Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1013

Chen Feng was a little confused, but before Chen Feng could speak, the man stood up and walked to Chen Feng’s side and turned the cover of the magazine to Chen Feng.

I haven’t noticed just now, but now the person who is looking at the cover is really the one next to him.

The most outstanding social entrepreneur of China, Xia Lan, was written on it impressively.

Then came a long period of honors from this guy, what the honorary professor of this university, what kind of awards he won, and so on.

But if Chen Feng saw it by himself, he could say a surprise, but when he was reminded, he felt that he was showing off something, and this kind of thing generally does not make people feel happy, even like Chen Feng, Won’t be happy.

He just said to Xia Lan very plainly: “Oh, it turned out to be you, I haven’t found out just now, but is there anything else?”

Xia Lan didn’t expect that she would be treated so indifferently. She froze for a while before saying, “It’s okay, just curious to see you watching.”

But then the two of them also did their own things. This was an accidental event, but it seemed to make both of them feel a little uncomfortable.

And until he got out of the car, Chen Feng didn’t say a word to Xia Lan. Even at a certain moment, Chen Feng could feel the strange look from Xia Lan, but Chen Feng didn’t take it seriously, and didn’t even look at him.

Suzhou is no better than Lanzhou. It looks a bit more desolate here, and it always feels like living in a desert with a hint of sand.

But maybe it’s just an illusion.

A tall building is still a tall building, and a building is still a building, but the people who walk through it every day are different, and they are also playing different roles.

As soon as he got out of the platform, Chen Feng saw Xia Lan, and he happened to walk into a black Bentley elegant car, only a few million cars, but immediately attracted the attention of many people on the platform.

Maybe Xia Lan was enjoying the feeling of being noticed by everyone. Even after getting in the car, he noticed Chen Feng standing there. He smiled contemptuously, and even cast a provocative look.

“Do you know that man?” Yang Xin didn’t expect to drag the suitcase out to see all this, she asked.

Chen Feng shook his head.

Yang Xin also seemed to express regret and said, “If you know him, I still hope you can introduce him to me?”

Chen Feng looked at Yang Xin and said jokingly, “Why, are you going to abandon me so soon and find another love?”

Yang Xin also laughed and said, “If it is really that man, I will definitely choose him.”

With that said, she took out the magazine that Chen Feng had just read just now, and said to the photo of Xia Lan on the cover: “You don’t know how good he is. He is only twenty years old. The most outstanding entrepreneur, and not only that, his father and mother are also shareholders of Tianyuan Group.”

Chen Feng was still a little surprised. Compared with ordinary people, this is almost like the gap between Mount Everest and the sea. Human climbing can only be done by miracles.

“That’s really a pity, I don’t know him, otherwise I must introduce this tortoise son-in-law to you, but…”

Chen Feng smiled and shook his head.

Yang Xin asked curiously, “But what?”

Chen Feng said: “I just don’t know if he will like you. With his ability, what kind of woman can’t make friends with.”

Yang Xingang wants to be angry. This is to belittle her, but thinking about it, it seems that it is true. She smiled bitterly: “It seems that I can only be with you, but you will not be distracted by it. Fuck me.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “That’s not enough, I’ve never been picky eaters.”

Yang Xin was still dull for a few seconds before reacting, and roared, “Give me to die.”

The joke is a joke, and naturally the two will not take it seriously.

“Then goodbye.”

Chen Feng was about to go up and stop a taxi, so he said to Yang Xin.

Yang Xin urged narrowly: “Aren’t you really going to ask me for a number?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “If we are really fate, I think we will see you again. Then I will invite you to dinner, and then I will open a room.”

“Smelly hooligan, go to death.” Yang Xin scolded.

But Chen Feng got in the car and said to the driver, “Haidong Building.”

Haidong Building is a six-star hotel in Suzhou, and it is also one of the best hotels in Suzhou. However, Chen Feng didn’t just go there, but the address given to him by Qingzhi was there. There.

Soon I came to the Haidong Building. The floors were high. The sun happened to be blocked by this building and hiding in the shadows. Chen Feng looked at the people coming and going, basically very high-end people.

In this way, it seems that Chen Feng’s clothes seem to be a lot more casual, but he is not worried that he will be stopped at the door. Since knowing that there are too many guys in the power, he is also afraid that he will be wasted time, so he specially gives himself I bought some clothes of a certain grade.

After entering the revolving door, Chen Feng went all the way to the front desk, and he asked Qing Zhi for information, but he did not expect that there was no information on Qing Zhi’s residence.

Chen Feng thought for a while, but he had to open a room here, and waited until Qing Zhi to contact him.

Until the evening, Chen Feng didn’t find anything, and it seems that Qing Zhi will not come to find himself now.

He thought about it, and decided to try his luck outside.

When I walked out of the hotel, it happened that there was still some sun at this time, but the setting sun was hanging from the west, and the whole city was covered with golden yellow.

When Chen Feng walked out, the roadside seemed noisy. Chen Feng stopped a taxi and told him to go to the busiest place in the city by himself.

Although Chen Feng didn’t know what this most lively place would look like in his mind, according to the local people’s understanding, it should be the most fun place.

It’s evening now, so the so-called most fun place for a man, besides drinking, there are only women.

The driver brought Chen Feng to a bar and stopped, and smiled and said to him: “If you are lucky, you can definitely get the woman you want.”

Chen Feng just smiled bitterly. He really didn’t think he would come here, but since he had already come, he just got out of the car.

The bar was already very lively at this time, and as soon as I entered, I saw several exposed women dancing on the stage.

Chen Feng appeared to walk to the bar quietly, and ordered a glass of whiskey.

Afterwards, he wandered around the bar with a glass of wine, where there were many crazy men and women, and the music was very loud.

They are dancing, even if they are very close, they are still indifferent.

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