Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1015

But he said with a smile on his face: “So it’s you.”

Unexpectedly, this method did not deceive the other person. The girl grumbled: “You didn’t recognize me. Last night, you said that I was a special woman. Sure enough, a man’s mouth is a deceitful ghost.”

Chen Feng really widened his eyes and looked at Xiaodie carefully. This temperament was too far apart. Even if he knew that this was Xiaodie, Chen Feng didn’t dare to recognize each other rashly.

Faced with the girl’s annoyance, Chen Feng said without panic: “If you are not special, how could you not be able to distinguish me? The woman I have seen has never been missed by me, and you are the number one. indivual.”

The girl seemed to be amused by Chen Feng: “Sure enough, it’s still you. I can really say it with a mouth.”

Chen Feng also smiled and said, “You live here too?”

This is the most luxurious hotel in Suzhou. Naturally, every night is expensive. If you are not a person of a certain status, this kind of place can’t be afforded, so Chen Feng is also testing the identity of a girl.

And the girl smiled and said, “You can live here to pick up girls. Couldn’t I be here to fish for triumphs.”

Chen Feng said, “Did you catch it? If you didn’t catch it, can I go and treat you to breakfast?”

The girl said: “It may be because I met you, I said how could I not have a man chasing me.”

Chen Feng was also taken aback, and asked, “Because of me, what do you mean? I didn’t stop you.”

The girl said, “Just because I think about your fun, those men feel so boring for a while. I didn’t even get drunk last night.”

Chen Feng said, “I am also to blame, don’t you like it?”

The girl grumbled and said annoyed: “I don’t care anyway, go and treat me to breakfast.”

In fact, I said it was breakfast, but Chen Feng accompanied him to the restaurant of the hotel. There was a door-to-door service, but Chen Feng didn’t like hiding in the room to eat, so he came down.

But I didn’t expect to meet Xiaodie at this night. It is estimated that she played quite late last night, so she slept till now.

Because it was morning, both of them ate lightly.

“I really didn’t expect you to be a rich man.” Xiaodie said while putting a delicate dessert in her mouth. This is not a lady at all.

Chen Feng wouldn’t mind either, just smiled and said, “I’m not a rich person.”

“You are not rich. You can live in this kind of place. Could it be that you are a professional duck? You have been contracted.”

Chen Feng was a little speechless. He didn’t expect Xiaodie to be so imaginative. He said, “I am not a duck. If you want to give me a definition, I am actually a rich man.”

Xiaodie gave Chen Feng a glance and said, “Just like you, with some money, you still call yourself a rich man. I see that you can be called a “rich man” with your bragging ability.”

Chen Feng said, “Don’t you believe that I am rich?”

Fluttershy smiled. Compared with the coquettish smile of last night, it was more pure and beautiful at this time, but like the two sides of a girl, people would not find it annoying to see it.

“Okay, even if you are a rich person, let’s do it now, come and eat.” She said to Chen Feng perfunctorily, and passed a piece of snack into Chen Feng’s mouth by the way.

Chen Feng had to open his mouth and ate the food.

However, when the two of them finished their breakfast, Xiaodie left, leaving with the friend who was outside to pick her up. Chen Feng saw that she had entered a luxurious car, and he was even more sure that Xiaodie was not the same. Ordinary girl.

But these don’t have much to do with him.

After breakfast, Chen Feng’s plan was to look for Qingzhi.

A willow lane is also a quiet place in this city. A figure rushed past from here, and he looked very anxious.

Just in such a hurry, I don’t know where I am going.

Suddenly he stopped, because there was already another guy with a black ghost face standing in front of him. If Chen Feng was here, he would definitely be recognized. He was a tattooed person.

“You have been chasing me for a day, who are you?” the man in formal clothes said.

Ghost face said: “You don’t need to know, today must be your death date.”

The man in formal clothes stared at him, but he couldn’t see any look of fear. He still asked, “Who made you come and dare to move the people in the Sea Lion Tower.”

Guimian didn’t seem to care, but said coldly, “Because you are a member of the Sea Lion Tower, I want you to die here.”

The man in formal clothes said, “If that’s the case, then I want to see how capable you are, dare to provoke the people of the Sea Lion House.”

As soon as the voice fell, the man in formal suit rushed towards the opponent. He didn’t know where he took out a soft sword. The sword light flashed by, and he also rushed in front of the opponent.

Guimian held a short dagger in his hand, raising his hand to block the attack of that soft sword.

And when the cold light flashed from his ghost face, a thin mouth was cut in the throat, and a drop of blood slowly leaked out first, followed by a pillar of blood.

The ghost face is also full of surprises, it seems that this should never be the picture he thought of, but the least medicine in the world is the regret medicine, and he can only fall backwards weakly.

The man in formal wear wiped the soft sword in his hand and retracted it between his belt, before smiling contemptuously: “It turns out that it’s just such a trick, but I dare to trouble Grandpa.”

As he said, he kicked the corpse lying on the ground angrily.

But just as he was about to leave, he looked behind him vigilantly.

“Who is where?” He shouted into the blank space behind him.

But there is no one there, it’s just an empty piece.

“You shrink your head like this, if you don’t come out again, I’m going to leave.” The man in formal clothes shouted again.

And finally came the voice of response.

“Sure enough, it is the Azure Sword Sun Yiran, you have discovered this.” The voice seemed to be familiar to the man in formal wear in the alley.

As soon as the voice came out, he saw a man with a hood walking out where Sun Yiran was looking. He stood up from the fall, but did not put down his hood.

Against the light, and the alley is also dark, it is even harder to see his face.

“Who are you? Don’t think that like this guy, you are here to die.” Sun Yiran said coldly.

The man with the hood laughed: “How could I be like that fool, you are too insulting.”

Maybe if the ghost face that died on the ground heard it, he would stand up angrily and confront this guy, but it was a pity that he would never stand up.

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