Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1041

It fell on a table opposite, but the table was strong, but Chen Feng seemed to have smashed it on a steel plate, and the internal organs that had been shaken by the pain seemed to have moved away.

The drunkard was surprised and said: “Strange, you don’t look like a guy who knows martial arts.”

Fluttershy looked at what happened in a panic, and hurried to Chen Feng, wanting to see what happened to Chen Feng, but at this time Chen Feng found it difficult to even sit up.

But he sat up hard, and looked at the drunkard.

Because of the chaos in the restaurant, guests ran away a long time ago. Some people wanted to watch the excitement there, so they surrounded the door of the restaurant, and the chaos naturally attracted the owner of the shop, who came over.

“You are fighting here, I’m going to call the police.” The boss shouted.

The drunk suddenly grinned and said, “I forgot, sorry, I’ll take someone away now.”

With that said, he came forward to catch Chen Feng, Xiaodie wanted to stop, but he was pushed aside.

In fact, he did not go far with Chen Feng, but put him down in the uninhabited alley.

The strong man randomly threw Chen Feng on the ground, like a chicken to be slaughtered.

Xiaodie rushed from behind him, trying to help Chen Feng up. At this time, she had not escaped, and she was by Chen Feng’s side. It was enough to see her feelings for Chen Feng.

Even if he did something wrong before, Chen Feng seemed to have no reason to blame her.

But now is not the time to think about it.

Looking at the drunk in front of him, he can still see what drunkenness he is there at this time, and the whole person looks very energetic.

He took the wine bottle he took from the restaurant. He only drank two glasses of the wine in it, and naturally there was a lot left. Looking at Chen Feng, he actually took a sip directly at the mouth of the bottle.

It was like the more he drank, the more energetic he was, and his brows were no longer drunk, but his face was still red.

“It’s a pity, if you invite me to drink, I shouldn’t kill you naturally, but it’s a pity that the person’s bid is too high, and I am really moved.”

If he died in a vendetta, Chen Feng would still feel uncomfortable, but he was killed by a murderer only because the bid was high, which made it difficult for Chen Feng to accept.

He held Xiaodie’s body before he could look up at the drunkard and said, “If you want money, I can give you, I can give you more, twice as much money as you get.”

The drunk was stunned. It seemed that he had never thought about getting money from Chen Feng.

I was a little entangled. I even forgot to drink the wine. Looking at Chen Feng, he said, “But this doesn’t seem to be in line with the rules.”

Chen Feng said: “The rules are all set by people, but the money does not come out of the ground by itself.”

The drunk hesitated even more, saying, “What you said makes sense. It is a man who has money as a damn. No money is inferior to a beast, but…”

Chen Feng knew that his heart was moving, so he said again: “If I give you another sum of money, and you kill the person who killed me, you will have no worries about looking back.”

The drunk said: “This is not good!”

Chen Feng said: “Money can drive ghosts, even ghosts can drive them, what else is impossible, rules are dead, talents are alive.”

The drunk was silent. When he was silent, he liked to drink. He drank from the mouth of the bottle again, and the wine dripped from the corner of his mouth and dripped on his chest.

Chen Feng has never seen such a drinker.

After the drunk finished drinking, he threw the bottle away, wiped his mouth heartily, and smiled: “The rich is the uncle. You give me the money and I will let you die. There is nothing wrong with it. If you are Give me a sum of money, and I can kill that guy for you. But I count you half the price, five million.”

Ten million lives per person, this is by no means a small number, but Chen Feng nodded directly and said, “Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

The drunk man said: “Fresh, I like the refreshed person the most.”

But Chen Feng didn’t like the guy in front of him. He was a desperado. He could do anything for money. Fortunately, he was greedy for money, so he let him go.

Chen Feng thought for a while, and asked him who was selling his life.

The drunk smiled and shook his head: “I can’t tell you this anymore. When I kill him, you will naturally know.”

Chen Feng said: “How much money can I buy his name.”

The drunk looked at Chen Feng and said, “Did you misunderstand something.”

Chen Feng was also stunned. He naturally regarded him as someone who could do anything for money, but it seemed to have touched something.

The drunk continued, “I know what you are thinking, but since I have already said that I can’t tell you, then this thing is absolutely impossible.”

Chen Feng did not speak.

The drunk laughed, turned and left, and said, “When will the money be ready, I will find you again soon.”

When he left, Chen Feng was left in the alley.

Chen Feng stood up from the ground embarrassedly, looking at the direction the person had left just now, but his eyes were cold.

Qian Xueqiu sat on the hotel terrace, looking at a heavy book with a black and white cover.

Someone came over, and under the umbrella he was sitting on, the man also sat aside.

Qian Xueqiu turned his head to look at him. Although he didn’t know him, he didn’t feel panicked either. He just asked, “Are you looking for me?”

The man took out a box of cigarettes and motioned to Qian Xueqiu. After Qian Xueqiu shook his head and refused, he took one out of it by himself, then lit it, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled the cigarette. lock up.

Qian Xueqiu is not in a hurry, just waiting for this.

The man said, “I am looking for you.”

Qian Xueqiu said, “What’s the matter?”

The man said, “It’s a trivial matter, but it’s also a big one. It depends mainly on how the Thousand Patriarchs treat it.”

Qian Xueqiu frowned slightly and said, “That’s more specific, I don’t like playing dumb puzzles with people.”

The human said: “A seat that entered Taihao’s secret storage.”

Qian Xueqiu pushed the flat eyes on his face. Although he didn’t have this habit, the person in front of him made him think seriously.

This person naturally knows himself and Taihao’s Secret Vault. This is nothing unusual, but when it is almost impossible to know this, he still dares to come and seek him for this Secret Vault, which is somewhat intriguing.

Qian Xueqiu said, “This is a big matter, not a trivial matter. And you always have to give me a reason to do this.”

The man threw the cigarette that he had only smoked in his hand on the ground, as if it was because of Qian Xueqiu’s slightly disgusted expression just now.

He said, “Naturally I came with sincerity.”

Qian Xueqiu looked at him quietly.

The man put his hand into his pocket and took out a hosta, but only half of it. The hosta’s hairpin is missing, and the hairpin’s head is a rose, which looks just ordinary.

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