Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1036

He ate another peanut, and Qian Xueqiu also took one unceremoniously.

Chen Feng asked, “Let’s talk about it, you always have something to do with me.”

Qian Xueqiu smiled and said, “You can go.”

Chen Feng said: “Now I am also a little curious, and you promised me to give Huang Taihaoli a share.”

Qian Xueqiu nodded and said, “I will indeed give it to you, but I have to wait until the Sea Lion Tower is ready to open the Taihao Secret Vault.”

Chen Feng asked, “When will it be?”

Qian Xueqiu just shook his head, he didn’t know, and when he came here this time, he was actually not just to give Huang Taihao, but to seek help. He wanted to completely drive Molang out in Lanzhou.

When Chen Feng saw him silent, he also looked outside, at this place in Suzhou.

Suzhou is a quiet city. Everything in the city feels very slow. People don’t have such anxious things to do. It is just a kind of continuous progress that is completed every day.

But some people are very anxious. They are like crazy dogs in this city, running wildly, but they look down on the slow guys the most.

Xia Feng hadn’t looked for Chen Feng for a long time. Chen Feng promised that he would give him an answer, but the answer was very slow.

He was a little impatient and wanted to find Chen Feng by himself.

“You know where that guy is.” He and his acceptance asked.

In the room, besides the tall man who picked up Chen Feng that day, the other was the thin man of the driver.

But they all just shook their heads.

Xia Feng grabbed the wine bottle in front of him and threw it on the large display in front of him. He was very irritable and didn’t know how to vent it, so he could only use destruction to vent it.

The wine bottle was broken, the display was cracked with black patterns, and there were still some places where women dancing on the screen could be seen.

This sudden act frightened the woman beside him.

Looking at Xia Feng in horror, he dared not speak.

At this time, the only one who dared to intervene seemed to be the thin man. He said, “It’s not difficult to find him, but he doesn’t seem to agree.”

Listening to the man’s words, Xia Feng became even more mad, and roared, “Asshole, why doesn’t he agree to such a good thing.”

Everyone knows that no matter how good things are, doing with a madman will drag themselves into the abyss, and the behavior of a madman is the most unpredictable.

But no one would tell Xia Feng this truth.

As he was talking, the thin man suddenly flashed cold eyes and looked at the door.

The door was slowly opened, and a guy with a hood was walking in.

He said: “If Chen Feng is unwilling to do it, I can help you.”

Xia Feng was stunned for a moment, but he had always followed his own liking for such things, and it was his turn to make decisions for him there.

He scolded: “What kind of thing are you.”

But just after scolding, the thin man yelled, “Be careful.”

And he himself rushed over, grabbing a flying black object with one hand.

He unfolded the thing from his hand, and it turned out to be a melon seed.

But just a melon seed can play the momentum like a hidden weapon, the other party must be a master, the thin man looked at the guy with the hood vigilantly.

“Can you talk now? I can help you do what you want.”

Xia Feng was also scared. He looked at the cautious expression of the man beside him, as if it also made him sober a lot.

On the contrary, I felt a little angry with Chen Feng. If Chen Feng agreed, there would be no such strange things.

But Chen Feng didn’t know what happened.

Qian Xueqiu was silent for a long time, and slowly said, “This time the return of the Qian Family, the first task is to eliminate Mowolf.”

Chen Feng had already thought about it, but now that Qian Xueqiu, the Patriarch of the Qian Family, spoke of it, he naturally had a different feeling.

Chen Feng said: “You don’t need to say this favor, I will also help.”

Qian Xueqiu laughed, and said, “I know, so it’s not about Molang that I’m looking for you.”

Chen Feng stared at him, feeling that he was being tricked.

Qian Xueqiu smiled and said, “Do you know my little uncle Qianjia?”

“Chihiro sword, I heard Xiu Niang say it.”

“Then do you know his alias?”

Chen Feng already had an idea, but he still asked, “What?”

Qian Xueqiu slowly said, “The Xiaoyao sword that will be used for life.”

Chen Feng secretly smiled bitterly, and it was indeed this unrestrained, self-styled Xiaoyao Sword.

Chen Feng still pretended to be surprised: “It’s actually him.”

Qian Xueqiu smiled and said, “It’s him. It’s also a blessing for Qianjia to come back to Qianjia.”

Naturally, Chen Feng knew that this was a great blessing, but I didn’t know what Qian Xueqiu mentioned about him, so it shouldn’t be showing off in front of Chen Feng.

Qian Xueqiu seemed to have seen Chen Feng’s doubts. He said, “When he came back, he made a few requests. If Qianjia helped him to do this, he would be willing to come back. For other inconveniences, I will tell you more. There is only one thing. I want to ask you too.”

Chen Feng still froze for a while, although it was just the same, but after all, it was also said by Qianxunjian. It seemed that Qian Xueqiu really looked at him highly.

“You think I can do it.”

Qian Xueqiu nodded: “It’s not that I think, but you are the only one.”

Chen Feng wondered: “What do you mean?”

Qian Xueqiu said: “This time the Taihao Secret Vault is opened, my Qian Family is approved to enter four non-grand candidates, one in the realm of grandmasters. And among those four, I have arranged a position for you.”

Chen Feng nodded, and Qian Xueqiu was able to fulfill his promise to him. This is also Chen Feng’s trust in him.

“But because Chihiro needs someone to sit and guard, Chihiro sword cannot enter it. Only my uncle, Chihiro Ken will carry it, but even with this lineup, most people don’t dare to deal with Chihiro at will.”

No one would dare to underestimate the strength of a grandmaster.

Chen Feng said, “What about the other people who enter it.”

Qian Xueqiu said: “There are many big families involved, but they are just waiting and watching in the past, and only one person who is not in the realm of the master can be sent, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Such an arrangement may also be to take care of the thoughts of those families. If the treasure is completely swallowed, it will make those families resent, and it will be detrimental to the development of this area.

In this way, they can be allowed to enter it, and according to the sea lion building, the organs in it are complicated, and even the realm of the master may not be safe and sound.

What kind of treasure you want to get depends entirely on personal luck.

Therefore, all major families are happy to hear about such a good thing, and they have an excellent reputation for the Sea Lion House, and they are even close to electing the Sea Lion House as a leader.

However, if you wait until you come out of Secret Hidden, the Sea Lion Tower can go further, and it is not difficult to become the leader of the desert.

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