Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1048

Ye Zheyue just glanced at him, then glanced over at the black that was stopped by him, and he nodded in response: “Okay.”

But Hei naturally wouldn’t let him leave like this, and hurriedly waved the dagger in his hand to catch up.

But the guy in front of him was also a good player, and he directly blocked his pursuit route with a fist. It was just a mistake that caused the black hard to take this trick, and the internal organs were like a mountain and a sea, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

He didn’t expect that only the guy beside Ye Zheyue had such strength, he was indeed underestimating the enemy just now.

With the right mentality, she ignored Ye Zheyue, who had fled, and just looked at the burly man in front of her with all her strength.

Ye Zheyue ran away all the way, naturally he still fleeed towards the place where Molang was, where Hei Dae didn’t dare to do it again.

However, as soon as he walked on a quiet road, a black figure rushed past him, and then stopped in front of him.

This figure is naturally black.

And Hei is here now, which means that his companion is dead.

Ye Zheyue stood there, just looking at him indifferently.

Hei said: “Now you can no longer agree to anything, and this ending is not what I want to see, it is really regrettable.”

Ye Zheyue said: “You thought early in the morning that if I didn’t agree, you would kill me.”

Black nodded.

Ye Zheyue said, “Why?”

Hei smiled and said: “You are a threat, and I don’t like the existence of any uncertain factors, which will cause some unimaginable developments in my plan.”

Ye Zheyue said: “This is just your excuse. You are afraid of me, so you will kill me next time.”

Hei sneered: “You can think about it, anyway, within a few seconds, you will also meet your companion.”

As he said, he slowly walked towards Ye Zheyue. The cold light in his hand was illuminated by the lights on the roadside, and it became even more gloomy, like a poisonous snake spitting out a letter, and the next bite would pierce the leaf. Zheyue’s heart.

But with a soft ding, Hei was forced to step back seven or eight steps, and his right wrist was also paralyzed by the shock just now.

He looked at Ye Zheyue in astonishment, and said, “You actually know martial arts.”

Ye Zheyue sneered and said, “Who told you I can’t martial arts, but you are the first to know, but you will be the last to know.”

After speaking, a black light shot directly at the black.

And Hei had to use his hands that were already numb to block this attack again.

But he really didn’t expect Ye Zheyue’s martial arts to be so high, just as soon as he touched it, he knew that even if he didn’t make a mistake at the beginning, he would not be Ye Zheyue’s opponent.

However, as Ye Zheyue said, he was dealing with the black with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling, so it was very difficult to carry the black, and the body was injured in several places in just a few minutes.

The street lights are really dim, and you can only see the faces of people a few meters away from standing below.

When Chen Feng and Qian Xueqiu came back, it was already dark.

Because he was afraid that Qian Xueqiu might be in trouble, Chen Feng could only send him back personally, and it was already later when he returned.

Naturally, no one was walking on the road, and the whole city fell into complete silence. Even if it was too noisy, there would still be a time to rest.

At this moment, Chen Feng was also a little tired, but there was a running sound not far away, and the sound of footsteps was very messy. What Chen Feng could imagine was just a tired running guy.

But Chen Feng didn’t care about what happened to this situation now, maybe it was just a group of gangsters.

But I didn’t expect that after only a few steps, the sound of footsteps got closer, as if running towards him.

And sure enough, he had already seen a figure from another road.

He ran away in an extremely embarrassed manner, and his appearance was worse than that of a drunk guy running, but naturally Chen Feng could still tell whether he was drunk or injured.

After a second glance, he was surprised.

The figure was familiar, like it was dark, but the light was really dim, and he only vaguely thought it was.

But after two more steps, he could confirm that it was the black guy.

Chen Feng also rushed over, but finally he didn’t hold up until Chen Feng chased him, so he fainted on the side of the road.

Chen Feng came to him and checked the injuries beside him. He was seriously injured. They were all cut with sharp weapons, and some of them were just not far from the fatal part. If it were there, He couldn’t In front of Chen Feng on the runway.

He wanted to shout black, but when he looked like he couldn’t wake up for a while, Chen Feng gave up his plan, but at this moment, there seemed to be some movement behind him. He immediately turned his head and inspected, but he clearly noticed something. But it was already empty.

Chen Feng just thought that he was wrong, after all, the most important thing at this time was still black.

The night passed very quietly, but for most ordinary people, there were still some people who did not enjoy the tranquility of the night.

If Chen Feng is considered one, then Ye Zheyue is also considered one.

He stood outside the door and kept watching the sun rise from the sky. He didn’t sleep all night, just thinking about dark things.

Hei didn’t die. This was something he hadn’t predicted. The guy actually chose to consume the essence of his body when he was most critical.

This kind of almost dead-finding method still caused his power to explode in a moment, and it was this moment that gave him a chance to escape.

Ye Zheyue was naturally unwilling to let him escape, but after the end, he found Chen Feng.

He had already exposed his strength in front of the black, so naturally he couldn’t be exposed in front of Chen Feng, and he didn’t have the confidence to deal with Chen Feng, so he could only choose to evade temporarily.

However, after leaving, I was still very worried. The more I felt that if Hei hadn’t died, he might be exposed. Although it only revealed the fact that he could martial arts, he could not even see the impact. clear.

After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to find a way to get rid of him before Hei Wei said it.

But what he didn’t know was that the dark situation was not optimistic.

Chen Feng sent him to a hospital related to Qianjia. After one night of treatment, although Hei’s life was saved, he was also in a deep coma. Whether he can wake up depends on God’s will.

Chen Feng was also helpless. It didn’t take long for this guy to say that he wanted Chen Feng to help him, but now he was lying here, and it even became difficult to wake up.

“How is he?” Qian Xueqiu asked.

Chen Feng just shook his head.

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