Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1047

Qian’er knew something about the man in front of him. Although she had only heard about it from Xuelang, she knew that he hated Qianxun Sword extremely.

It’s just that he can’t see anything with such an indifferent expression now, and he would never even think that there will be such a hateful thing on his body.

But the things buried deep in my heart can only be discovered when they are fragile, but Qian’er is not interested in what this man hides. She finds many interesting things, but she can’t know everything.

Qian’er laughed suddenly, like a lotus flower in full bloom, from the flower bone to maturity, such a seductive smile, but with a touch of charm in it, the slippery shoulders exposed in the air, even more Under the bright and dark light, it is constantly attracting people’s eyes.

“Do you want to get information from here to deal with those thousands of families?”

Although Ye Zheyue had already put her children’s love behind her head, she was still a little drunk when she saw this scene. Even Qian’er was stunned when he talked to him before reacting.

“Knowing yourself and the enemy can only think of a better way.”

Qian’er said, “Actually, the person who caught me was the current Patriarch of the Qian Family, Qian Xueqiu.”

Ye Zheyue curiously said, “Actually, I am very curious about him and have been studying this person. He is very good.”

Qian’er smiled and said, “If he is not very powerful, how could he catch me, and how could he be the head of a thousand families.”

Ye Zheyue nodded and said, “It is true, but this is not all of him. From the side door of a thousand families to the head of a thousand families, and even a person who has no martial arts sitting in this position, it seems that there are things that are not what we imagined. As simple as that.”

Qian’er also got serious and said, “What do you suspect?”

Ye Zheyue said: “Molang knew about Qianxunyi’s struggle against Qianjia after his death, and even forced Qianjia to a dead end, and had to look for Qianxuejian. I even suspect that Qianxueqiu is planning.”

Qian’er had never thought about this possibility before, because no one could plan to put herself in a desperate situation. If something goes beyond expectations, the most likely possibility is to die directly.

She shook her head and whispered softly, “This is impossible. No matter how powerful he is, it is impossible to even count our thoughts in it. This is all planned by the master alone. Could it be that his elders will also be counted in.”

Ye Zheyue just shook her head, he didn’t say anything, because this was a terrible thing.

But he didn’t strip this idea from his mind either.

Separated from Qian’er, he went to a bar.

Someone is already waiting for him.

“How’s the plan?” The man handed a glass of clear water to Ye Zheyue, because he knew that this man never drinks.

Ye Zheyue separated the two women and sat in by herself.

Although he doesn’t talk about feelings, it doesn’t mean he can’t play with women.

With both hands resting on the woman’s soft fragrant shoulders, he also remembered Qian’er’s daytime smile, which really made him dazzled.

After gently touching and feeling the smoothness of the woman’s skin, he said to the man beside him: “The people of the desert wolf didn’t doubt me.”

“That’s good.”

But Ye Zheyue shook her head and said, “But things are not as simple as I thought. Molang is not just what Molang looks like.”

The companion asked in surprise: “What do you mean?”

Ye Zheyue said: “There are actually people behind Mowolf, and it is still a mysterious force. I have been in for so long, but nothing has been revealed. Even their wolf owner, Master Zhao, is just a puppet. ”

The companion was surprised, just watching Ye Zheyue’s woman next to him, and while he was talking, he also enjoyed being in the soft jade fragrance of this woman.

“This will not have any effect on our opportunities, right.”

Ye Zheyue ate a grape and said vaguely, “There will be no problem.”

And since Ye Zheyue said so, it shouldn’t be a problem. In his image, Ye Zheyue has never failed, and if he fails, he might have died long ago.


Suddenly Ye Zheyue stopped to play with the woman beside her, looking coldly at the darkness beside her.

“It’s you!” Although she hadn’t seen the figure clearly, Ye Zheyue had already recognized Xiao Hei just with a hood.

“You will really enjoy it.” Xiao Hei said with Ye Zheyue jokingly.

The appearance of black also made Ye Zheyue’s companion very vigilant.

Ye Zheyue gently patted the women on the back, and said to them, “You go first.”

Seeing this person who suddenly appeared and disturbed them and Ye Zheyue, he seemed to have a grudge on his face, and stood up reluctantly to prepare to leave.

Ye Zheyue patted their PG lightly as comfort.

When the two women left, Ye Zheyue said in a cold voice, “I have seen you several times, but every time I just broke up, what are you doing here?”

Hei laughed, and said, “Is it just because I disturbed you to be happy, even talking became so irritable.”

Ye Zheyue looked colder, and said, “If you just come to tease me, you can only forgive me for not being here with you.”

As he said, he wanted to leave.

Hei then said, “I heard what I said just now. Don’t you be afraid that I will inform the people of Molang.”

Ye Zheyue turned her head, staring at the black, and said, “If you want to go, just go as much as you want. I won’t stop you.”

Hei laughed himself too, but he didn’t intend to use such a crappy threat to coerce Ye Zheyue.

“just joking.”

Ye Zheyue said coldly, “I don’t have time to joke with you.”

Hei waved his hand and said, “Then I won’t tell you anything else.”

He walked to the seat next to Ye Zheyue and sat down, and then said, “I’ll still talk to you about cooperation.”

Ye Zheyue said, “I also said that it’s impossible.”

Hei said, “I can make concessions. I don’t need that part of the treasure, as long as you can keep the Mowolf people trapped in it.”

Ye Zheyue still shook her head and said, “I will never betray Mowolf for the time being, so no matter how much you make concessions in your affairs, there is absolutely no possibility of cooperation.”

It’s not the first time Hei has come to persuade him, but every time it is this resolute attitude.

He shook his head and said suddenly, “If that’s the case, I can’t blame me.”

After speaking, he suddenly made a move, which Ye Zheyue did not expect, but the companion beside him had already rushed up.

“You go first, I’ll stop him.” He said to Ye Zheyue.

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