Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1017

Eating and drinking is the top priority, and the snack street is as lively as in a bar.

There were people almost everywhere, and Chen Feng took Yang Xin to the crowded street.

“You are harming me!” Yang Xin looked at Chen Feng fiercely.

Chen Feng said, “How could I harm you? If you are unwilling to treat guests, then I will come.”

Yang Xin smelled the balsamic odor that spread on the street, and swallowed subconsciously. She murmured, “I can’t eat it.”

Although it seemed like a person was talking to himself, Chen Feng heard it, and he asked, “Why can’t you eat it? Do you think these things are not clean? Don’t worry, so many people are testing poison for us, you are afraid what.”

But Yang Xin resented Chen Feng and said, “You are a bastard. If I eat this meal, it is estimated that I will have an additional month to lose weight.”

Chen Feng looked at her anger, then looked at her figure, and smiled: “You are so slender, so what else do you want to lose? Come on, believe me, let’s say it after it’s cool tonight.”

As for how Yang Xin agreed to it, it might be because the aroma of the food was so alluring.

Even when he left, Yang Xin still didn’t show Chen Feng a good face.

“Don’t you like it?” Chen Feng asked.

Yang Xin said, “How could I like it.”

“Then you have eaten so much, I am very happy when I watch you eat.”

Yang Xin curled her lips, knowing that she was indeed a bit unbearable just now, but she was unwilling to let Chen Feng laugh, and said angrily: “It’s still because of you. If you didn’t bring me here, I would never come with you.”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “I really shouldn’t bring you here. If I see a fat woman next time, I must have passed her by and pretended not to know her.”

Yang Xin twisted Chen Feng’s arm annoyed, and Chen Feng jumped out too.

“I haven’t found out before, but now I finally know that you are a bastard, you should die. I apologize for what I said before. It’s really not my good vision to know you, but I was blind.” Yang Xin looked at It looked very angry, but in fact it was just pretending to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng originally wanted to tell her some more jokes, but he seemed to have noticed something. Someone seemed to be following them behind them.

He was immediately alert, but his face remained calm, but he still smiled with Yang Xin.

But it’s not just Chen Feng who has also changed her attitude. It seems that Yang Xin is also the same. She suddenly became cold and not angry, and said to Chen Feng, “I suddenly remembered that I had something to do. I can’t accompany you anymore.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised, but he still said, “Then I will see you off.”

But Yang Xin shook her head and said, “No, I can go back by myself.”

Chen Feng still wanted to persist, but Yang Xin also decisively refused again. Chen Feng had to watch her leave, but only in Yang Xin’s field of vision.

Obviously he noticed someone behind him just now, how could he let Yang Xin go alone?

When Yang Xin couldn’t see him, he immediately chased after him.

Turning a street, Chen Feng saw an extra man beside Yang Xin.

The man was not very old, he looked about 30 years old, but when he was chatting with Yang Xin, he felt very respectful, but no matter what, the two should know each other.

Chen Feng was also relieved, at least don’t worry about the danger.

In the distance, Yang Xin seemed to be cursing each other, and finally said a few words, also leaving in resentment.

Chen Feng thought for a while, but still did not catch up.

Everyone has their own secrets, and Chen Feng also has them. If you deliberately spy on something that a person does not want to reveal, it will always annoy the other person, and Chen Feng is not an annoying person, so he will not go. Take the initiative to spy on secrets that have no effect on him.

When Chen Feng left, he wouldn’t know, but the man looked in the direction he was just now, his eyes were cold and he couldn’t see any emotions.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower were killed. This is a shocking news, especially in Suzhou, where the Sea Lion Tower is located.

But even so, the Sea Lion Tower didn’t seem to take any action, it was as quiet as the eve of a storm.

But the tension suppressed in the air makes everyone who knows this thing worry, and maybe it will affect themselves.

Although the news spread, there are divergent opinions about the murderer. Some people talked about the fact that the forces of the Central Plains wanted to contend with the sea lion tower, hiding from their guards, and that the local secret forces in Suzhou couldn’t understand the sea lion tower. Although there are too many claims, no evidence has been disclosed. Not everyone even knows who the dead person was.

Maybe Chen Feng didn’t know who died the moment before, but the next moment he found something extra in his room, a soft sword, and a photo.

The thing is very simple, the person in the photo does not know Chen Feng, but his name is written in the lower left corner, Sun Yiran, but he still doesn’t know who it is.

Chen Feng was curious about who entered the room and put things here, and looking at that soft sword, it was also well-made, like a murderous weapon.

I don’t know why for a while, but since the other party has come to the door, he will always show up. Instead of being so unpredictable, it is better to wait for him to come out by himself.

But this wait did not last long.

At night, two o’clock in the morning might be a good time to kill, so someone approached Chen Feng’s door.

The rhythmic knock on the door awakened Chen Feng. The other party did this deliberately. The doorbell was not used. It was just banging on the door panel, and the sound interval was surprisingly consistent. If there is a stopwatch, you might be even more surprised. There is no more than an error of milliseconds.

Chen Feng doesn’t have a stopwatch, but he also knows that he is a master outside the door.

He glanced at the photos and soft swords placed on the table, thinking that the other party came to the door for these things.

But after thinking about it, he still walked to the door.

It seemed that after hearing the approaching footsteps of Chen Feng, the knock on the door finally stopped.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. The sound of his footsteps just now was very soft, just to prevent the other party from discovering himself, so that he could see the other party through the cat’s eyes first, but now it seems that the other party still found it.

Now that he was discovered, there was no need to pretend. He walked directly to the door and still looked outside. A man with a hood just lowered his head so that he could not see his face.

Chen Feng was curious and opened the door.

Chen Feng stood in front of him, and the hooded man raised his head and smiled at Chen Feng, his smile seemed very innocent, like a shepherd’s child smiling at someone on the grass.

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