Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1030

The skirt was constantly shaking while moving, and the cyan earrings were also shaking, always attracting people’s eyes, just like the necklace on the chest.

This woman not only looks very beautiful, but also gentle.

If she was the woman Hei said, Chen Feng felt that Hei was not lying, she was no less beautiful than Qingzhi.

When Chen Feng looked at her, she had already come to Chen Feng and asked the girl: “How many pears did he steal.”

The girl said proudly: “It’s the one in his hand.”

The woman in white confirmed, “Is there only one? And he took a bite.”

The girl said seriously: “If I hadn’t found it early, he must have stolen a lot.”

The woman in white looked at the little girl helplessly, knowing that she could not get any useful information from her, she looked at Chen Feng.

“Sir, you should not be a thief.”

Chen Feng was still looking at the woman, but nodded.

The woman was also taken aback. She asked suspiciously, “If you are really a thief, I will call the police.”

Chen Feng said, “I am a thief, but you are a thief more intelligent than me. I just stole a pear, and you stole my heart.”

Listening to Chen Feng’s frivolous words, the woman immediately became annoyed and said, “Sir, please don’t be joking.”

Chen Feng also immediately suppressed this frivolity, and he also felt that he was a little gaffe, probably because of this woman’s excessive beauty.

He said softly: “Sorry, just kidding. As for the pear, I really just wanted to pick one to quench my thirst, but I didn’t expect to be caught by your sister.”

But these words immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of the girl, saying: “You lie.”

The woman whispered: “Ling’er!”

The girl named Ling’er seemed to be afraid of her sister, she just yelled, and she immediately lost her voice, closed her mouth, and just looked at Chen Feng with angry eyes.

Chen Feng said: “Ling’er asked me to pay for this pear, but I didn’t even have three dollars, so she asked her to take me to see you and see what you can do.”

The woman immediately felt guilty. Although it was Chen Feng who picked a pear, she always misunderstood Chen Feng by holding him like a thief.

She immediately apologized and said, “I’m really sorry. My sister has been naughty since she was a child. That’s why she treats her husband as a thief, just a pear. Please don’t care about her husband.”

Chen Feng whispered: “How can this be? I took a pear, but I also need compensation. Three yuan. I really don’t have any money with me now. If the lady is convenient, you can tell me if you have been here, if so. , I will send three dollars as soon as possible.”

The woman hesitated and said, “This, really don’t need it, it’s just a pear.”

Chen Feng resolutely said, “This is a matter of principle.”

The woman seemed to have no choice but to say, “Actually, I am not the master here. If you really want to pay it back, you can come directly in two days and give the money to Ling’er.”

Chen Feng was a little sorry, but he didn’t show it. He just said, “In this case, I will come back in two days.”

Then he asked again: “I just don’t know where I can go out to the nearest highway.”

The woman pointed in a direction to Chen Feng, and gave Chen Feng a strange look.

Chen Feng knew what the strange expression in her eyes meant, but it was just because she was so anxious just now, but now she doesn’t seem to care at all.

This kind of contrast made her feel curious, but she was just curious, but she wouldn’t really ask.

Chen Feng didn’t say anything, but just walked along the path of women’s worth.

But as soon as he went out of the mountain road, a figure emerged immediately behind him.

“How things had been?”

The figure was naturally dark, and he asked curiously.

Chen Feng said indifferently, “What’s going on?”

Hei hurriedly asked, “That woman?”

Chen Feng said: “Not very good.”

Hei shook his head strangely, and said, “I’ve seen that woman, she is beautiful.”

He looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, and asked, “Did you not see anyone?”

Chen Feng said, “I saw it, isn’t it just a woman in white? Cyan earrings, silver necklaces, beautiful looks.”

Listening to Chen Feng’s description, Hei confirmed that Chen Feng had indeed seen it, but he still had this attitude when he saw it, but he was a little puzzled.

“Don’t you think she is not good-looking?”

Chen Feng said: “It’s really not very good.”

Chen Feng is simply saying something against his will, but for the black, he just wants to say it.

Black seemed to see something, he sneered: “You are deceiving me.”

Chen Feng stopped talking, he knew it was meaningless.

And Hei continued: “You only need to help me make this woman willing to leave the Sea Lion House, and the agreement between you and me will be settled.”

Chen Feng also asked in a deep voice, “Who is this woman?”

The gangster: “When you get acquainted with her, you can ask her. Now I can’t tell you, I’m afraid you will give up.”

The more he didn’t say it, the more he naturally aroused Chen Feng’s curiosity.

But he also knew that Hei was using this method, but he was also powerless.

After just saying these two sentences with Chen Feng, he flashed away and disappeared from behind Chen Feng again. Chen Feng believed that his light work was incomparable.

Back to the hotel in the Haidong Building, he found that an annoying guy was waiting for him.

Chen Feng never expected Xia Lan to come to him.

Standing on the ground floor of the building, Xia Lan saw Chen Feng and took the initiative to walk up.

“Mr. Chen, have I been waiting for you for a long time?”

Chen Feng did not stop there, but continued to walk inside.

Xia Lan frowned, but still walked away and followed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said, “I don’t think we have anything to talk about, you can go.”

Being directly rejected, this was also something Xia Lan didn’t expect, but he came here for his plan, and he also allowed himself to fail in the first step.

Just continued: “I want to tell you about Fluttershy.”

Chen Feng has already walked through the gate and came into the lobby. He said, “Xiaodie has nothing to talk about with you. It’s her. The choice lies in her, not the two of us. Irrelevant people.”

Xia Lan looked at Chen Feng anxiously, as if there was no suitable reason for Chen Feng to stop.

“I know something about the Sea Lion House.”

And the words he suddenly shouted finally made Chen Feng stop, and the reason why he stopped was because this guy had exposed some information.

Xia Lan knew that he was from the martial arts world.

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