Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1044

Xuelang laughed and said, “Sure enough, how could a thirsty kid be the head of a thousand families? It’s really a joke.”

The young man also followed Snow Wolf and smiled lightly.

Chen Feng followed Qian Xueqiu for a long time outside Suzhou City, but found nothing. He had to wonder if what Aji said was true, maybe it was just a joke.

Qian Xueqiu said: “It may just be that we haven’t found it yet.”

Chen Feng didn’t speak, he just felt that what he couldn’t find would have no effect on him.

But when I walked to the intersection and asked someone on the side of the road, I finally got some clues.

“Is there a person surnamed Tang near here?”

There was no hope anymore. They had been looking around here for a long time, but they didn’t have any information about the person surnamed Tang.

But I don’t want the passerby to really nod his head and say, “You are not looking for a cripple, right?”

Although strange, Aji only told Qian Xueqiu that the hostess host was nearby and was surnamed Tang, but he did not tell him that he was a lame man.

But there was no clue at all, and the two could only give it a try as hope.

“Is this Tang you talking about?” Qian Xueqiu asked.

But passers-by seemed a little hesitant, saying, “Actually, I’m not so sure. No one has called this cripple’s name for many years. What is his real name? I really don’t think about it easily, but it seems that I remember him. The surname is Tang.”

These words made Chen Feng hesitate. According to Aji’s words, it is absolutely impossible for this person to be so downhearted, even his name was forgotten.

“Maybe it’s not the one we’re looking for!” Chen Feng said.

Qian Xueqiu also knows that the probability is not anymore, but now there is no cable, he thinks that he can go and take a look, and he won’t waste much time.

Follow the passers-by to the side of the village, in front of a very old hut.

“He lives here, a poor household in our village.” The passerby introduced.

Qian Xueqiu thanked the passerby, then looked at this old house, and gave up his last hope.

“Let’s go!” He said to Chen Feng.

Just about to speak, this is an old man with a cane walking out of the dilapidated house. His figure is rickety and his body is old, and he knows that he is an extremely ordinary person by looking at it.

The leg on the crutches, as others call him, is a lame lame.

When Chen Feng and the others looked at him, the cripple also saw them. He glanced at them curiously, and then closed his gaze back.

I don’t know why, so Qian Xueqiu wanted to give it a try.

He took the hosta and walked up.

“Master, do you know this hosta?” he asked.

The cripple put down the work in his hand, raised his head to look at Qian Xueqiu, then looked at the hairpin in Qian Xueqiu’s hand again, only shook his head gently, and said, “I don’t know.”

This has been directly denied, Qian Xueqiu can only believe that the other party is not the person they are trying to find, but looking at the cripple, he still asks something.

“Is your surname Tang?”

The cripple hesitated a little. It seemed that he had forgotten everything about his surname. After a while, he said, “It seems to be this surname.”

Qian Xueqiu said, “Why have you forgotten your last name?”

The cripple said: “It’s been too long, and it will be forgotten naturally, and some things are better forgotten.”

You can hear his sigh. This is not like an ordinary person’s sigh. Maybe he also has his own story.

But Qian Xueqiu didn’t ask this story. He was ready to leave and there was no need to disturb other people’s lives.

Three or four gangsters came over.

Chen Feng also looked at these guys curiously, the green hair headed by him, and immediately yelled, “What do you look at, carefully buckle your eyeballs.”

This unprovoked appearance of dominance made Chen Feng very upset. He didn’t need to be serious, so he glared at the other party even more.

On the contrary, the gangster who was seen was immediately scared.

He dodges Chen Feng and walks directly over.

But it seems that their purpose is the old man behind Qian Xueqiu.

“Old man, this month’s time has come again, can you consider paying it back?” the green-haired guy shouted.

This sounds like a story about loan sharking.

The cripple also pleaded: “Several guys, I really don’t have money, old man. If you still think there is anything valuable here, just take it.”

Lu Mao immediately became unhappy. He said, “Old man, don’t be like this. You took seven or eight thousand yuan to see a doctor for your son. Now the person has not returned, but you can’t even pay a dime. Jin, I haven’t taken it back up to now, and we are not living bodhisattvas. It would be very difficult for us to do it like you!”

Some surprises, it doesn’t sound like they are collecting usury.

Perhaps as a good person, he had already gone up to solve the problem for the cripple at this time, but Chen Feng was naturally not a good person.

But he didn’t expect that even Qian Xueqiu didn’t move. He just stood there, looking at the old man’s helpless look.

Chen Feng asked, “Why are you just watching.”

Qian Xueqiu smiled and said, “You are not the same.”

Chen Feng said: “I think I am not a bad person, so I won’t move, then you, don’t you think the same as mine.”

Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “I still believe that I am a good person. It is not a bad thing to stretch out a hand when you meet a poor person.”

Chen Feng said: “Then why are you standing here, seven or eight thousand is not a big number for you, so you can just give it to him directly.”

Qian Xueqiu still shook his head and said, “Not yet.”

Chen Feng immediately understood what he meant. He just wanted to see more things. It seemed that he was still a little bit unwilling to give up.

Lv Mao didn’t get what he wanted, and said dissatisfied: “If you continue to do this, we can only sell your house. If you don’t even have a place to live, you will continue to talk. Trouble.”

But this threat was very weightless, and the lame man said, “Anyway, I’m so old, and I can live for a few years. Anyway, I’m going to die. If I die earlier, I can still see my hard-working son.”

Lu Mao’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t even use his hands when he encountered such a confused person.

He angrily said, “Do you really think I dare not sell your house?”

The cripple replied naturally: “No.”

Lu Mao immediately got anxious and really wanted to come up and hit him, but the two companions beside him still stopped him, and said, “He looks like this, if you beat him to death, it will be a lawsuit. .”

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