Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1046

It seemed that because of what he had thought of, the old man became even more lonely. He said, “Maybe it happened because I forgot her.”

But as he said, he waved his hand and said, “These are all things in the past.”

However, the two of Chen Feng can still see the sadness in his eyes, which cannot be completely wiped away because of time, and naturally they will not mention these things again.

Returning to the hosta again, the old man said, “Since you found me with this hosta, then you have something to ask me.”

It seems that Aji didn’t lie about this matter, but at least he would not be the omnipotent person.

And since he is not the omnipotent person, what role does this hosta have, even knowing that his martial arts is very high, can it be higher than the master, Qian Xueqiu is the head of the thousand family, if he can’t even There may not be too many people who can do it.

So Qian Xueqiu looked at Chen Feng, he didn’t need to use this requirement.

But for Chen Feng, he has a problem.

He thought for a while and said, “Senior, I don’t know that you used Huang Hui’s knife technique back then.”

The Huang Hui mentioned by Chen Feng is a celebrity in the martial arts world. With a set of self-made swordsmanship, he directly broke a grandmaster at the time, and then successfully took over as the grandmaster. The sword technique is also imitated and learned by many people, but this sword technique has never been leaked.

The old man nodded and said, “Unexpectedly, there are still people who know this knife technique now.”

It’s also because no one has ever really seen it. With the passing of Huang Hui, fewer people can see this set of swordsmanship.

However, Chen Feng had seen it in a certain book.

After receiving confirmation, Chen Feng just said, “Can you teach me this set of sword techniques?”

This question is not a good question, or even a bit offensive. Although Chen Feng can make a request, it is not polite to think of other people’s secrets.

Chen Feng is not ignorant, but he still said.

The old man looked at Chen Feng and was silent for a while, but his face didn’t seem to show any anger.

Chen Feng also seemed to have guessed the old man’s reaction long ago, so he was very relaxed.

The old man sighed: “This set of swordsmanship really needs to be passed down.”

Chen Feng didn’t make any statement. He knew that even if he said something, it’s irrelevant. If the old man is willing, the sword technique can be passed on. If he disagrees, Chen Feng will not lose anything. As usual.

Leaving this dilapidated house, the two did not take anything with him, nor did Chen Feng take his swordsmanship. Even Qian Xueqiu’s proposal to let the old man go to Qianjia was rejected.

Despite this, the two did not have any dissatisfaction.

Between the sky and the earth, the fallen leaves are scattered, and the street trees on both sides are falling and sprinkling countless pine needles.

The young man who had met Snow Wolf in the Octagonal Pavilion was walking on this road at this time, with a woman following him.

The woman is not someone else, she is Qian’er who has been married to Chen Feng twice.

“You asked me to come here. It’s hard to say that you want to confess to me. Such a good venue is indeed a very good confession venue.” Qian’er said jokingly.

The young man walking beside Qian’er is also dressed in white at this time. He looks delicate and looks more sunny when he smiles. He whispered: “It turns out that Ms. Qian’er has already seen what I think in my heart. I’m really upset. How can I make the exit.”

Qian’er was also taken aback. She didn’t expect that she would just say it casually, and actually let her say something.

“You won’t really be…” She sneered, “But unfortunately, you are not the type I like.”

The young man also gave a wry smile and said, “Ms. Qian’er is really not cute at all. She just wanted to tease, but she didn’t expect Miss Qian’er to refuse so directly.”

Even if the young man said that, Qian’er didn’t show any improvement in her face because of this explanation, or even worse. She said coldly, “I am really not too cute.”

Now it was his turn to be astonished, but it seemed that Qian’er was really serious.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it.” He didn’t want to make the relationship between the two stiff before the conversation started.

But Qian’er smiled suddenly, letting him know that it was also a joke.

“Unexpectedly, I was also deceived.” He chuckled lightly.

Qian’er looked at his smiling face and said, “Now I like you a little bit.”

The young man waved his hand and said, “Miss Qian’er, don’t make fun of me.”

Qian’er said, “I’m serious, and it’s awkward for you to call me that way. Just call me Qian’er. By the way, I just call you Zheyue, but I don’t know what your full name is. Woolen cloth?”

The young man said: “Qian’er is a little…, Qian’er, my surname is Ye, Ye of Ye. Ye Zheyue is my name.”

Qian’er murmured, and also wrote down the name, and then said: “Okay, now I can be considered to know you, what did you want to do when you came here?”

Ye Zheyue still kept smiling, always looking so sunny.

He said, “Just ask Qianer a few questions.”

Qian’er said: “What’s the problem? But I tell you, not everything I will tell you.”

Ye Zheyue said, “Qian’er only needs to say what you are willing to say.”

Qian’er also chuckled and looked at him.

Ye Zheyue continued: “I heard that Qian’er was once caught by a thousand family?”

Many Molang knew about this matter, and Qianer had nothing to hide, so she nodded.

Ye Zheyue continued to ask, “But Qian’er was released afterwards, and only said that she sneaked out. Is this true?”

When asked about this, Qian’er became a little serious, and the process was not a memorable memory for her.

She said, “The truth is what I said. If you don’t believe it, you can investigate it yourself.”

Ye Zheyue knew that Qian’er must be able to hide something, because her mood changed so quickly that she didn’t even need any suspicion, she could see it at a glance.

But Qian’er was reluctant to say. He had no way to force him, so he could only change the subject and said, “I’m just a little curious, so naturally I can’t really investigate anything. It’s just like asking Qian’er if she did it during that time. I’ve been in contact with someone from Qian’s family, I think with Qian’er’s ability, it’s not that easy to get caught.”

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