Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1026

It was just a punch, and it also shocked all the other guys.

They looked at Chen Feng, but also felt scared.

“Who are you?”

Chen Feng just smiled softly at them, but looking at this smile was like facing this demon, they just felt that it was an evil smile.

They didn’t dare to stay here, and soon escaped.

Chen Feng watched them leave before turning around, but when he saw Xia Lan, he found that his eyes were mixed with resentment. Chen Feng didn’t understand that if he hadn’t saved this guy just now, he would have been beaten.

Maybe he blocked Xia Lan’s chance to show off.

Chen Feng can only think so.

“Are you okay?” As soon as he approached, Xiaodie asked with concern.

Chen Feng said, “It won’t happen to deal with them.”

This was originally just a casual sentence from Chen Feng, but in Xia Lan’s ears, it turned into a mockery. He thought about the way he was scared just now. Perhaps the more he thought about it, the more he felt that he was far from Chen Feng.

But as superior as him, how could he be surpassed by an inexplicable guy.

In an instant, Chen Feng seemed to have become his lifelong enemy, and his heart was just filled with resentment towards Chen Feng.

But for all these thoughts in Xia Lan’s mind, Chen Feng is not an almighty god, he naturally doesn’t know.

And because of the interruption of the group of people just now, they didn’t have the idea to continue, instead they left this place empty.

But because of seeing what happened just now, those who were waiting didn’t dare to use this place. Before waiting for the long queue, there was a strange view of a vacant site.

If a person feels annoyed by something, when he is alone, he will think about it even more. This is the case with Xia Lan. How can he endure this kind of treatment by himself, even sitting alone in the car, He hated Chen Feng even more.

Coupled with the encounter with Chen Feng from the beginning, this originally annoying emotion immediately turned into resentment.

He wanted revenge, and he wanted revenge against Chen Feng strongly.

Chen Feng must not get well before he can make his heart feel better.

He thought about it, and made a call to a certain number on the phone.

The stars seemed to be visible in the night sky. Chen Feng stood in front of the window, looking out the window, thinking that tomorrow might be a good weather.

The terrible weather was finally going to pass, and Chen Feng’s mood also improved.

“What are you looking at?” Qing Zhi, who came out of the bathroom, said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I’m looking at the stars, maybe tomorrow will be a good day.”

Qing Zhi’s temperament was still cold, and she wouldn’t say a word if she wasn’t interested in herself, so after Chen Feng finished speaking, she was silent.

Chen Feng’s happiness may not only be because of the weather tomorrow, but also because of Qingzhi.

When Chen Feng returned to the hotel from the outside and saw that the door of his room was opened, he was still a little worried, but he didn’t expect that after he went in, he found that Qing Zhi was lying on the bed.

His worry immediately turned into joy, even excitement.

He shouted at Qing Zhi: “You are back.”

The voice was flat, but he knew he was really happy.

Compared with Chen Feng, Qingzhi was much more indifferent. She just nodded, and then was silent for a while, before saying as if remembering something, “You promised me to come here and wait for me. Why did she only show up now? .”

This is more like questioning. Chen Feng has nothing to refute, he can only use silence instead.

But Qing Zhi didn’t really want to be held accountable, just glanced at Chen Feng and walked into the bathroom.

Chen Feng waited outside, looking at the starry sky outside, until Qing Zhi came out of the shower.

She didn’t seem to have much estimate of Chen Feng, and walked out wrapped in a bath towel.

The white bath towel wrapped around his chest, exposing the snow-white shoulders, white as the snow in the snowfield, making people look a little dazzling.

However, Chen Feng avoided his eyes in a rare shame.

Seeing Chen Feng’s reaction, Qing Zhi still didn’t care, just spread out his long, damp hair.

Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “I have been waiting here for half a month.”

Qing Zhi turned her head to look at Chen Feng. She said coldly, “I’m looking for something.”

Just as Hei said, she was indeed looking for something.

Chen Feng was thinking about whether to tell the dark things, but thinking that relying on his own strength, he might as well believe in Qing Zhi, he said: “There is a guy who knows where the thing you are looking for is.”

As expected, Qing Zhi stopped her movements. She looked at Chen Feng and said, “Do you know what I’m looking for?”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“Then he knows?”

“It should be, but he didn’t tell me.”

Qing Zhi calmed down, not knowing what he was thinking.

Chen Feng was also silent, he was waiting for Qing Zhi’s decision.

After a while, Qing Zhi said, “Take me to meet that guy.”

Chen Feng had no choice but to nod, but he was also worried that the black guy was just emptying the white wolf, and said, “That guy is very mysterious, and I don’t know his identity until now.”

Qing Zhi said, “As long as he knows where the thing is, I won’t care who he is.”

Chen Feng thought of the black condition again. If Qing Zhi wants to agree to it, maybe he also needs to agree to black and deal with the Sea Lion Tower. There is no obstacle for him, but he feels that some inexplicable is being controlled by others.

However, Chen Feng didn’t tell this condition. He just asked, “What are you looking for?”

Qing Zhi said coldly, “It’s useless if you know it.”

Chen Feng thought it was useless, but it didn’t mean that he couldn’t know, so he kept asking.

Qing Zhi’s remarks naturally meant rejection, but she didn’t expect Chen Summit to ask it a second time, so she was silent for a few seconds before saying, “An ancient book.”

But she just said these few words, and there was no more. Chen Feng knew that even if he kept asking, there would be no more information, so he didn’t ask himself to be boring.

For a moment, the room fell into silence.

But now it is not early, and the two of them always have to sleep. If Chen Feng is a gentleman, he will naturally apply to sleep on the ground.

But he deliberately didn’t say anything or do anything, just waiting for Qing Zhi.

Qing Zhi looked at him, but didn’t say anything, just walked to the bed, opened the cup, and went straight to sleep.

The bath towel was placed on the ground, and it seemed that something white had flashed in front of Chen Feng just now.

Chen Feng was a little happy, but he didn’t know exactly what was the reason for this happiness.

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