Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1025

Fluttershy didn’t understand.

Chen Feng said to her, “Let’s go together, otherwise the weather would be really boring.”

Xiaodie thought about it and nodded. She felt that if Chen Feng was bullied by that time, she could take Chen Feng and leave.

But this kind of thing is naturally impossible to happen to Chen Feng.

Xia Lan’s mood became very bad the moment Xiaodie agreed. If Xiaodie was agreed by others, he might feel better, but this person is Chen Feng, and he felt that something was rushing in his belly. , Which directly made him feel nauseous of wanting to vomit.

However, the cultivation of education made him still smile on his face and said, “Yes, it’s good for Xiaodie to go out and get some air. It’s always boring to hide here.”

Xiaodie has already agreed, and when she heard Xia Lan say this, she also thanked him with a smile: “You are going to be a treat, then we are welcome, anyway, you guy is very rich.”

Xia Lan said, “That’s natural, how could it be possible for you to pay the bill.”

Because of the light rain, there are actually many places where you can’t play, such as playgrounds and zoos.

The last place they chose was a bowling alley.

It seems that because it is raining, the idle people have chosen to be in this kind of place. When they came, there were a lot of people.

But fortunately, when they arrived, someone happened to end, and they did not wait smoothly.

“I play the ball well, but you have to be merciful.” Xiaoyue said.

In fact, this is more like saying to Xia Lan, because she is looking at him.

Fluttershy explained to Chen Feng at this time: “Xia Lan is their company’s bowling champion, so the skill is very good.”

Chen Feng just smiled and nodded. This kind of exercise is basically without any difficulty if you use internal strength to cheat, but it is originally for entertainment, and Chen Feng still intends to play honestly, so that it will be more interesting.

Soon several people were ready.

Xiaoyue was the first one. As she said, it was not very good indeed. The first ball was not hit by a bottle.

A little discouraged, she walked to Xiaodie’s side and said, “This ball is boring.”

Xiaodie smiled and said, “But you asked to come out and play.”

Xiaoyue said: “Who knew it would be playing this kind of thing.”

And the second one is Xia Lan, which is in sharp contrast with Xiaoyue, hitting a full goal on the first goal.

Even after he finished throwing the ball, he was able to look at Chen Feng and the others. Chen Feng was still such a tepid attitude, Xiaodie still admired it, after all, it relied on his strength.

Fluttershy was a bit worse. He didn’t get a goal, but he made the second goal.

In the end, it was Chen Feng’s turn. He hadn’t played before, but seeing Xia Lan’s posture, it was no problem to learn a lot.

Waiting to get started, the mass of the ball is slightly picked up, it is not too light.

He also aimed at the pin at the bottom, and then threw it out, looking like a very professional person.

But after all, because it was the first time, Chen Feng still didn’t achieve the goal.

Xia Lan seemed to be smiling triumphantly, maybe because of this he was a little relieved.

Chen Feng immediately made up the second ball, this time there was no problem, and the familiarity gave him some experience.

After that, he became more and more familiar. He can basically hit all goals, but occasionally there may be problems with two random goals.

But this still made Xiaodie look at Chen Feng like a monster.

“Are you really here to play for the first time?”

Chen Feng knew that his performance was a bit too sturdy, but he couldn’t help it. He became excited for a while, and he didn’t stop it, so he nodded with a smile.

“I can’t believe it, I can play so well the first time I play.” Xiaodie exclaimed.

But this sentence was heard by Xia Lan. He came to Chen Feng somewhat indifferently and said, “It does not look like a beginner, but you are playing so well now, how about you compare with me.”

If it was the beginning, I would still feel that Xia Lan was bullying people, but now that I know Chen Feng’s strength, it seems that this is just a normal exchange.

Chen Feng thought for a while and agreed.

But the test did not start, because someone nearby shouted to them: “You guys get out of the way, this is a place exclusively for our boss.”

Only then did a few people look at those people, and one by one with a full face is coming over.

The two girls were naturally a little scared subconsciously.

Chen Feng also looked at them coldly, and Xia Lan didn’t expect to encounter such a situation, and was actually a little confused.

A sturdy man headed up to him, he pushed Xia Lan on top of him, and almost pushed him to the ground.

Fortunately, Chen Feng supported him.

Xia Lan looked at this group of people angrily. He said, “What do you want to do? Now it is a society under the rule of law. If you dare to do it, I want to call the police.”

But the man chuckled and said, “You are quite courageous, but I want to see if you dare to call the police.”

And Xiaodie pulled La Xialan in fear, and said, “Forget it, anyway, we’re almost done, so let’s give them the place.”

But in front of a woman, what a man asked for was face, not to mention a face like Xia Lan, how could he just agree to it.

He and Xiaodie said, “Don’t worry, they dare not do anything.”

But he didn’t know that these guys were the best here. They knew how much they could do without being severely punished, or even evading punishment.

Another bald head smiled: “It turns out that I brought the girl here. No wonder we have to be so capable? We don’t want to do it. We should let it go early. If it really makes you lose face in front of the girl, I think you too It doesn’t look good.”

He seemed kind.

Xia Lan insisted, “I don’t believe you really dare to grab it today. I’m here, and you will come up if you have the seeds.”

Even Chen Feng admired this guy’s courage a bit, but this kind of thing can’t be solved by courage, and these guys are ordinary gangsters, and they really dare to do it.

Chen Feng also gave him a hand, but he did not even look back.

Chen Feng gave a wry smile. He didn’t want to make trouble too much, so he stood up and walked to the strong man just now.

The guy was actually taller than Chen Feng, but Chen Feng grabbed him by the neck as soon as he walked over.

“I don’t want to make trouble too much. If you are acquainted, go quickly.”

As he said, Chen Feng punched that guy in the stomach.

As if hit by something, the whole person fell completely. He covered his stomach and squatted on the ground, looking at Chen Feng in astonishment.

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