Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1020

Xiao Luobian also set her sights on Chen Feng, and she asked, “Xin’er, do you still introduce your boyfriend? He looks like an elite figure, and I don’t know where to grow up.”

This was not arranged in advance, and Chen Feng didn’t know what Yang Xin was going to say. He was afraid that the two people said differently. He just looked at Yang Xin.

Yang Xin smiled lightly: “He is not a local, but he works in another place.”

Xiao Luo said, “That’s okay. Now that the Internet is so developed, you can tell a well-known company as soon as you hear it. Isn’t your boyfriend just an ordinary office worker?”

The smile is like a flower, but it is a thorny flower.

Yang Xin was a little stuck. She had never asked about Chen Feng’s work, and looking at Chen Feng’s daily leisure time, she could not think of what Chen Feng did.

Chen Feng looked at her anxious, and he said to himself: “There are several companies at home, so I don’t need to work for the time being.”

Xiao Luo said, “It turned out to be a rich second generation, I really didn’t see it.”

Chen Feng just smiled, and there is no need to worry about this slightly discriminatory term.

But I didn’t expect to be kicked by Yang Xin again.

Chen Feng pursed his mouth, but he could only give her a look in return.

The meal is very slow, and even from time to time there are some similar problems, most of which are about the latest wealth information, and jewelry among women.

When the dinner was over, the two women went aside, and Chen Feng stood on the balcony of the villa, looking bored at the sunset outside.

The man with gold glasses came over.

“Does it feel boring?” he asked.

Chen Feng turned his head and glanced at him, confirming that he was talking to himself, and then he said, “Indeed.”

“Women may be like this, they always have to compare something. I’m really sorry, it didn’t make your experience very good.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect that the other party would take the initiative to apologize to him, but he just waved his hand and said, “It’s not a big deal, I didn’t take it to heart.”

The man stretched out his hand and said, “I haven’t introduced it just now. My name is Wu Xingyu, from the Wu family in the southwest.”

Chen Feng was stunned, but since he introduced his family, it means that he also recognized himself.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Chen Feng.”

Wu Xingyu said, “I recognized it when Shao Chen came in, but I didn’t say anything.”

Chen Feng said: “You can see that I concealed my identity from Yang Xin, so you kept it for me, right?”

Wu Xingyu just smiled, but did not admit: “What is Shao Chen doing in Suzhou this time? For the opening of secret hiding?”

Chen Feng said: “Doesn’t the secret store need to be gifted to Emperor Taihao? The Qianjia still hasn’t handed over the things yet.”

Wu Xingyu said: “That’s it, but some people can’t wait. They may use some different methods to open the secret.”

Chen Feng was stunned, but didn’t expect the result to be like this, and asked, “Then you are here for this thing.”

Wu Xingyu shook his head and said, “The family has some properties here, and I am responsible for taking care of them here. As for the secret storage, I don’t intend to participate, and that is not something I can participate in.”

Chen Feng asked, “Why?”

Wu Xingyu said: “Maybe it’s because of fear of death, because of this incident, someone has already died. Sun Yiran of the Sea Lion Tower was killed in an alley in Suzhou.”

Chen Feng murmured, “Sun Yiran?”

“Shao Chen, know this person?”

Chen Feng shook his head: “I don’t know him, but I’m familiar with the famous words.”

Chen Feng remembered that the person in the photo did have Sun Yiran’s name written on it. If he was killed, the murderer might have been black.

Chen Feng asked again, “Why did he die? Is it related to Taihao’s secret possession?”

Wu Xingyu also shook his head and said, “This is not clear. Even the Sea Lion Tower has no clues. It seems that he is still looking for the murderer.”

Chen Feng gave a wry smile, I am afraid that he will appear in the list of Sea Lion Tower, but it was only last night, maybe Wu Xingyu didn’t even know it.

Chen Feng said: “I came to Suzhou to find someone. As for whether I want to participate in it, I might have to look at it again.”

The two chatted, and the two women there seemed to be over, and Yang Xin called Chen Feng to leave.

Wu Xingyu said, “If Shao Chen can go to our southwest if he has time in the future, he will definitely treat you to Wu’s house.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “If there is a chance, I will definitely go over and take a look.”

Chen Feng didn’t feel too much after leaving the villa here. He even thought Wu Xingyu was a very polite person, but Yang Xin always complained to her friends on the sidelines, and even any details had to be compared.

Chen Feng said, “Aren’t you tired?”

Yang Xin asked, “What are you tired of?”

“It’s you who have been talking about this here.”

“Don’t you think Xiao Luo is very vulgar now? Always showing off her family and her husband.”

Chen Feng was also helpless, as if he could not pull Yang Xin out of this vortex.

But it seemed that she herself felt bored, so she asked, “I just saw you and Wu Xingyu chatting very speculatively. Did you guys know each other before?”

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: “But if you want to know him, I can help you build a relationship.”

Yang Xin said, “Although he is really handsome, I wouldn’t touch this kind of man with a wife.”

Chen Feng admired: “You are quite principled.”

Yang Xin said, “This is what you think of me?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Is there anything else?”

“Like kindness.”

Chen Feng looked at her suspiciously.

Yang Xin smiled and said, “If I take action, Xiaoluo will lose her husband, and if she loses such a husband, she will definitely feel sad. If you count it like this, I bypassed her, isn’t it a kindness? ?”

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could calculate this way, and said with a smile: “This is the first time I have met a “kind” person like you.”

He also deliberately added an accent to the word kindness, but Yang Xin seemed to have not heard it and accepted it happily.

He sent Yang Xin back, and Chen Feng returned to the hotel. Knowing that the people in the Sea Lion Tower were indeed here for Sun Yiran’s affairs, Chen Feng thought that if he did meet them, he would find a way to explain clearly. He didn’t want to be so ignorant. Was wronged.

But after going back, I found that no one was encountered. Even when asked at the front desk, no one came to ask him for information. Chen Feng was very curious, but he couldn’t tell.

Back in the room, everything here is still business as usual, except that the soft sword and photos that were originally placed on the table are gone. It should be the people in the two Sea Lion Towers who took them away.

Chen Feng looked at the room suspiciously, but still found nothing.

But afraid of what was installed here, he took the initiative to change the room.

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