Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1034

He was greeted with cheers like a wave, but Chen Feng became calm. He was just indulging, not losing himself, and he would not be affected by the wave.

And he only fought one game, although he could not step down, but when another challenger came up, he directly surrendered.

The court even booed Chen Feng, but he didn’t care, just walked out alone.

After walking through the aisle, someone stopped in front of Chen Feng. Chen Feng thought he was just a frantic guy and wanted to teach him his behavior just now.

“I don’t want to deal with an ordinary person.” Chen Feng said.

The guy who stopped Chen Feng was a tall and tall man with the same burly figure, but he didn’t seem to want to teach Chen Feng, but said, “My boss wants to see you.”

Chen Feng glanced at this guy, probably guessed something, and said, “I just came to play and don’t like doing things for people.”

The guy shook his head and said, “Not for boxing, but something else.”

Chen Feng curiously asked, “Do you know me?”

Sure enough, the man nodded: “Shao Chen.”

He even called out Chen Feng’s name to convince Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Who is your boss?”

The guy didn’t answer, just said, “When you see it, you’ll know it naturally.”

Chen Feng became more curious and agreed.

But it seemed that the meeting was not in this underground boxing arena, but went out and they got in a car.

There are already people in the car, a thin young man, but looking at him, Chen Feng even feels more stressed.

But he did not speak either, just sat quietly all the way.

Finally, they came to a clubhouse, they led Chen Feng in, and came to a private room, and the boss should be in it.

Before entering, you can hear the voices of many women, laughter and screams one after another.

The thin young man opened the door.

Sure enough, there are many women in it, one by one exposed, and they are in excellent shape.

But these did not attract Chen Feng’s eyes too much. He still looked at a man in this group of women, just a very young guy.

“Boss, the man has already been brought.” The thin man said.

The young man in the pile of women who had his suit torn apart had no time to stand up. He looked at Chen Feng and walked over.

Then suddenly smiled and said, “Shao Chen, it’s really you.”

Chen Feng didn’t know him, but just looked at him indifferently and said, “You are looking for me?”

As if he was too happy, he even said with joy: “Yes, Shao Chen, I am looking for you. But I am looking for you to make a fortune.”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment.

But the man didn’t wait for Chen Feng to understand, he dragged Chen Feng into the pile of women.

As soon as they sat down, two gorgeous young women leaned on Chen Feng’s left and right, and even leaned against each other without evasiveness.

The young man introduced: “I want to come, Shao Chen doesn’t know me yet, I will give an introduction. My name is Xia Feng.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised by this surname. He asked, “Who is Xia Lan?”

Xia Feng smiled and said: “It seems that that guy was indeed killed by Chen Shao.”

It seemed that the truth of the matter had been seen through, and Chen Feng did not panic.

He said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

And Xia Feng also smiled and said: “Chen Shao don’t worry, that guy and I have never dealt with it since we were young. He is just my cousin. He is dead when he dies. It’s no big deal.”

Chen Feng looked at him unexpectedly, and he didn’t seem to be lying, so he didn’t speak any more, just waiting for his purpose.

Xia Feng said: “If Shao Chen is still worried, I can solve that guy’s corpse for you.”

Chen Feng said: “Why do you want to do this.”

Xia Feng gently stroked the body of a woman beside her, and smiled: “Because I want to show Shao Chen my sincerity, so that Shao Chen can promise me.”

Chen Feng didn’t care about his sincerity, just asked: “You can just say that I don’t like wasting time.”

Compared to Xia Feng, Chen Feng didn’t leave the woman next to him at all, he just felt tacky.

Xia Feng laughed and said, “Shao Chen is really refreshing, so I won’t be oblivious. I want Chen Shao to buy Tianyuan Group for me.”

If it wasn’t for this guy to be Xia Lan’s brother, Chen Feng must have already left.

Chen Feng said coldly: “If you are sick, you can go to the doctor instead of talking nonsense here.”

Xia Feng didn’t care about Chen Feng’s abuse, and still smiled and said, “Shao Chen, this is not a joke.”

Chen Feng said, “Then you should know the strength of Tianyuan Group. I have money, but I won’t do such a foolish thing.”

Xia Feng also restrained his smile, even stopped the movement of his hands, and said solemnly, “I know it naturally, so I will look for Chen Shao for help.”

Chen Feng was silent. He did feel that this guy was a lunatic, but the genius was on the left and the lunatic was on the right.

A genius and a lunatic are just a matter of thought.

Chen Feng said, “Give me a reason.”

Xia Feng gently raised the corner of his mouth and smiled, knowing that he was half moved.

He said: “I will use the negative news to make Tianyuan Group’s share price plummet, and even allow those shareholders to sell their original shares, and Chen Shao can enter the market early and quickly occupy the entire Tianyuan Group at the lowest price.”

Chen Feng still looked at him indifferently.

Xia Feng continued: “Even the current executive director Xia Juyi will be secretly killed by me, and without that old man, the whole Tianyuan must be a mess.”

Chen Feng could no longer hold back his curiosity. He asked, “Who is Xia Juyi?”

Xia Feng seemed to be asked about a stranger. He was stunned for a moment, and then he seemed to remember: “It’s my old man.”

Chen Feng asked, “Are you going to kill your Lao Tzu?”

Xia Feng nodded seriously and said, “Yes, he is going to die anyway, it’s just the difference between dying early and dying late.”

Chen Feng can now be sure that this guy is a lunatic.

Chen Feng said, “I don’t seem to believe in someone who even my own dare to kill, and this kind of good thing, you can find any rich person, not me specifically.”

Xia Feng also seemed to have guessed that Chen Summit was suspicious. He opened his eyes wide, excited, and said, “Because Chen Shao killed the guy named Xia Lan for me, so you are the best candidate for my plan. .”

Chen Feng didn’t want to understand the connection between the two, but it seemed that Xia Feng resented the person he was talking about.

Chen Feng said: “I can think about it, but now I won’t agree.”

Xia Feng’s face was immediately lost. It seemed that this was a perfect plan, and Chen Feng must have agreed to it immediately.

However, Chen Feng did not refuse, which made Xia Feng laugh.

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