Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1011

Xiaoyao sword, life as a happy life.

I looked at Xiuniang and asked with confirmation, “Do you know the name of that little uncle?”

Xiu Niang nodded and said, “Xueqiu told me that his name is Qianxunjian.”

But Chen Feng didn’t know the name of Xiaoyao Jian, and no one knew his name.

Maybe this name belongs to him, Chen Feng thought.

“You want me to help Qian Xueqiu find him.” Chen Feng shook his head and said, “He is so powerful, even if he leaves Qianjia, and what happened to Qianjia is known throughout China, I believe he must know it, but he If he doesn’t come back, it means he doesn’t want to come back.”

Xiu Niang is an extremely intelligent woman, otherwise she would not be the owner of a teahouse, and she could easily understand what Chen Feng meant.

“But if you don’t find him, Qianjia will be helpless, and Xueqiu will die too.” Xiu Niang said.

Chen Feng frowned and said, “It’s just a waste of time to do something that you know is impossible to succeed.”

Xiu Niang said, “But I haven’t even done it, so how can I know that it is impossible to succeed. As long as you are willing to lead me to find him, I can promise any conditions.”

She said resolutely. Chen Feng knew that this woman had a deep love for Qian Xueqiu, and when she was affectionate, she was the most beautiful, and Xiu Niang was so beautiful.

But this beauty is just to appreciate it hard, not to waste time, Chen Feng said: “You can find someone else, but I really can’t.”

“You can’t do it, then I just need to help.” Zheng said, a hearty voice came from the other end of the corridor.

Without seeing anyone, Chen Feng knew that it was Qin Dabao who interrupted him.

After a few steps, Qin Dabao came out from the corner.

Chen Feng said: “Are you eavesdropping on our words? Are you polite?”

Qin Dabao smiled and said, “What are you talking about in such a big crowd? I’m just passing by. Do I have to plug my ears before I can pass here?”

Chen Feng didn’t argue with him, but just asked: “Just forget it, you want to go to that one. Since he is amazing, I want to use you. I’m afraid he can’t even use half of his tricks.”

Qin Dabao just smiled, but Xiu Niang looked at him gratefully and said, “Is Brother Qin really willing to help me?”

Qin Dabao said, “He is not interested, but I am very interested in this grandmaster. If you know he is there, I can take you there.”

Since he was called Xiaoyao Jian, it was not so easy for him to let people know where he was, and Chen Feng didn’t think Xiuniang would know.

But Xiu Niang nodded, which surprised Chen Feng.

“How did you know?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

Xiu Niang said, “It was Xueqiu who told me that he had sent someone to investigate that person’s information very early, but that person actually didn’t leave the desert, but everyone didn’t know it.”

“He didn’t leave the desert?” Chen Feng murmured.

Qin Dabao smiled again and said, “Since he is in the desert, it means that he is still a little bit reluctant to Thousand Clan. As long as he is found, he can’t actually be persuaded to take action.”

Although Qin Dabao said it was simple, Chen Feng didn’t think it would be so simple.

It’s just that he didn’t understand why he stayed in the desert.

Chen Feng said, “Since someone is willing to accompany you, then I don’t need me anymore. When you leave, I will leave with the sisters.”

After he finished speaking, he walked away, leaving Qin Dabao and Xiuniang looking at him. Maybe Xiuniang wanted to persuade him, but looking at Chen Feng’s resolute meaning, she just didn’t say anything.

The scenery of Nanhu Lake is beautiful, and it is also the most suitable for meditation. Living here has a different feeling from Longling’s small courtyard. Although they are all natural scenery, the landscape is different after all.

The ancients said that the wise man enjoys water, and the benevolent leshan.

It was a different kind of preference. Sister Long Ling had a preference for this kind of Shuibo restaurant. After staying here for only three or two days, both of them seemed to not be far away, especially Feng Qi’s happy temperament.

It’s just that Qin Dabao and Xiu Niang are going to find the little uncle, and Chen Feng also agreed to leave.

The teahouse was handed over to Qingsi, and Niang Xiu said to Chen Feng, “If Chen Shao likes here, you can stay longer, but you can take a look at the teahouse for me.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Anyway, I have to leave. It’s just a difference between morning and evening. Thanks for the hospitality these few days.”

Seeing that Chen Feng could not be retained by Xiu Niang, she just didn’t say more.

Qin Dabao said, “Are you really not going with us?”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t need to go, and I don’t want to go, but I don’t know one thing.”

Qin Dabao said, “You want to ask me? How can I know things that you don’t know clearly.”

Chen Feng said: “You must know. Because of your problem.”

Qin Dabao was stunned and asked, “My question? What?”

Chen Feng said: “It is you who want to kill Qianxunyi, but now it is also you who promised to find the Qianxun sword to save Qianjia. What is your relationship with Qianjia, I really don’t see at all.”

Qin Dabao smiled instead: “You are right if you don’t understand. There are many things you don’t understand.”

He didn’t talk to Chen Feng any more.

Since he didn’t want to say it, Chen Feng just glanced at him, and then watched the couple of old and young, men and women leave.

And Chen Feng and the others also need to go.

Feng Qi asked, “Can’t we stay here for a while? The feeling of living here is completely different from that of being in the mountains.”

Chen Feng also felt that it was good to live here, but they couldn’t stay here all the time. Qianjia’s affairs were temporarily lost, but he still had a place to go, that was the Sea Lion House where Qing Zhi was located.

There, Qing Zhi was still waiting for him, and a letter had been delivered to him at Chihiro Yi’s funeral that day. If Chen Feng didn’t go, maybe Qing Zhi would be angry.

It is already very unwise to provoke a woman, not to mention provoke a person who is not only a woman but also a master, it is no different from seeking death.

Chen Feng said, “I can’t stay here anymore. If you want, you can stay. If you want to have Qian’er, you won’t really be targeted by Molang.”

Long Ling asked, “What about you? Where are you going?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Sea Lion House!”

Maybe the two of Long Ling didn’t know where the Sea Lion Tower was, or they hadn’t heard of it before, but the cause of giving Huang Taihao a lot of trouble in Lanshi was because of the Taihao hidden treasure in the Sea Lion Tower.

Chen Feng is also a martial artist. If he knows the secret of becoming a master, he will naturally not give up. Even if he has not given Emperor Taihao, he will go to the Sea Lion Tower to find out.

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