Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1051

It’s like an incomprehensible joke, boring, but funny.

“Under the protection of a grandmaster, he was actually killed.” Chen Feng asked incredulously.

Qian Xueqiu was much calmer than Chen Feng. He said, “Uncle Qian was not here when the other party killed someone.”

Chen Feng asked puzzledly: “Why, didn’t you let him stay here forever?”

Qian Xueqiu said, “Because the Mowolf people want to do something to me, so Uncle Qian also has no choice but to rush back. This incident is too coincidental, so I think that the people who killed Hei may be the people who killed the Heilang. Only they will pay such attention to me.”

Chen Feng has nothing to say. Even if Hei’s life is very important, but in front of Qian Xueqiu, the Patriarch of the Qian Family, it is naturally incomparable. Chen Feng cannot refute Qian Xun Qian’s behavior, and even feels about his own anger. Guilty.

But if it were Molang’s people, just the powerful guy he had just met yesterday was enough to make him feel oppressed, but Chen Feng had not seen him before.

Maybe it’s just because he doesn’t have a complete understanding of Molang either.

This kind of thing shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, but it is not the same for Chen Feng.

He’s dead, and he must be the next target, and now that Molang is still involved, his head feels like it’s going to explode.

It has already happened, and he can’t do anything about it.

Qian Xueqiu said, “Now that Molang has arrived in Suzhou, you have to be careful yourself.”

Chen Feng glanced at him gratefully.

After leaving the hospital, he was actually not so angry about Hei’s death, because his relationship with Hei was so average that he was not even a friend, but he was only angry because his death was on his own eyelids. Next, this is beyond his tolerance.

This kind of provocation was like hitting him directly in the face, slapped twice in front of his face.

The pain is not only on the face, but also on the spirit.

And it’s not just Chen Feng that bothers, but Ye Zheyue is also the same.

He did kill Hei, but at the same time Mo Wolf was also alarmed. He used Mo Wolf to transfer Qian Hun Ken away, and in the face of a master like Qian Hun Ken, he would never be intact.

The responsibility of the few people who died naturally fell on Ye Zheyue.

He had already thought about a countermeasure all the way, but until he reached the pavilion, he didn’t seem to think of a good reason to explain to Snow Wolf.

Snow Wolf saw Ye Zheyue coming over, and said with a smile, “Sit down.”

Ye Zheyue sneaked a glance at Xue Lang’s face, not tepid, and could not see any dissatisfaction.

Although he couldn’t see much, Ye Zheyue knew that Xuelang was not the kind of person who would put his thoughts on his face. Perhaps in the bottom of his heart, he had already sentenced Ye Zheyue to death.

Xuelang handed a tea cup filled with tea to Ye Zheyue, and said, “Taste it. This is a new batch of black tea I got. It tastes pretty good.”

Ye Zheyue glanced at the snow wolf, smiled and took the cup he handed over. After thanking the snow wolf first, she took a sip and said, “It is indeed a good tea, the taste is fragrant, and the aftertaste is endless.”

Snow Wolf also smiled heartily. He said, “Drinking tea requires heart. Only by tasting with heart can you know the beauty of tea.”

Ye Zheyue probably guessed what Xuelang meant, but he was just silent.

Xuelang said again: “You are in a restless mood now, it is impossible to really drink this tea well. If you are because of what happened last night, you don’t need to have any grudges. Since you are doing it, you will naturally have something Win or lose, and opportunity? It’s fleeting.”

Ye Zheyue said: “My lord said that I was anxious about what happened last night. I thought that Qianxun Qian was not by Qian Xueqiu’s side, it was the best opportunity.”

Xue Lang smiled, the smile was so plain, Ye Zheyue couldn’t even see what he really meant.

“It’s really anxious, but you are also kind. Just think about it before doing it next time.”

Ye Zheyue nodded and responded, and Xuelang said, “Okay, if you have something to do, do your thing. I call you over, just to remind you.”

Ye Zheyue nodded and left the pavilion.

The Xuelang himself was left sitting there drinking tea, and at this moment, a figure fell from the top of the pavilion.

“Have you heard?” Xue Lang asked Xiang Qian’er.

Qian’er nodded and walked to the snow wolf and sat down. She said, “But she didn’t seem to hear anything.”

Xue Lang laughed and said, “He didn’t say anything, so naturally you didn’t hear anything.”

Qian’er was puzzled: “Why would the master start to doubt him? Didn’t you think of him very much before?”

Xue Lang said: “If he is an obedient dog, I would naturally admire him, but when he wants to do something with his owner, that is when he has to give up.”

Qian’er said, “Is it just because he caused several of Molang’s disciples to die in Thousand House Villas?”

Xue Lang looked at Qian’er, and said in a lesson: “You have been with me for so long, don’t you see anything?”

Qian’er was also apologetic, but she really didn’t see anything, and she could only lower her head feebly.

“Also ask the teacher for advice.” She said respectfully.

Xue Lang did not continue to reprimand, but said in a cold tone: “If a person is only looking at his purpose, then the most important thing to see is to know what he did. He is not looking at what he said.

From his beginning to Molang, I sent someone to investigate him. ”

Qian’er said in surprise: “So the master didn’t believe him from the beginning.”

Xue Lang shook his head and said, “It’s not that I didn’t believe him, but that I was basically vigilant.”

Qian’er let out a cry and said, “What did the master find out? He came to Molang for another purpose?”

Xuelang said: “But after the investigation, as he said, he is an orphan whose parents were killed by Qianxun Sword.

Qian’er wondered: “If that’s the case, why does the master still doubt him?”

Xue Lang looked at Qian’er helplessly, and said, “You, you, how can you think of things so simple. If he really came down from Qingcheng Mountain, then why would he never mention things in the mountains or even do things? His style is also insidious, without the casualness of the Qingcheng Mountain disciple.”

Qian’er didn’t think this would be a problem. She said, “But if his nature is like this, and the things of nature can’t be completely compensated by education.”

Xue Lang said, “I know it naturally, but this doesn’t prevent me from doubting him. Be cautious. I have told you this many times, but you never take it to heart.”

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