Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1019

Chen Feng really couldn’t go back, and the hotel was naturally occupied by those two guys. Going back would not be tantamount to surrendering himself.

He reluctantly found a random place on the street, and came over for one night.

“Why are you sleeping here?” Chen Feng opened his eyes when he heard someone talking to him, but he didn’t expect it to be Yang Xin.

Chen Feng asked curiously, “Why are you here?”

Yang Xin said strangely, “You slept on my way to work.”

Chen Feng just looked around. He ran away last night and came to a place he didn’t know. It seemed that he really came here on his own initiative.

Yang Xin smiled at Chen Feng and said, “Are you following me? Sure enough, you are not at ease with me.”

Chen Feng wiped the dust off his body, stood up, and said, “Well, I wanted to do it last night, but if I was a little bit counseled, I let you go.”

Yang Xin screamed and said, “I didn’t expect you to be such a rogue guy.”

Chen Feng said, “You didn’t know it for a long time. Please ask me to have breakfast. I didn’t bring any money.”

Chen Feng ran out in a hurry last night, but didn’t bring anything. This happened to meet Yang Xin by coincidence, but he wouldn’t let her go so easily.

“You asked a woman to invite you to dinner, don’t you think this is very tasteless?” Yang Xin smiled.

But there is no contradiction between being hungry and appearance, and even stomach matters are the most important thing.

After eating buns bought from a bun shop on the street, and drinking soy milk, Yang Xin asked what happened to Chen Feng. Naturally, she would not believe that Chen Feng was really following her.

However, Chen Feng just gave a vague perfunctory sentence, he would not tell Yang Xin the real reason, and Yang Xin didn’t follow up.

After Chen Feng had almost eaten, Yang Xin said, “Since I invited you to breakfast, can you also do me a favor?”

“What’s busy?”

“Don’t ask what it is, you just say that you can’t agree, because it won’t hurt you anyway.” Yang Xin sat in front of Chen Feng and said very strongly.

Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “Let’s do it, for the sake of these buns.”

Yang Xin smiled triumphantly when Chen Feng agreed.

But she looked at Chen Feng, looked up and down all over, then shook her head and said, “But your image is far worse now.”

Chen Feng asked curiously: “What image?”

Yang Xin didn’t answer, but said to herself: “You have to dress up. People rely on clothes and saddles. After you dress up, you will definitely have a different temperament.”

Chen Feng thought that since he agreed to it, then Yang Xin would toss it anyway, and it would have no effect anyway.

I took a shower, bought clothes, got my hair done, and had a massage by the way. After this set, it was already three or four in the afternoon.

Chen Feng finally couldn’t help but curiously asked: “What do you want to take me with, did you sell it as a duck?”

Yang Xin gave Chen Feng a white look, and said, “Your image is not suitable for being a duck.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I think it is possible. If you don’t believe it, we can try it.”

Yang Xin said: “Just know the poor mouth, okay, let me tell you what I want to do.”

Chen Feng said, “What I said is true, and there is no idiot.”

Yang Xin glanced at him again and said, “Then Mr. Duck, if you see my friend, you must not talk like that.”

Chen Feng was stunned and said, “See your friend?”

Yang Xin was slightly sad: “My friend has been showing off her things in front of me. I was so angry that I told her that I also had a boyfriend.”

“But I’m not your boyfriend, isn’t that great?”

“I didn’t say that you were, I just asked you to do me a favor. As long as I earn my face back, I can’t think about getting you to become a regular one.”

Chen Feng said: “This doesn’t sound like a reward, but rather like a punishment.”

But looking at Yang Xin again, she already looked at Chen Feng coldly and said, “Go to die.”

In the end, Chen Feng was forced to become Yang Xin’s one-day boyfriend extremely reluctantly.

Suzhou is a big city, and when there are more people, you will definitely come to different grades, eat, take a bath, and live, all of which faintly divide people.

And business executives like Yang Xin naturally make friends as well as rich people.

Outside the villa on the outskirts of the city, the two got out of the car, and Yang Xin walked in with Chen Feng.

The high-end suits worn on Chen Feng’s body, coupled with the spirited hairstyle that has just been taken care of, make Chen Feng also feel like some social elites.

Entering the villa, the luxurious Western European decoration makes it look more or less luxurious.

A woman in a white dress greeted her. She had some baby fat on her face, but she was also a delicate woman, but she felt a little worse than Yang Xin.

“Xin’er, this is your boyfriend? He looks really handsome!”

Hearing that he was praised by others, Chen Feng smiled at her and expressed his politeness.

Yang Xin said: “There, your husband is not as handsome, and your husband is still so rich.”

The woman also smiled, but did not speak.

It was like a contest. Although Chen Feng didn’t understand at all, he could feel that Yang Xin was very annoyed.

Chen Feng did not speak, but followed them to the table that was already prepared.

Here, Chen Feng also saw the woman’s husband, a gentle man with eyes. When Chen Feng saw him, he was reading a book.

Seeing Chen Feng and the others enter, he stood up, smiled elegantly at Chen Feng and the others, and said hello.

After he was seated, the man said, “Xiao Luo told me that her friend is coming, and I am also happy. She told me that she was a beautiful girl. I didn’t believe it yet. But when I saw it today, I believed Xiao Luo said. True.”

Xiao Luo also smiled and said, “I said I didn’t lie to you. At that time, Xin’er was the most beautiful in our class.”

It seemed to leave Chen Feng aside, just talking with Yang Xin. Chen Feng didn’t like this boring social interaction, so he didn’t even react.

Yang Xin kicked Chen Feng’s foot unhappily and stared at him fiercely.

“Others are teasing your girlfriend, don’t you have any reaction at all?” Yang Xin really wanted to say this to Chen Feng, but in front of the two, she couldn’t say it.

It’s just that Chen Feng was very spiritual, as if he understood the meaning in Yang Xin’s eyes.

He smiled and said, “Naturally, I am lucky to know Xin’er. Without her, I would feel that my life is incomplete.”

Yang Xin immediately added: “Why do you say such nasty things in front of others, I am embarrassed.”

Even though he said so on his lips, he could actually smile on his face.

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