Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1016

“Whether you are that fool or not is not your own decision.” Sun Yiran said.

The hooded man still smiled casually: “Is it possible that you have the final say, this sea lion building is really a bully, and now there is such a function specially set up to judge whether someone is a fool.”

Sun Yiran didn’t want to engage in this kind of boring argument with this guy, so he asked sternly, “If you didn’t come to kill me, you’d better leave here now, don’t do anything like me.”

When the hooded man heard this, he finally reduced his casual expression and said to Sun Yiran, “I hope not, but it’s a pity that someone wants your life.”

Sun Yiran was also awe-inspiring. This guy seemed to be much stronger than the one lying on the ground, so he was also slightly jealous. He asked, “Who is it?”

The hooded man sneered and said, “You don’t need to know this. If you really want to file a complaint with Hades, you can resent yourself for being a member of the Sea Lion Tower.”

Sun Yiran also knew that it was impossible to know anything from this population, and took the soft sword back just now to take it out again.

But as soon as his hand touched the belt, a stone struck it, hitting the back of his hand, and the hit was so painful that he couldn’t immediately draw out the soft sword.

“Since I know you are good at playing with a soft sword, how can I let you touch him? I told you that I am not a fool.”

Sun Yiran’s face was solemn, knowing that he was an incredible opponent, so he never thought of entangled with him here.

Just stretched out his hand to pull out the soft sword, the man with the hood looked at it, and the stone in his hand came out again, still in the same position as before.

However, Sun Yiran pretended to be, taking advantage of the opponent’s target on his waist, he hurriedly turned around to flee this Liuxiang.

But what he had never thought of was that a faster stone was already directed at his forehead.

Sun Yiran also noticed it immediately, but after he noticed it, he found that everything was too late, even too late to escape.

A stone passed directly through the back of the head, smashing a hole in the skull, and it seemed that the opposite side could be seen from here.

But all of this didn’t feel any sense to the hooded man, as if he had killed an insignificant guy.

He threw the stones he had picked up from the side of the road on the ground and walked behind Sun Yiran.

He seemed to have searched for him, as if he found a palm-sized wooden box, put the things in his pocket, and then he whistled and left the willow lane briskly.

Only two people who died here can only stay here forever.

People died in the Sea Lion Tower, and they died in Suzhou. This message seemed to spread among those in the martial arts world overnight.

But there is only one person who doesn’t know, that is Chen Feng, he seems to be completely isolated from the message.

Qing Zhi didn’t come to him, but he just wandered around, and no one came to bother him, and spent the day so boring.

But in the evening, Chen Feng was stopped by someone. He expected to be someone special, but those gangsters, the knife, pointed at Chen Feng’s face, and said, “Take all the money on your body. Give it to me.”

It turned out that it was just a very plain robbery, and Chen Feng was about to do it, but a voice came from a distance.

“What are you doing, I called the police!” It was a familiar female voice, and Chen Feng was also surprised.

When they heard the alarm, the gangsters immediately stunned them down. They looked at Chen Feng, lost a ruthless word, and ran away all at once.

Chen Feng looked at them, and didn’t want to catch up with them and teach them. He was even more curious why he met Yang Xin here.

When Yang Xin approached, she was wearing a tight-fitting long skirt, which looked very fashionable. Chen Feng wanted to ask her, but Yang Xin asked first, “Are you okay?”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “You are so beautifully dressed, are you playing the hero called me?”

Yang Xin was stunned for a moment, then rolled her eyes to look at Chen Feng: “If it weren’t for me, you would have been bullied by that group of bastards. Now you don’t even say thank you, and you have to molest me.”

Chen Feng thought that he should really say thank you, although he could solve the problem himself.

“I really want to thank you.”

Yang Xin waved her hand and said, “Thank you, I just passed by accidentally.”

Chen Feng asked, “But why are you here, and you are wearing such a beautiful dress, are you really here to seduce me?”

Yang Xin said irritably, “If you are Xia Lan, I can consider it.”

Chen Feng felt very uncomfortable instantly when he thought of the invincible guy, but he couldn’t help it. It’s just that one person had a different opinion, and he couldn’t force Yang Xin to give up.

But then Yang Xin explained to Chen Feng: “I came to have a meal with a client, and I saw you during a walk.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Actually I think you should thank me.”

Yang Xin looked at Chen Feng curiously: “I saved you, but why do I still want to thank you? Did you scare your mind just now. Look.”

Chen Feng said: “The brain is still good, listen to me, you will definitely feel reasonable after you say it, and you will be convinced to thank me.”

Yang Xin was naturally more curious and said, “I want to hear what you have for it.”

Chen Feng said, “Are you walking here?”

Yang Xin nodded.

“Then you will also walk up this road?”

Yang Xin nodded again.

Chen Feng said: “Then it is better for you and me to thank you.”

Yang Xin said, “Why, I didn’t hear the reason for thanking you.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “If I hadn’t been here to explore the danger for you first, then you would be the one who might be robbed, and no one was you. You said you were dressed so beautifully, and they might still be robbed. You will be lustful, but you can’t imagine the consequences at that time.”

Following Chen Feng’s thoughts, Yang Xin was indeed more afraid of later, and even felt that what Chen Feng said made sense.

Chen Feng asked, “You should thank me well?”

Yang Xin was really convinced and nodded.

But she has forgotten one thing. If she really came over and saw a few gangsters squatting here, she would definitely not move forward, not that Chen Feng looked indifferent after seeing it, and continued to go. past.

Chen Feng would not let her think of this, and hurriedly pulled her to leave here.

“If that’s the case, we have been able to resist it and save you the risk of being strengthened. I think you should invite me to eat snacks.”

Yang Xin hadn’t agreed yet, but Chen Feng had already gotten into a taxi by the side of the road.

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