng thought that it might be Xiu Niang who felt that they had affected this place, so she asked.

Xiu Niang said, “I’m not rushing Chen Shao and you to leave, but if Chen Shao has no direction for a while, can you do me a favor.”

Chen Feng asked: “You also see my current situation. Mowolf is also chasing me down. I can’t seem to help you.”

Xiu Niang shook her head and said: “It’s not just to help Xiu Niang, it’s also for Xueqiu, and Chen Shao yourself.”

Chen Feng was stunned, staring into her eyes, but couldn’t see any jokes. He said, “Can you help me?”

Xiu Niang nodded and said: “Xueqiu told me that if you can get a thousand families, it would be the best. Give him some more time and unite the entire desert. Even the desert wolf can only leave obediently.”

Chen Feng said, “Unfortunately, in the end, he didn’t do what he wanted to do. Even the entire thousand family was in danger. Maybe he was also upset about this.”

Xiu Niang also drifted a little lonely, but continued: “Xueqiu is not such a person. He will never regret what he has done.”

He firmly believed that even Chen Feng could not say anything to refute, but just listened quietly.

“Furthermore, he once thought that if Mowolf did it, he would have an unpredictable hole card, which is absolutely unmatched by the current strength of Qianjia. So he had already made preparations a long time ago.”

Chen Feng said in surprise: “He guessed that Molang would do it? Did he tell you?”

Xiuniang nodded gently.

Chen Feng also knows that Qian Xueqiu is a very scheming person, even to take precautions. It can be seen from Qian’er’s affairs that he has designed how to counteract Qian’er against my opponent. The measure was to convince Zhao Donglai without paying any price at all.

But Chen Feng didn’t expect that he even thought about how Molang had to deal with the Qianjia, and even what the Qianjia would lose. Maybe Chen Feng still underestimated the guy who was born in the family.

Chen Feng asked solemnly, “What did he say?”

Xiu Niang also said earnestly: “If you want to save Qianjia, you can only find the uncle of Qianjia. As long as he is willing to come back to Qianjia, Molang must not dare to be presumptuous.”

Chen Feng thought of a question, and asked doubtfully: “He wants me to help him find this young man? Then why didn’t he tell me, but waited until I found you and borrowed your words. tell me.”

Xiu Niang also thought about it, and said, “Maybe he doesn’t want the thousands of people there to know this young man.”

Chen Feng asked curiously: “Do you know him?”

Xiu Niang said, “I only heard Xueqiu talk about it occasionally, but I don’t know much.”

Chen Feng said, “Is he very strong, he is also in the realm of a master?”

“It should be. I don’t understand the division of your martial arts, but Xueqiu told me that even the grandmaster has to be divided into three, six or nine grades, and this young man is the only existence, if it wasn’t him. Suddenly leaving Qianjia, Qianjia entered the Central Plains, it is also possible.”

Chen Feng was slightly surprised. He didn’t doubt what Xiuniang said, because Xiuniang didn’t have to deceive him. It was just this existence that reminded Chen Feng of the Xiaoyao Sword.

There are three, six, nine levels among the masters. This is not a secret, but climbing the realm of a master is as difficult as ascending to the sky, so everyone has no idea what kind of division it will be.

But there is one person who doesn’t need any such cognition, he is the strongest one, that is Xiaoyao Jian.

His strength is even considered by everyone to have surpassed the grandmaster, but no one can tell that realm, and in the end it can’t prove anything.

But the strength of this point is beyond doubt.

And if he was really the younger uncle of Qian’s family, then Qian Xueqiu would have no difficulty in rescuing Qian’s family.

But since he was called Xiaoyao Sword, how could he be bound by something.

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