Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1018

Chen Feng didn’t think that this smile was like a kind smile, it seemed more cruel, just like the murderer’s grinning smile before the execution, just one floating on the surface, one hidden in a different expression. It’s just below.

“Who are you?” When encountering a strange stranger, this question naturally needs to be asked again, so as to know whether he is malicious or kind.

The hooded man smiled and said, “I’m here to remind you.”

Chen Feng looked at him coldly and said, “Remind me, remind me what?”

The man with the hood said, “Remind you, be careful of the sea lion building!”

“Do you know me? You sent the previous letter too?” Chen Feng was immediately shocked by the previous envelope, and he also thought that the other party was here to prevent him from looking for the Sea Lion Tower.

But he didn’t expect that the man in the hood didn’t know the envelope.

“I didn’t give you any letter, I just gave you some gifts, such as the sword and the picture. Oh, yes, I naturally know you, Chen Feng, Chen Shaoye, I think this does not It’s not a message that makes it difficult to know.”

Chen Feng asked in a deep voice again, “Then who are you?”

The hooded man smiled, “Well, there are still two minutes.”

Then it seemed to be facing Chen Feng: “Me? You can call me black if you like it, it’s black black, black at night.”

Hei seemed very comfortable talking with Chen Feng, but Chen Feng always remained vigilant.

And then Hei said again: “There are still thirty seconds left.”

Chen Feng asked, “What does this mean?”

The underworld said: “This is naturally a gift for you, Shao Chen, knowing that you are in Suzhou, but it makes many people happy, and I am just one of them, so it is not strange to give a meeting present Thing.”

However, Chen Feng felt that this was the strangest thing. In this early morning, no one would give gifts at this time.

But just thinking about it, two people rushed to one end of the corridor, wearing the same style of strong clothes, and their faces were young.

Chen Feng didn’t know who they were, but he could see that they came for the dark.

Hei smiled at Chen Feng at this moment, and then rushed to the room without Chen Feng’s consent.

Chen Feng couldn’t stop him, and even looked back at him again, but the person in the room was no longer visible, as if he had never been in. Chen Feng was just wondering when the two people in the same clothes had already arrived at Chen Feng. before.

“Who are you?” One of the two guys asked Chen Feng.

But before Chen Feng could answer, another person asked again: “Where is the guy just now?”

Chen Feng was stunned and said, “I went in, but the people are gone.”

Then the two of them didn’t even wait for Chen Feng’s consent, and went straight in, but when they saw the soft sword and the photo on the table, one of them said, “He and that guy are in the same group. This is Brother Sun’s. Soft sword.”

The other person also became angry immediately, and roared: “It turns out that you killed Junior Brother Sun to pay for his life.”

The two did not give Chen Feng any time to explain, so they rushed up.

Chen Feng was also inexplicable now, but as the two rushed over, he couldn’t resist completely, so he had to fight with the two.

The strength of these two people is not weak, and Chen Feng has not yet figured out what happened, in fact, he does not intend to fight them to death and death.

After only seventeen or eight moves, he said, “I don’t know the guy just now. Did you make a mistake?”

But neither of them listened to Chen Feng’s explanation, and just said: “Stop talking nonsense and pay for your life.”

Chen Feng was also helpless, but was forced to continue fighting.

He thought for a while, taking advantage of his opponent’s gap, he just retreated and started to escape along the corridor.

In this dark night, Chen Feng’s speed was actually very fast, and the two of them didn’t seem to be good at pursuing them, but it took only a while to get rid of them all.

Chen Feng walked alone in this dim night, even if there were some lights on the roadside, darkness was still the main theme.

However, before walking far, a guy stood in front of him, and Chen Feng recognized that he was still the black man with the hood just now.

“Are they from the Sea Lion Tower?” Chen Feng confirmed that the other party would not do anything with him for a while, so he also asked.

Hei Cong straightened up from the wall he was leaning on, looked at Chen Feng, and said with a smile: “Now your relationship with the Sea Lion House will be very bad. I think they will find out your identity through the hotel information soon. You shouldn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing, so your registration in the hotel is also your real information.”

After listening to him, Chen Feng’s expression became stiff. He didn’t understand why this guy wanted to frame him.

“What do you want to do?” Chen Feng asked again.

“I’ve already told you, I just gave you a gift.” Hei chuckled.

Chen Feng hesitated to look at the black and said: “I don’t know you, and I have no grievances with you. You framed me, there must be a reason.”

The gangster: “Reason? Why do people like to ask the reason, can’t you not let this thing?”

Chen Feng looked at him as if he was talking to himself, while Hei seemed to be thinking for a long time, and then continued: “I’m sorry, I really can’t think of it.”

Suddenly, he was confused by the sincere apology of being hacked, and he looked like a person who really put a mistake.

Chen Feng said: “You are a very strange guy, but I can see that your strength is very strong. If you want to deal with me, my strength may not be able to beat you.”

Hei smiled and said, “It’s not necessarily, but you must not be able to beat me.”

Chen Feng did not refute, and continued: “Then you are not just dealing with me, but dealing with people related to me, such as Qingzhi.”

Chen Feng soon wanted to understand this, but he wasn’t quite sure. He just spoke out and saw Hei’s reaction, but it was a pity that he couldn’t see any reaction on Hei’s face.

“Do you want to use Qingzhi to scare me? If she was really here, I must have run away, but unfortunately, she won’t be here for a while.” Hei chuckled.

Chen Feng asked, “Do you know the whereabouts of Qingzhi?”

The underworld: “I know.”

Chen Feng said, “Where is she?”

Although Chen Feng knew he would not say it, he still asked tentatively.

The underworld said: “She should come back to you in two days. You don’t need to know.”

He looked at Chen Feng, and added: “Today’s time is here, it’s too late, I also want to go back to rest. But you may not be able to go back for the time being.”

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