Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1033

“Do you think it’s useful to delay for a minute or two?” the man said coldly.

Chen Feng didn’t expect him to be so keen, but he knew Chen Feng’s intentions in an instant. Chen Feng procrastinated for time, naturally, he wanted to recover his inner breath more quickly.

The battle just now not only allowed him to win, but also made his breath fluctuate. At least it was unstable. If he were to fight the opponent in his current state, Chen Feng would definitely lose.

But since he couldn’t even delay time, Chen Feng could only bite the bullet.

He directly lifted the quilt on his body and threw it towards the opponent.

A short knife in the man’s hand cut directly away, but the habit at that moment made him unaware of the down in the quilt.

Then, like a heavy snow, white feathers floated around the room.

Chen Feng took advantage of this opportunity to punch him up.

It’s a pity that that person was also prepared for a long time, and directly stopped Chen Feng.

The two screamed quickly, Chen Feng fell into a disadvantage because of the breath problem, but the overall strength was still higher than the other.

“If you give me a suitable reason, I will consider leaving here by myself.”

Chen Feng stepped back and said.

That person also underestimated Chen Feng’s strength. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to be able to compete with him in this situation.

“Today I can only let you go for a while, and if you don’t obey me, you will surely lead to murder.”

The man spoke to Chen Feng and moved towards the door.

Chen Feng knew that he couldn’t keep it, so he didn’t catch up, but just let the guy leave.

After staying on the bed for another period of rest, Chen Feng completely recovered. He looked at the down on the ground and muttered: “It seems that I can only change another room.”

The day was regarded as night, and the night was regarded as day. Chen Feng looked at the darkness outside, but his spirit was surprisingly good. He had to find something to release his energy.

The intense exercise is a good experience, and he learned about the underground boxing arena from Wu Xingyu, and Chen Feng wanted to fight two.

Sure enough, violence is hidden in everyone’s heart, but because of the law and other factors, these emotions cannot be released.

But now this boxing ring has gathered countless men and women, crazy enough to be unparalleled, and you can hear the calls of countless men and women before they get close.

Chen Feng handed in the ticket and walked in.

There are two boxers fighting in the field at this time. They are fighting very horribly. There are not too many rules here. If they are really dead, they don’t care. And this is the wonderful and most violent sport of this kind. Can let the emotions in people’s hearts get the greatest release.

The guy with the blood on the corner of his mouth seemed obviously unable to hold it. If he didn’t take the initiative to give in, he might really be beaten to death.

But sometimes they have to do their utmost in order to sustain more time, in order to make more money for that time.

Chen Feng thought, even more that the guy who was being beaten on the other side might just be a playmate.

The final result was that when he really was about to die, he surrendered, and the timing seemed to be right.

Even Chen Feng looked at this guy more or less, but that was only the case.

He came here to play, not to admire others, but after standing for a while, he decided to play on his own, but it was not that easy.

He needs to wait for the challenger above to go down before he can continue.

And just now, another challenger came to the ring. He was a slender man who was not tall, but his muscles seemed to burst out. He should be trained regularly.

But his opponent is also strong, otherwise he won’t be beaten to death.

The two hadn’t started yet, the field was boiling. The screaming and shouting directly stimulated the secretion of hormones. It was a bloody battle, because they became even more carnival.

The challenger looked at his challenger coldly, his mouth turned up, and he smiled contemptuously.

When the other party saw this action, it was like being provoked with anger in his heart. He was already eager to try it. Just waiting for the bell to ring, he would rush over to let the other party know the price of this action.

The one standing next to the bell rang the bell very casually, and amidst the roaring around, the two guys rushed together.

With a punch, even Chen Feng looked in surprise.

With just one punch, the reelected challenger actually fell to the ground.

The originally noisy venue suddenly seemed to be cut with heads together, and suddenly there was no sound. Everyone looked at everything happening in the venue in amazement. It was incredible.

But there was only a few seconds of silence, and as someone shouted wildly, the sound rang again, which was louder than every time it came before.

Chen Feng looked at him, this guy’s fist was not just the strength of ordinary people.

But it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need to read too clearly, because he is the next person to challenge.

With some simple bodyguards, Chen Feng walked onto the stage.

Maybe it was the victory just now that made him arrogant, or he was the way he was. He didn’t even look at Chen Feng, just enjoying the shouts of the audience.

For the viewing experience, the rhythm here is very fast, and within two seconds of standing up, the bell rang.

The other party finally started to treat Chen Feng seriously. He raised his right fist as if he wanted to use the same trick.

Different from the experience just now, Chen Feng could feel that his fists were quick and powerful, and even if he took a punch, it would be no better than the guy just now.

But since Chen Feng can see clearly, he doesn’t need to be afraid anymore.

Perhaps the audience was waiting for the same scene just now, their voices slightly lowered, and the audience was watching how Chen Feng was hit by this punch.

However, in the next moment, that fist was easily held in one of Chen Feng’s hands.

There was a sound of shock, but Chen Feng also punched out and slapped the opponent in the face without waiting for the sound.

The man was in pain and quickly backed away, looking at Chen Feng’s eyes more solemnly.

Chen Feng stretched his shoulders, twitched two fingers at the opponent, and motioned for the opponent to rush over again.

The man’s fists were still the same swift and violent. Perhaps he thought the failure just now was a coincidence, so he didn’t even change his moves, he still wanted the same punch to defeat Chen Feng.

But the result was even worse than just now. Chen Feng simply hid, but used his muscle power to punch dozens of punches in the opponent’s abdomen continuously.

The fist stopped, and the man stood there, looking at Chen Feng in amazement, but how could his body be able to hold it, and then he fell back.

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