Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1037

“And what I want you to do for me is to find an ancient book called “Homecoming”.”

Chen Feng immediately froze there.

He looked at Qian Xueqiu and said, “”Homecoming”? Qianxunjian asked you to find it?”

Looking at Chen Feng’s expression, Qian Xueqiu was also surprised, and said, “Do you know this ancient book?”

Then he nodded and said, “It’s true that Chihiro Sword is looking for this ancient book, but he doesn’t want anyone to know about it, so I only tell you.”

Chen Feng also nodded and said, “I do know this book, and even the people next to me are looking for it. So what you said, I may not be able to help you.”

Qian Xueqiu silently looked at Chen Feng and thought: “It seems that this book is indeed very important, but besides you, there are still some Molang spies in Qianjia. I dare not use them at all.”

Chen Feng thought, “Where is Qianhiro Qian? It is impossible that he is also from Molang.”

Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “Chihiro Sword once said that even Qianxun Ken can’t know it. He specifically named it.”

Chen Feng could only shook his head and said, “Then I am helpless.”

But Qian Xueqiu thought for a while, and said, “You want to find this book anyway, and even if it’s just a book, it’s not impossible to discuss what you will do then.”

Chen Feng understood what he meant, but he didn’t know what Qing Zhi would think, and shared this ancient book with another person, as if Qing Zhi would not agree.

But saying so much now doesn’t really do any good. Whether Chen Feng can find this book is the key. As for if he really wants to distribute it later, it can be discussed.

Chen Feng said: “Let’s wait until everything is over.”

Qian Xueqiu also nodded.

And the two of them had eaten all the peanuts in front of them unknowingly.

When she left, Qian Xueqiu smiled and said that next time she came over, she would bring some wine, just eating peanuts, which was a bit boring.

Chen Feng also followed with a smile.

And just when Chen Feng was going back, he saw a familiar figure, without thinking about it, he immediately chased after him.

That was Xiaodie’s back. Although he had been here for a long time, Chen Feng did remember.

The two were not far apart. Chen Feng thought he would catch up in a few steps, but it happened that the elevator went up, so he could only watch it, and then waited until the other one came down.

She was alone just now and stopped on the highest floor.

Chen Feng was a little curious about why she wanted to go there, and her place was not at the highest level.

But without much thought, he also pressed the highest floor.

The elevator was very slow, but Chen Feng was a little anxious. In this anxiety, he finally came to the floor and stopped.

Chen Feng rushed out.

There is not much difference between the corridors outside and the ones below. They are both very long rows, but when looking left and right, Chen Feng did not see the other person.

He slowly walked in one direction, maybe Xiaodie would see him.

Just not two steps away, Chen Feng seemed to see a figure. She walked into the fire door and was walking towards the stairs.

Chen Feng’s heart became more and more strange, but he still caught up.

But as soon as he reached the stairwell, a white mist immediately spread in front of him.

Chen Feng vigilantly covered his mouth and nose, but he still inhaled some into his body just now.

The onset of toxicity was rapid, and with just a few doses, his body was somewhat weakened.

Chen Feng couldn’t believe that he would be given a routine, but before he went into a coma, he was still worried about Xiaodie, because he could completely confirm that he was not someone else.

If he is killed, it doesn’t seem to be a strange thing, but fortunately, when Chen Feng woke up, he only found himself fucked and tied up.

And the place where he was, a closer look, it turned out to be his own room, and there was even water on the table when he left in the morning.

There was no one in the room. He checked his body. The effect of the drug was still there. He couldn’t use any strength, so he couldn’t get rid of it with ordinary twine.

He shouted into the room, “Is there anyone?”

But it seems that he is just abandoned here, and no one responds to him.

It took me a long time to finally hear the sound of the door.

Chen Feng turned his head to look there, and then saw Xiaodie walking in.

When she saw Chen Feng, she smiled and said, “You are awake.”

Chen Feng immediately thought of something vigilantly. He was not a fool, so all this came to light.

He asked, “Why on earth are you doing this?”

Xiaodie smiled and said to Chen Feng: “I just want you to leave here, but you don’t want to. This is a helpless way.”

Chen Feng thought of the guy who appeared after he got together with Xiaodie Huan that day, and now it seems that even that day’s affairs were arranged by Xiaodie and the others.

Chen Feng’s complexion changed immediately. He hated women cheating on him.

He said coldly: “It’s all about you deliberately approaching me.”

Fluttershy smiled and said, “In fact, I just wanted to stare at you at first.”

Chen Feng said, “Later, I wanted to do something to me, and that was the purpose of approaching me.”

Fluttershy shook his head and said, “I don’t know, maybe it’s just fun.”

Chen Feng said: “Fun?”

Fluttershy nodded: “I just feel happy to be with you, um…”

She wanted to say something more, the door was opened again, this time it was naturally Xiaodie’s companion who came in.

Chen Feng turned his head to look, but he thought it would be Xiaoyue.

Chen Feng didn’t think she would martial arts when she saw her.

“I said I killed him directly, but you didn’t want to.”

After Xiaoyue came in, he glanced at Chen Feng and said to Xiaodie.

Xiaodie shook his head and said, “The order was only for us to drive him out of Suzhou, but I didn’t say to kill him.”

Xiaoyue said dissatisfied: “The result is not the same.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng asked, “Why do you want me to leave? Is there no reason?”

Xiaoyue heard Chen Feng’s voice and threw a paper box beside him on Chen Feng’s body. She was annoyed: “It’s not your turn to speak here.”

Chen Feng couldn’t understand where she came from such a grievance, but now that she is tied up by someone, he can’t help it.

Xiaodie is much gentler, she said, “You don’t need to ask us, we don’t know.”

Chen Feng probably felt that these two people just accepted orders, and the one who really had the right to make decisions was the guy who fought against Chen Feng that day.

But now he is not here.

Xiaodie and the two had eaten in the room and wanted to feed Chen Feng some, but Chen Feng refused.

“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t eat, he still asks him.” Xiao said unhappily.

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