Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1050

This made Ye Zheyue more confused about the purpose of being brought here.

But doubt only exists in his heart, and he can’t reveal anything yet.

On the way, Snow Wolf said to him: “You must be wondering why I brought you here.”

Ye Zheyue shook her head and said, “Master Xuelang naturally has a plan. I just need to follow along, and there is nothing to be confused about.”

Xuelang smiled very satisfied. He liked that this young man was self-aware, at least steady.

He said, “It doesn’t matter if you are confused, after all, you have only come to Mowolf. Some things are not clear yet.”

Ye Zheyue said, “As long as Qianxun Jian can be dealt with, I don’t care about other things.”

Xue Lang said, “I like your determination very much, but if a person is just indulging in revenge, he will also be swallowed up by the desire for revenge, which will affect a person’s judgment, which is not good.”

Ye Zheyue nodded and thanked: “I see, thank you Master Xuelang for the suggestion.”

Humility is a kind of virtue, and Xuelang also likes that Ye Zheyue can accept the accusations of others humbly.

He thought for a while and said, “I don’t think their time will be too long.”

This naturally refers to the time when Taihao’s Secret Vault was opened, only half a month away from now.

While Chen Feng looked at the darkness on the bed, he estimated that he would not wake up again. After leaving the ward, he was a little thirsty and walked to the vending machine in the corridor.

A half-year-old child walked over, and he walked directly to Chen Feng. Chen Feng was also curious. Looking at him, the child said, “This is for you.”

Chen Feng looked at a note in his hand, he picked it up curiously, and the child ran away immediately.

Chen Feng looked at the thing in his hand, and he opened the note, with a simple word on it, “Dish”. And only Fluttershy was related to him, and he immediately became nervous.

Looking at the place where the kid ran just now, he immediately chased it out.

Standing at the door of the hospital, among the crowd, he immediately locked a man looking at him, and Chen Feng intuitively felt that he was him.

After seeing Chen Feng again, the man turned around and left, and Chen Feng hurried to catch up.

But it seemed unpleasant, but after catching up, I realized that the speed was always a little bit worse, and the distance between the two was always that far.

Finally, the man stopped by the remote woodland.

In the woods on the side, there were bird calls from time to time. Chen Feng looked at him and asked, “What happened to you Xiaodie?”

“Don’t worry, she’s fine.” The person said lightly, “But the premise is that you can stay here for a while.”

Chen Feng immediately awoke, the person he was dealing with was still black.

“Someone went to the hospital? You have to attack him.” Chen Feng asked.

The man nodded, without any intention to hide, and then said, “Did he tell you something?”

Chen Feng knew that the other party was still suspicious of him. He said, “What did you tell?”

The human said: “You don’t seem to know.”

Chen Feng said, “I just know what I should know.”

The man stopped talking, looking at Chen Feng, it seemed that he was about to act on Chen Feng at any time, and Chen Feng was also on guard.

Chen Feng didn’t worry about the hospital, Qianxun Qian stayed there, and most people didn’t have the ability to break through the protection of a grandmaster, but he was afraid that they would do to Xiaodie.

Ye Zheyue was also thinking about whether to do anything to Chen Feng.

If he really wants to do it, it will naturally kill him with one blow. Chen Feng must not be allowed to escape, otherwise it will be meaningless. What he is afraid of is what Chen Feng knows.

But he also knew that Chen Feng had a good relationship with the Qian family, and even in dealing with Molang, Chen Feng spared no effort, even Chen Feng’s strength and background made him still have some expectations for Chen Feng, wait until the Molang matter is resolved, He can even become friends with Chen Feng.

But now he must make choices.

After thinking about it, he decided to do it. Even the best plan will have loopholes. What he values ​​is the current situation. If there is a problem, it will naturally need to be solved.

Chen Feng was also strange, but since the opponent made a move, he couldn’t avoid it either.

The two rushed together quickly.

With just one punch, both sides backed away.

Chen Feng exclaimed, he was indeed the one who was able to severely wound the black.

Ye Zheyue was also surprised, he was very confident in himself, even more so with the punch just now, but after the relative, he couldn’t even hurt Chen Feng.

He had to think about other possibilities.

“You are great,” Ye Zheyue said.

Only he himself knew Chen Feng’s pain. Just now he used the power of Huajin to unload most of the opponent’s strength to his body, but even so, his entire hand has been paralyzed, and his body is more like being rolled by a wheel. The same uncomfortable.

Chen Feng said flatly: “You are also very good.”

Ye Zheyue said: “But you are not my opponent.”

Chen Feng said: “I know.”

The conversation between the two seemed to have sentenced Chen Feng to death, but now that the other party had spoken out, then Chen Feng could no longer die.

Chen Feng said: “But you can’t use your best. If that’s the case, you can’t kill me.”

Ye Zheyue didn’t expect Chen Feng to see that he had retained his strength, but it was not that he looked down on Chen Feng, but that he had to do so.

At the moment he did it, he suddenly realized that not only the two of them were nearby, but there were also people hiding in the dark.

And the strength he hid was to prevent that person from suddenly making a move. He thought about it, and if he continues to stay here, he can’t kill Chen Feng, so he said, “I won’t take your life for the time being. . But I think we will meet again soon.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

Chen Feng didn’t have the ability to chase him anymore, standing there, watching him disappear before his eyes.

In the hospital, Hei was still lying peacefully on the bed. The whole hospital was quiet and nothing happened.

Chen Feng deliberately asked Qianxunqian, but he shook his head and said that everything was normal. He felt a little strange. He didn’t know why the other party didn’t do it. He thought about it, maybe they found the danger.

But think about it, if they really do it, maybe there will be a few more corpses lying in front of the bed now.

Leaving the hospital, Chen Feng was worried about Xiaodie, and immediately transferred to the car to find Xiaodie.

But when I returned to the hotel, I found that Xiaodie was fine.

After Chen Feng repeatedly confirmed, Xiaodie just shook his head.

Chen Feng could only smile bitterly, and the other party was shocked by only a piece of paper.

Looking at his strange expression, Xiaodie asked a few questions with concern, Chen Feng shook his head, Xiaodie was fine, he was still relieved a lot.

At least the black matter came to an end, but after the next day, Chen Feng was notified that the black was killed.

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