Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1052

Qian’er also knew that she hadn’t really thought about it too much, so she had to say, “Then the master thinks why he entered Molang.”

Xuelang said: “He is very careful, he never showed any horse feet. Last time I took him to the Sea Lion Tower, he did not do anything out of the ordinary. Even the basic curiosity was well restrained. .”

Qian’er said: “That may just mean that his purpose is not the Sea Lion Tower.”

Xue Lang said: “But to be able to make him so restrained, that even more shows that what he is planning is not a trivial matter. We need to be careful.”

Qian’er said, “What does the master want to do?”

Xue Lang said: “I want you to approach him and figure out his purpose.”

Qian’er was surprised: “Let me do it? But even the master is not easy to see things, I don’t think I have this confidence.”

Xuelang suddenly looked cold, and said, “This is not a discussion with you, but an order.”

Qian’er didn’t dare to really offend Snow Wolf. Although they had the status of master and apprentice, there were not a few disciples who died in Snow Wolf’s own hands. Qian’er respectfully agreed.

Xuelang was still quite satisfied. He took another sip of black tea and closed his eyes contentedly.

Seeing this, Qian’er left the pavilion by herself.

After she left, after thinking about it, she went directly to Ye Zheyue.

It seems that Ye Zheyue is also waiting for her. After Qian’er passed by, he was just sitting on the bench and reading a book.

“Do you know I will come?” Qian’er said as she walked to Ye Zheyue’s side.

But Ye Zheyue shook her head and said, “I didn’t know, I just thought someone might come, but I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Qian’er was here to find him, and there was no need to cover up. She sat next to Ye Zheyue and said, “Do you know someone will come to you?”

Ye Zheyue did not answer, but asked, “You came from Lord Xuelang?”

Qian’er is a little bit powerless, she feels like she has seen through all her plans with just one sentence, and even the purpose of coming here is very clear.

But she didn’t give up, she still said stiffly, “Is there any problem? I did come from there.”

Ye Zheyue shook her head and said, “I’m just curious. But I don’t know why Qian’er came to me?”

Qian’er had already figured out what to say as early as her way here. She asked, “What is the purpose behind your doing that last night?”

When asked about this, Ye Zheyue was surprised. He said, “I don’t know why Qian’er asked this. I naturally wanted to deal with Qianjia.”

Qian’er shook her head and said, “You are not trying to deal with Qianjia. From what I think of you, you can’t imagine that this is very likely to fail. You are a smart person, so you won’t do stupid things.”

Ye Zheyue smiled, and he said, “I’m very happy to hear Qian’er’s praise, but no matter how clever the calculation is, I may fail. Even if I am smart, there are still people smarter than me. For example, that Patriarch of a thousand families.”

Qian’er was silent, she knew that Qian Xueqiu was also a smart person, and just as Ye Zheyue said, between two smart people, there will always be someone who fails.

Ye Zheyue added: “If Qian’er really thinks I have any other intentions, then I can tell Qian’er that there are indeed other ideas in it.”

Qian’er was also taken aback for a moment. She looked at Ye Zheyue and asked, “What do you think?”

Ye Zheyue said: “Last night, I did know that Qianxunqian was not by Qianxueqiu’s side, so I did it, but I didn’t expect them to drag Qianxueqiu back and let Qianxueqiu get his life back.

But this also let me know one thing, Qian Xueqiu is indeed a guy without martial arts. ”

Qian’er was puzzled: “Is this your idea?”

Ye Zheyue said, “Isn’t this a very important message?”

Qian’er said: “But we have known this information for a long time, and you don’t need to do it many times.”

Ye Zheyue shook his head and put the book in his hand aside. He raised the corner of his mouth and said with a chuckle: “This is not an unnecessary move. Molang knows that Qian Xueqiu has no martial arts, but no one has ever seen it, or even annihilated it. In the process of Qianjia, no one has ever seen him make a move.”

“This is not proof that he is an ordinary person.”

“This can only mean that he didn’t make a move. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to martial arts.”

“What do you mean?” Qian’er was even more puzzled.

Ye Zheyue said: “Just like me, I told you that I don’t know martial arts, and you have never seen me make martial arts, so naturally you believe that I can’t martial arts, but if I am actually a martial arts very powerful People, that everything is pretended to be, you won’t be surprised if you are.”

Qian’er looked at him suspiciously, and asked, “Will you be or not?”

Ye Zheyue smiled bitterly and said, “Naturally I won’t, but this doesn’t mean Qian Xueqiu won’t either. Therefore, I also specially let people observe him during the temptation last night. In a life-threatening situation, He still doesn’t have any reaction from martial arts practitioners. So now I am even more convinced of the fact that he does not know martial arts.”

Qian’er was a little confused and walked around for a long time, but what she got was a fact that had been confirmed.

“Do you think this is important?” Qian’er asked.

Ye Zheyue nodded seriously: “This is very important. At least it can increase the success rate of our plan by a few percent.”

Qian’er is not a stupid person, she can understand Ye Zheyue’s thoughts, but she also thinks that Ye Zheyue is too cautious, and it seems that such efforts are in vain.

But these are not what she wants to hear, she said: “I can’t comment on your caution, but you must be hiding something.”

Ye Zheyue looked at Qian’er directly, he also knew Qian’er’s purpose here, and even knew that this was what Snow Wolf asked her to do, but he didn’t expect Qian’er to be very direct.

He said: “If Qian’er still doubts something, it’s best to show evidence, otherwise I don’t even know how to defend. I can’t convict me because of Qian’er’s feelings. I’m afraid that even Master Xuelang won’t I agree.”

Qian’er felt a failure, but this was just a test, a very direct test.

And for a long time, she can always find this guy’s feet.

“You can wait, and I will find something, I hope you can hide it better.” After she said, there is no need to stay here.

Get up and leave, the wind and fire come over, and it is also the wind and fire to leave.

Ye Zheyue sat there, picked up the red book on the bench again, turned to the place he had read before, and read it again.

His mood is irritable, but reading is the best way to relieve a person’s inner restlessness.

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