Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1040

After all, the master is in the folk.

Entering the small courtyard, the garden is very quiet, the flowers and trees are very delicately taken care of, and some water lily leaves are floating in the pool of water, and the green is very beautiful.

After the old man walked into the room, he immediately smelled a scent of medicine, but Chen Feng couldn’t tell the difference between them.

Fluttershy smiled and said, “Uncle Wu, are you dispensing medicine again?”

Uncle Wu said: “I recently thought of a new formula, just to try it.”

Fluttershy immediately complimented: “The medicine that Uncle Wu prepared is definitely very useful.”

But looking at Uncle Wu’s expression, he was still so serious, and he didn’t know whether he would eat it or not.

However, Chen Feng didn’t care. He was just looking at the room, but just after looking at it, he heard Uncle Wu solemnly say: “If you look around, I will dig out your eyeballs. ”

Chen Feng was also taken aback, and this was naturally addressed to him.

Fluttershy also seemed to pull Chen Feng in fear, wanting to warn Chen Feng not to do so.

Chen Feng also knew the pros and cons, so he lowered his head obediently. He thought that it would be better to act honestly now.

Uncle Wu retracted his eyes and said to Chen Feng and the others: “Stand here, don’t come in.”

With the lesson just now, Chen Feng was very obedient and didn’t move anything, and Uncle Wu walked into the room, passed through a door, and turned inside.

Xiaodie said: “Uncle Wu is forbidden to contact his pharmacy.”

Chen Feng nodded, some powerful people always have their own temperament, and this is no exception.

After a while, Uncle Wu came out with a porcelain bottle.

“This is the antidote for Ruanjinsan. Melt the powder into the water and divide it three times, morning, noon, and night. After a day, the properties of the drug will disperse by itself.”

He handed the bottle to Xiaodie’s hand and said.

Chen Feng couldn’t wait to look at the medicine bottle in Xiaodie’s hand. It was a life-saving antidote.

Xiaodie also seemed to see Chen Feng’s thoughts, and put the things directly in his hands.

Chen Feng took the things and calmed down in his heart. The fact that he lost the power to defend himself still affected his state of mind. It was only now that he held the things in his hands, he finally felt relieved.

And now that they got the medicine, they could leave. After saying goodbye to Uncle Wu, they walked out along the way they had just entered.

But on the road I met a guy who didn’t have long eyes.

In this broad daylight, the drunk was on the side of the road with a wine bottle in his hand. When Chen Feng passed by, the drunkard suddenly came up, and the frightened Fluttershy was frightened, and the drunk rided on Chen Feng’s Shoulders.

“Come, have a drink with me.” The drunkard and Chen Feng shouted.

The bluffing sound was so loud that it happened to be sticking to Chen Feng’s ear, and the unpleasant smell of wine made Chen Feng unbearable. He frowned and stood there, but he was not shaken by the drunk. Bring her body together.

Although he can’t use his power, he is more than enough to deal with this kind of drunk. But just as he was about to push this guy away, he heard the other person say in his ear: “I know you, Master Chen.”

Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment, then gave up doing it, but pushed one hand on his chest, pushing him away.

“Since you know me, you should also know my temperament.” Chen Feng said coldly.

The drunk hiccuped and the filthy alcohol scent spread in front of Chen Feng. He had to cover his nose with his hands to cover up the breath.

The drunk didn’t care, he didn’t even pay attention to it at all. He just shook the bottle in his hand, it was already empty, but he just picked it up and wanted to drink it.

Naturally, a drop did not enter his mouth. He felt very strange, and looked at the wine bottle suspiciously, trying to see what was inside through the mouth of the bottle.

However, after discovering that there was no wine, he threw the bottle aside very annoyed. The glass bottle hit the concrete floor and broke immediately with a cracking sound.

Xiaodie hid behind Chen Feng in shock, pulling Chen Feng’s sleeves, and whispering, “Let’s go.”

However, Chen Feng just looked at the drunkard, his eyes indifferent.

Without the bottle, the drunk turned his attention to Chen Feng and suddenly laughed.

“It’s dangerous, you’re in danger…”

Chen Feng frowned again, this kind of alarmist remarks were like a liar pulling a fortune-telling, the first sentence is naturally that there must be a big crime.

But the effect is always good, at least Chen Feng had to ask: “What do you mean?”

The drunk man smiled and said, “You… if you invite me to drink, I will tell you.”

He couldn’t even speak clearly, but he was still thinking about drinking, but even if he drank to death, Chen Feng didn’t care.

Just said coldly: “Okay, I’ll take you to drink.”

In fact, there is no need to go to the bar. In the restaurant on the roadside, even if a dish is not ordered, Chen Feng asked the boss to bring two bottles of liquor first.

This kind of strong alcohol enters the stomach on an empty stomach, it is the most heartburning, and it is not so easy to endure, but the drunkard didn’t care at all, picked up the glass, and happily gave himself a glass.

Although a small cup is not much, he actually took a sip directly, and he still showed an endless aftertaste after entering his mouth.

Even Xiaodie’s face was solemn.

The drunk sighed contentedly: “The emperor can’t get on the boat, and he claims that his minister is a fairy in wine.”

This sentence in his mouth is not unreasonable, but he just doesn’t care about being cast contemptuously by the people around him, just looking at the wine in front of him.

Chen Feng said: “How about the wine?”

The drunk said: “Yes.”

Chen Feng said: “You like to drink, but drinking like this is not meaningless.”

The drunk said, “If you don’t have a congenial drinker, you can only drink alone.”

Chen Feng pointed to himself and said, “Then what do you think of me? I will drink with you.”

But the drunk shook his head and said, “Neither can you, I am already a dead person, and I don’t drink with dead people.”

This is the second time he has said this. Chen Feng asked with a sense of dignity: “Why am I a dead person? Is it because someone wants to kill me?”

The drunk filled his glass again, but he looked at Chen Feng and said to Chen Feng, “Someone spends money to buy your life, and the price is very high.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised, but still asked, “Who is buying my life, and who is going to kill me?”

The drunk finished drinking and became intoxicated again. He smiled and said, “I can’t tell who will buy your life, but I know who wants to kill you.”

Chen Feng asked, “Who is going to kill me?”

The drunk said, “I want to kill you.”

As he said, the wine glass in his hand smashed directly at Chen Feng. Chen Feng had already reacted, but his body couldn’t keep up with his thinking.

The wine glass hit him directly on the chest, pushing him out.

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