Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1014

Crazy girls even stood beside Chen Feng, seemingly inviting Chen Feng to join him on the dance floor.

Chen Feng just smiled at her, and didn’t intend to enter the court by herself, and the girl looked at Chen Feng and didn’t respond, so she left without interest.

He watched for a while, and came to the side boringly, and found a place to lean against.

But just took a sip of wine, but he didn’t expect that someone would take the initiative to find him.

Moreover, it was a gorgeous woman who came over. Chen Feng looked at her and made sure that she was indeed looking for him. Chen Feng curiously held the cup and looked carefully.

The pigtails of various colors are very long in front of her, which looks very fashionable.

Different women naturally need to have different attitudes. If you see that they like to experience these novel girls, you must never play the role of a preacher. It will definitely make you be poured a glass of wine by the girl, or even unreasonable. go.

“Handsome guy, what, can you buy me a drink?” the girl said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said, “Of course.”

Ordered a glass of brandy at the bar, Chen Feng looked at the girl and said, “I just don’t know how much you drink. If it doesn’t work, I can take you home.”

The girl smiled and said, “Handsome man, you are really bad, and now you are thinking about me. Are you not afraid that I am a liar?”

Chen Feng also chuckled, “That’s not better, but I haven’t done anything with a liar.”

The girl didn’t seem to be shy about this kind of colorful joke, she raised the cup in her hand to Chen Feng, but just sang a little.

“Thank you.” She thanked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said, “Is it just a verbal thank you? I’m looking forward to more things.”

The girl looked at Chen Feng with a slight contempt, and said, “I have never met a man as direct as you. The monkey is anxious, so it won’t be favored by girls.”

Chen Feng said: “I know.”

The girl was a little surprised and said, “You know?”

Chen Feng said, “Naturally, the girl is like the ice cube in this wine. Only by slowly soaking him with alcohol can you know what is in the ice cube.”

The girl seemed to have heard this theory for the first time. She nodded thoughtfully and said, “Since you know the truth, why do you want to say this to me?”

Chen Feng said: “But that is for ordinary women, but it is not suitable for you.”

The girl took another sip of wine curiously, playing with her pigtail with the other hand. She looked at Chen Feng curiously and said, “In your opinion, am I a very special woman?”

Chen Feng smiled and said: “You are naturally a special woman, so I don’t want to use those old-fashioned ways for a special woman.”

The girl was amused, and laughed out with a chuckle. She bent over, straightened up, and said to Chen Feng, “So you said so much, you just made excuses for your hunger.”

Chen Feng just smiled without explaining anything.

As he was talking, it seemed that the girl’s companion in the distance yelled over here.

“Fluttershy, where are you doing? Come and dance.”

Xiaodie glanced there, then looked at Chen Feng and said, “My friend calls me again, do you want to go dancing together?”

Chen Feng didn’t want this kind of noise, but shook his head.

Fluttershy was a little bit sorry, but she raised her head and drank the rest of the wine in the cup. He handed the cup to Chen Feng and said, “Thank you for the wine. If I really get to the back, I will let you Send me back.”

After speaking, he immediately ran towards his companion.

Chen Feng looked at her back, and indeed felt that this was a very strange girl, or something special.

After sitting for a while, there was no girl like Xiaodie who came to chat with Chen Feng again. Chen Feng was bored and left.

Putting the empty cup in his hand on the bar counter, Chen Feng walked out of the bar. He wanted to find out if there was any information about Qingzhi, but it was just a waste of time.

But thinking of the girl just now, at least this night is not a complete wasting.

It was eleven or twelve o’clock in the evening when I returned to the hotel, and naturally there was nothing else to do. He was going to sleep.

But when he slept in the middle of the night, his usual vigilance made him hear something and immediately got up.

Then he heard the sound coming from the door, Chen Feng walked over and inspected it. There was no movement in the door, only an envelope was left in front of the door.

Chen Feng did not rush to check the envelope, but opened the door of the room. There were no people outside the door, but the quiet corridor lights were still on, extending to the end of the corridor.

Knowing that the person had already run away, Chen Feng closed the door again.

He picked up the exquisite envelope and walked to the bed.

There is a word written on it in Roman letters, sea lion.

Naturally, what Chen Feng wanted was the Sea Lion Tower, but he wouldn’t believe that it was the message from the Sea Lion Tower. Maybe someone was pretending to be.

Except for the word written in the upper left corner, there is no sign on the outer cover, there is no so-called receiving, sending, and there will be no more addresses.

Chen Feng thought for a while, touched it, and it was very smooth. Then he picked up the fruit knife placed on the bedside and opened the envelope.

Inside it was just a piece of letter paper, with a few words on it, telling Chen Feng not to go to the Sea Lion Tower, otherwise it would be dangerous.

Chen Feng didn’t want to find who it would be, but judging from the letter itself, there was no danger in sight, it seemed more like a warning.

He naturally thought of Qing Zhi, but he also felt that if Qing Zhi really wanted to tell him, he would not use this kind of boring trick. It seems that the other party wants to prevent himself from going to the Sea Lion House, but also does not want to reveal his identity. .

But just looking at this thing, Chen Feng couldn’t do anything.

And since he would find Chen Feng, if Chen Feng refused this suggestion, he would still meet Chen Feng again, and thinking about it this way, Chen Feng would have nothing to entangle.

He didn’t get up until 7 or 8 o’clock the next day, and for Chen Feng it was already late, but it was mainly because he had nothing to do. Without Qingzhi, he would even know how to get to the Sea Lion Tower. do not know.

When Chen Feng went downstairs to have breakfast, he was recognized.

“It’s you!” It was a pure-looking girl. She looked at Chen Feng in surprise, but Chen Feng didn’t know him.

Chen Feng naturally thought she would be someone who knew herself in Yanjing or Cangzhou, after all, he was considered a well-known person.

But the girl said, “It’s me!”

Only then did Chen Feng look at her carefully, but even though she was really good-looking, Chen Feng really couldn’t recognize her.

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