Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1021

The rain in Suzhou will be very long, usually three or four days in a row, even one month.

In the past few days, it was raining intermittently, and Chen Feng was unwilling to go out. He just waited in the hotel, eating and drinking.

It’s a pity that everyone has forgotten him. Hei didn’t look for him, nor did Qingzhi. Even the Sea Lion Tower seemed to deny that he was the one who killed Sun Yiran.

It’s really strange enough.

He was sitting in the dining room, looking at a best-seller bought in a bookstore.

Xiaodie suddenly sat behind him. Although the girl lived here, Chen Feng hadn’t seen her for several days.

“Why didn’t you go out to play, but come to accompany me, a boring person.” Chen Feng did not look up from the book.

Fluttershy smiled and said, “It’s raining, I had to find something to do for myself, and then I saw you.”

Chen Feng said, “But I have nothing to do for you.”

Xiaodie smiled and said, “When did you become so serious? When I first saw you, I was still a very serious person.”

Chen Feng also smiled: “The feeling you give me now makes me afraid to be serious.”

Fluttershy asked, “The me now? How does that feel.”

“Like a cute girl, the kind that makes people feel distressed but reluctant to hurt.”

Fluttershy blushed a little and said, “That day you said that I was a special woman, and now you say it’s cute, then you like that?”

Chen Feng said: “I like it all.”

Fluttershy grumbled and demanded: “You can’t like two, you must choose one.”

Chen Feng said, “That…, it’s that special girl.”

Fluttershy was curious and asked, “Why, isn’t it because I don’t look good now?”

Chen Feng shook his head: “It’s just that girl I can hurt and even make her cry.”

Xiaodie was stunned, but then blushed and turned his head, cursing at Chen Feng: “Sure enough, you are still that big gangster.”

Chen Feng ignored it either, just continued to read his book.

After a while, Xiaodie couldn’t help himself, and said to Chen Feng: “If you like, I can dress up again. In fact, I just indulged a little and did that hairstyle for myself that day.”

Chen Feng raised his head, Xiaodie’s cheeks still had a faint blush, making the originally fair and lovely face even more attractive, like an apple, wishing to bite it down.

Chen Feng said: “You are just yourself, just like yourself, so that others will like you more.”

Xiaodie seemed to be thinking about something thoughtfully, and Chen Feng stood up at this time.

Xiaodie looked at him, and Chen Feng was walking towards the door. The people there seemed to be Chen Feng’s friends.

Chen Feng didn’t expect Wu Xingyu to come to him.

“Are you here to find me?” Chen Feng asked.

“Someone wants to see Shao Chen,” he replied.

Chen Feng said, “Who is it? I don’t know?”

Wu Xingyu said, “It’s from the Sea Lion Tower.”

Chen Feng looked at Wu Xingyu suspiciously. Wu Xingyu himself explained: “I told my friend that I had met Shao Chen, and the people in the Sea Lion Tower found me during the day. They wanted me to have a conversation with you. See you.”

Chen Feng asked, “Then why don’t they come to see me by themselves?”

But Chen Feng wanted to understand this problem himself.

They might also know that it was a misunderstanding that night, but they did offend Chen Feng. If they rushed to invite him, they were afraid of being rejected by Chen Feng, so they considered choosing an intermediary. There was still room for change.

Chen Feng smiled. Although this trick is inconspicuous, he still sees that the Sea Lion Tower is still somewhat sincere. Chen Feng said, “That’s it, tell them I agree.”

Wu Xingyu also seemed very happy. After all, the thing he was entrusted to succeeded, he also had some face. He said, “Haishilou said, if Shao Chen agrees, we will meet Shao Chen at the Starlight Restaurant at 7 o’clock tomorrow evening.”

Chen Feng didn’t know the grade of the Starlight Restaurant, but he believed that since the Sea Lion House was sincere to invite him, it would certainly not be bad.

After telling such a message, Wu Xingyu left.

Chen Feng looked at the chair just now, Xiaodie was no longer there, he just felt a little deserted.

Back on the chair again, Chen Feng picked up the book that had only been read a third.

The next day, the sky was still gloomy, and the rain was still falling. It seemed that this week would be the weather, and the wetness made people feel a little irritable.

Starlight Restaurant, the signboard of Suzhou City, if you want to taste the most authentic local dishes, then it is absolutely no problem to come here.

When the driver saw Chen Feng coming here to eat, he seemed even more polite, showing their reputation.

But after all, this is just a place to eat.

As soon as he walked in, Wu Xingyu was waiting at the door. He changed his glasses with black frames today, and he looked much calmer.

“Who is from the Sea Lion Tower?” Chen Feng asked.

Wu Xingyu said: “The lord of the Sea Lion House Lion Heart Hall, Zhou Yong.”

Chen Feng sighed, “That’s still not a small person. How could he come to see me in person? I don’t think I have such a big face.”

Wu Xingyu said, “Young Master Chen, you are polite. If this is Yanjing, if you visit you in his capacity, you will not necessarily meet him.”

Chen Feng thinks about it, it seems that this is really the case, the identity of a hall master does not necessarily meet him.

But today, he doesn’t mind much.

When they entered the room, Chen Feng did not expect that they would have been waiting there. Besides Zhou Yong, there were several other people, among them the two whom Chen Feng knew about that night.

I don’t understand what they are going to do.

When Chen Feng came in, a middle-aged Chen man headed by him, piled up with pleats on his face, smiled with Chen Feng: “Unexpectedly, Chen Shao came to Suzhou. It is really an honor for me to Suzhou.”

The polite remarks always listened to fake Dakong, but at least they wouldn’t be offensive. Chen Feng just smiled and sat down beside Zhou Yong.

He said, “Haishilou invited me to dinner, but I should thank you all.”

“Where and where, it is our blessing to be able to invite Shao Chen.”

Then the food and wine came up one by one.

And Zhou Yong also knew that he would wait until after the meal to talk about things, just to talk about the anecdotes and customs of Suzhou, accompanied by these, Chen Feng also ate pleasure.

And there are always some things that need to be faced.

Zhou Yong put down his wine glass and said to Chen Feng, “Shao Chen, what happened to that person at night was our Sea Lion House took the liberty. This time it was not only a reception for Chen Shao, but also a banquet for apology.”

As he said, he looked at the two people who were on the sidelines that night: “I just came to apologize to Shao Chen.”

The two immediately stood up and apologized to Chen Feng, “Sorry Chen Shao.”

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