Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1024

Chen Feng had no choice but to say slowly: “You know that a man will fantasize about a woman’s figure in his heart. When he doesn’t see anyone, a man will put everything he thinks is beautiful on this fantasizing woman, making her a woman. A near-perfect woman, and this woman is unbeatable by any woman in reality.”

Xiaodie was still a little annoyed when she heard it, but then she settled down and listened slowly. She asked, “Is this really the case?”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “I think if I really wait until I see such a woman, maybe she will not be more beautiful than you, and my illusions will also decline on the ground. At that time, everything will be Back to reality.”

Fluttershy looked at Chen Feng thoughtfully, and said, “Then if I am the person who lives in your fantasy, am I the most beautiful one?”

Chen Feng smiled and shook his head.

Xiaodie became puzzled again, and said, “Why, didn’t you still say that the woman in that fantasy is the most beautiful?”

Chen Feng said: “Fantasy is all false, but now you and I can actually be touched.”

As he said, he reached out to Xiaodie’s head and touched it.

Her hair was very soft and it felt very smooth to the touch. Chen Feng didn’t even want to let go, but if she touched it again, she would definitely be regarded as abnormal.

Although Xiaodie thinks of Chen Feng in this way.

At this time, another cool girl, with colorful beads hanging on her body, sat beside Chen Feng and the others.

“Xiaodie, is this the perverted uncle you were talking about?”

Chen Feng froze for a moment. Does he look very old?

But looking at Xiaodie, she avoided her eyes.

She said to the girl, “Didn’t I tell you not to say that in front of him?”

But the girl ignored Xiaodie, just looked at Chen Feng, and then said, “It looks okay, but it’s not too handsome, Xiaodie, even Xia Lan chasing you, you don’t agree, but you are here and like this. An uncle chatting.”

It seemed that she was really surprised.

Chen Feng seemed to hear a familiar name. He asked, “Is that Xia Lan from Tianyuan Group?”

The girl looked at Chen Feng in admiration, and said, “I didn’t expect you to know him, how? Do you feel embarrassed?”

Chen Feng didn’t argue, he just smiled.

Xiaodie hurriedly said, “Actually, I have nothing to do with that guy.”

Chen Feng said: “He is just your friend, I naturally don’t care.”

Fluttershy’s friend sneered and said, “You don’t care, it’s useless if you care.”

Xiaodie persuaded her friend and said, “Xiaoyue, don’t do this.”

She seemed to care about Xiaodie’s feelings, that Xiaoyue’s girl closed her mouth.

Although Chen Feng didn’t like the girls of this power, if he wanted to fight against a girl with his identity, he would appear to be narrow-minded in any way.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I really didn’t care. If you don’t believe it, I can’t help it.”

Fluttershy was just silent.

But I didn’t expect that some things would always happen without coincidence.

At the door, the person who walked in, Chen Feng did see that it was Xia Lan, that is, the CEO of Tianyuan Company, a guy with a lot of honor.

He watched Xia Lan come over. Chen Feng wanted to leave. If he saw Xiaodie here with him, this guy would definitely cause something, and Chen Feng actually hated such inexplicable trouble.

Xiaodie thought that Chen Feng was scared by Xia Lan. She said, “I will go home with you.”

But the girl named Xiaoyue stopped Xiaodie and said, “That’s Xia Lan, Xiaodie, he must have come to find you. And this uncle, if he wants to go back, let him go back by himself. .”

Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and it seemed that the title of this uncle could not be taken away from Xiaoyue’s mouth.

But he also thought about it, this was not his problem at all, and he didn’t need to leave. If there really is a problem, someone will always stop it, and he will definitely not be the one who suffers.

Within two steps, Xia Lan had already walked in front of them.

He smiled and greeted Xiaodie and Xiaoyue. It seems that they should meet frequently.

Xiaodie and the two also greeted him.

“Why are you here?” Xiaodie asked him.

However, Xia Lan focused her gaze on Chen Feng and didn’t remember it at first. After all, she had only met once and had been here for so long, but when Chen Feng frowned, his expression at that moment reminded him. .

His face has also become a little awful.

“It’s you.” He said to Chen Feng coldly.

Chen Feng chuckled, “Do you know me?”

And Xia Lan’s reaction even Xiaodie two women did not expect, they would never believe that Xia Lan would know Chen Feng.

However, Xia Lan is also not the one who sits on the chief executive officer. He quickly screamed his anger and a bright smile. They smiled at Xiaodie and said, “This gentleman and I were on the high-speed train. I saw it before, and I was sitting next to him. Maybe he had forgotten it, but I still remember it.”

So they looked at Chen Feng again, and Chen Feng put on a stunned expression, and said, “I was just thinking about why you are so familiar, because I saw it on the high-speed rail.”

Xiaodie also seemed to be relieved. She said, “Since you know each other, then there is nothing left.”

Neither Chen Feng nor Xia Lan said anything.

Xia Lan said to Xiaodie at this time: “I happen to have some time today, or I will invite you to play.”

Xiaoyue is naturally happy to support, but Xiaodie said: “I don’t want to go, or you can take Xiaoyue with you.”

Xiaoyue seems to know that the purpose of Xia Lan’s invitation is for Xiaodie. If she does not go, Xiaoyue will naturally not be able to follow. So she also persuaded and said, “Xia Lan, we haven’t been out for a long time. After playing, won’t you get bored?”

But Xiaodie was very determined and shook his head directly.

Xia Lan was also a little embarrassed. The rejection had never happened to him, and it still happened in front of Chen Feng. He felt even more uncomfortable.

And Xiaoyue seemed to have thought of something, she said to Chen Feng: “Uncle, or you should go with you, anyway, I think you look boring now.”

Chen Feng thought for a while, and said, “Okay, anyway, someone is going to treat him.”

Xiaodie looked at Chen Feng a little unexpectedly. Naturally, she didn’t expect Chen Summit to agree. In front of Xia Lan, many men would feel uncomfortable. It would make people feel uncomfortable that all the sights were taken away by him.

But Chen Feng agreed. Is this because Chen Feng is stupid?

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