Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1032

But Chen Feng still miscalculated, Xiaodie didn’t plan to leave at all, she just sat here, and the two of them sat like this for half an hour.

“You are really strange.” Xiaodie said suspiciously.

Chen Feng said: “Why is it strange?”

Fluttershy said: “A beautiful lady is by your side, you can actually say nothing, don’t you think you are weird?”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t think it’s weird, because even if I talk about it, that beauty won’t necessarily let me touch it, so why should I waste my tongue?”

Xiaodie once again saw Chen Feng’s rogue side, and she was still a little curious.

She said, “How do you know if you don’t try, maybe you have a chance?”

Chen Feng also opened his eyes suddenly, he looked at Xiaodie’s face, and that face seemed to blush instantly because of being stared at.

Chen Feng said solemnly: “You are playing with fire.”

Xiaodie smiled and said, “But this fire seems to be blown out at any time.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect her to be so courageous, and said, “As long as you dare to blow on it, I promise she will burn you.”

His eyes were extremely hot, as if he was about to melt Fluttershy.

And even Xiaodie herself could feel how red her face was. She thought it was hot there, but when Chen Feng looked at it, she felt very comfortable, a strange feeling of comfort. He wanted to ask for this feeling. , But only Chen Feng in his mind.

Taking advantage of that moment, she straightened up and kissed Chen Feng on the mouth.

And this mouth is like the wind blowing on the flames, burning the already vigorous fire.

Chen Feng grinned and said, “You asked for this, so don’t blame me.”

He hugged Xiaodie up, and then, regardless of the eyes of those who looked over, walked straight to his room.

There were only two of them left in the elevator, and Chen Feng said, “Even if you regret it now, you can’t escape.”

But Xiaodie seemed to have broken the jar a long time ago, and said tyrannically, “I don’t want to escape. I’m afraid that some people will run away by then.”

Chen Feng couldn’t help this kind of teasing. He proactively kissed Xiaodie’s small mouth, as if being completely sealed. Xiaodie stared at Chen Feng, who was close at hand, with wide-open eyes. , But no matter how strong the strength is even quickly dissipating, in the end it is just as tickle.

After a long time, the lips parted and the kiss broke.

Chen Feng looked at Xiaodie again, and he said, “Do you still dare to provoke now?”

Xiaodie snorted, but did not speak, her face flushed, hiding in Chen Feng’s arms, as if she was reminiscing about the passionate long kiss just now.

But the shyness at this time is like dry wood filled in the fire, but the flames are accumulated more vigorously.

After entering the room, Chen Feng gently hooked his feet and closed the door. He didn’t have any hands because his hands were already busy, and he couldn’t make any room to close the door.

And it’s not just Chen Feng’s hands that are also busy, Xiaodie is also so busy, although she can’t see her emotions, but at this time, she is not even weaker than Chen Feng.

The small hands were very delicate and smooth, and Chen Feng didn’t want to let them struggle. He kept holding the wrists of both hands with his big hands and leaned them against the wall.

Chen Feng looked at Xiaodie’s almost coquettish face, and asked softly, “I’m afraid you will run away. Would you mind it?”

Xiaodie nodded slightly and said, “I am yours, kiss me now.”

Chen Feng chuckled lightly, and then devoted himself to the battlefield more wholeheartedly.

The battle was ignited, and the sound of artillery fire rang through the entire battlefield, and this was also a fierce battle, and no one was spared.

There was a groan, like a scream in pain, I don’t know if the gunfire hit the target.

Perhaps the war is cruel, and every casualty carries blood and tears.

Chen Feng wanted to stop. He asked, “Is it too big? If you can’t help it, stop.”

But Xiaodie has been smashed by the war, and only revenge is left in her eyes.

She yelled, “Toothpicks are used to fetch teeth. How could it be conquered by a toothpick.”

Chen Feng was also angry.

It’s just anger that will only cause more casualties. This time it is really to let those who can’t be tamed learn the lesson and let them know what is truly extraordinary.

A night of wind and rain, a chaotic battlefield, in the wind and rain, I will wait for you here again.

Someone might think of this sentence, but Chen Feng gently stroked Xiaodie’s hair and said softly, “What a lovely girl.”

Fluttershy was a little tired, her eyes were dim, and she just said vaguely, “Do you still think I’m a girl who can’t be reached now?”

Chen Feng said, “I already feel that you are a fairy who has moved the heart of the world. You can’t go back to the sky anymore. You can only stay by my side.”

It’s just that Chen Feng didn’t know if Xiaodie heard this sentence, he just felt that Xiaodie had fallen asleep.

When he woke up, the sky was a little dim, and it seemed that another night was coming. Chen Feng watched Xiaodie dressed neatly and was about to leave. He said, “Can’t you really stay with me for a while?”

Xiaodie Mei smiled and said, “You can’t eat enough, I don’t dare to stay here anymore, I’m afraid I will be eaten by you.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “You still vowed yesterday that you wouldn’t run away.”

Fluttershy said, “Huh, stinky man, I’ll be a good seller if I get a bargain.”

When he said that, he ignored Chen Feng, opened the door alone and walked out.

Chen Feng is just a pair of shorts. He sat on the bed, but suddenly shouted into the air: “I have watched it for so long, do you want to keep watching.”

Then a figure came out from the corner, as if coming out of a dark shadow.

But this guy is not black with a hood, but a guy with a black cloth mask.

Chen Feng looked at him coldly and asked, “Who are you?”

The man said with a gloomy voice, “I asked you to leave here, but you still didn’t leave. Do you think there is no danger here?”

Chen Feng immediately thought of the envelope, and as expected, after Chen Feng had not left, he would come out by himself.

“I don’t know anything, why should I be scared away by a letter.” Chen Feng sneered.

It seems that Chen Feng’s words are reasonable. The guy was stunned and said, “But since you won’t be scared away by a letter, then I have to do it myself.”

It seems that he wants to force Chen Feng to leave with powerlessness.

Chen Feng suddenly stretched out his hand and said, “Hold on.”

The guy looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, and asked, “Do you have anything else to say?”

Chen Feng said, “It’s just that when you came to the room just now, why didn’t you do it all the time? Did it feel wonderful?”

That guy didn’t expect Chen Feng to be still joking at this time.

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