Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1053

It took an hour before he closed the book and walked outside.

I got in a car, drove it, and drove to the center of Suzhou City, the most prosperous place.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a clubhouse, he handed the key to the waiter, and walked directly in.

Taking a look at the direction, he walked inside, where there was a private room, and someone was waiting for him in it.

Pushing open the door, he smelled a faint fragrance of perfume, he took a deep scent, he liked the smell, it would make him feel intoxicated.

The owner who opened the private room seemed to know his hobbies. Apart from the three men, all those sitting on the sofa were barely dressed young women.

Only in this kind of breath can he really calm down. He smiled and walked to the side of a very beautiful woman.

He knew this woman and had seen it several times, but had never been in bed. He didn’t like to do boring things, which would make him feel like a waste of time.

And seeing Ye Zheyue come over is the handsome and sunny face. As a woman, she won’t feel disgusted at all. She even prefers to be close to him. It’s just that she has never been so intimacy and makes women feel attractive about her. Lack of self-confidence.

But apart from that, the woman was still very happy to see Ye Zheyue. She smiled and said, “Ye Shao, Xinxin has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Ye Zheyue laughed too. His smile was charming and warm, and Xinxin looked very drunk. He said, “I was wrong, and beauty shouldn’t be allowed to wait.”

One of the three men sitting immediately smiled with a bald head: “Ye Shao meant that it doesn’t matter if we wait.”

Ye Zheyue didn’t say anything. After he sat down, he put Xinxin in his arms and put one hand on Xinxin’s waist.

And Xinxin intimately attached herself to Ye Zheyue’s body.

But liking it does not mean that Ye Zheyue has forgotten the purpose of coming here. He looked at the bald head just now and said, “I think with the manner of Hall Master Li Qing, I shouldn’t blame me for such a small person.”

This bald head is Li Qing, the head of the Hall of Enthusiasm in the Sea Lion Tower, and the other two are also the hall owners of the Sea Lion Tower. Although the three of them came here, they knew that they were meeting with Ye Zheyue, but they were still a little surprised.

Since the last meeting, Ye Zheyue immediately contacted people and began to hook up with the hall masters of the Sea Lion Tower.

Li Qing said: “Ye Shao can invite the Tianji old man from Qingcheng Mountain to connect for you. Even if we don’t have eyesight, we won’t treat Ye Shao as an ordinary little person.”

Ye Zheyue gently squeezed Xinxin’s waist, causing Xinxin to laugh. He also laughed: “The old man Tianji was only willing to match me up because he was helped several times by me. If you say As far as I am concerned, it is still not worth mentioning.”

There is no point in being modest here. Li Qing still wanted to know what Ye Zheyue wanted to do when he found them. He asked, “Don’t say who Ye Shao is, but what makes us not understand is that since Ye Shao has taken refuge in Molang, now secretly contacting us, does Ye Shao have any plans, but I don’t know who he is targeting.”

Ye Zheyue didn’t mean anything. He said, “Since we have met, I think you all know my sincerity, and my purpose is very simple. It is the Buddha lotus seed in Molang’s hands.”

Ye Zheyue did not explain this unfamiliar word, because he believed that the few in front of him must know what it was.

The expressions of Li Qing and those two immediately became serious, and Li Qing said, “Ye Shao, is this not a joke?”

Ye Zheyue smiled and said, “Since I have all come to meet the three of you, there are naturally some jokes there. If the three of you go out and tell me what I have said, I think Molang will definitely not let me go.”

Li Qing only laughed twice. Although he believed that Ye Zheyue was not joking, he hoped it was just a joke.

Li Qing thought for a while, then glanced at Ye Zheyue, and Ye Zheyue looked relaxed, the hand that was originally placed on the woman’s waist had long shifted direction.

He didn’t know why Ye Zheyue could say such words so relaxedly.

He said: “The three of us have been blessed by the old man of Tianji. He told us that we must help Ye Shao with all our strength. We are unwilling to defy the old man of Tianji, but it might not be that simple to take away the Buddha lotus seed. .”

Ye Zheyue then moved her gaze away from Xinxin. He said, “I know that things are not that simple, but you don’t need to be so nervous. If you go together, it may not be his opponent.”

Hearing this, the three of them immediately breathed a sigh of relief. If they were really going to fight Snow Wolf, it would be no different from dying.

Li Qing asked curiously, “Then I don’t know what Ye Shao did to find us?”

Ye Zheyue said: “Taihao’s secret store is about to be opened, and the old Snow Wolf will go in by itself. And I know that the Sea Lion Tower is very familiar with some of the institutions in the secret store, so I hope that I can touch that thing by then. Some institutions. It’s best to never get out.”

Li Qing still hesitated. Although he didn’t know how Ye Zheyue knew about the Mixin in the Sea Lion Tower, he didn’t think much about his relationship with the old man Tianji. What made him hesitate was to let him It seems that Snow Wolf’s contact with those organs is not a simple matter.

However, this is definitely much simpler than having them fight directly against Snow Wolf.

Li Qing said: “We don’t dare to promise Ye Shao anything, but the old man Tianji is kind to us. We will do our best for this matter.”

Ye Zheyue laughed, and he said, “Then I will wait for the opening of the Taihao Secret Vault, and I will wait for your good news outside.”

Li Qing said in surprise, “Isn’t Ye Shao ready to go in?”

Ye Zheyue smiled and said, “I am such an ordinary person, so don’t go in and join in the fun.”

Li Qing didn’t quite believe Ye Zheyue’s words, but looking at the young man holding the woman, he really couldn’t see any traces of Ye Zheyue’s martial arts training. She was just as thin as a woman.

It’s a pity that women nowadays all like this. The beautiful woman in his arms seems to be happy to play with Ye Zheyue. There is no unwillingness to look at her expression. It seems to be better than Ye Zhe. In the past month, it is even more enjoyable.

But Li Qing can’t manage this kind of thing, he can only think about how to design the Snow Wolf in the Taihao Secret Store.

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