Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1057

What he was talking about was naturally about Molang’s attack on the old house of Qianjia.

Wu Liuren pondered in silence. Since even Qian Xueqiu has already confirmed this fact, he knows more than an outsider like him. He also looked a little dignified and said, “So, the Sea Lion Tower might be in secret. Being in Tibet is not good for you?”

Qian Xueqiu said: “I do have this hunch. After all, Hidden is the Sea Lion House who has been taking care of it. They know more about the possible situation inside than anyone else. If they really want to attack us, it may be very difficult to enter it this time. We are also worried about the danger.”

Wu Liuren worried: “Why don’t you think about giving up? If you break a few masters, it will be a big loss for Qianjia.”

Wu Liuren’s meaning is very simple. Wealth will never be less. If you lose a few people, it will be much more regrettable than those wealth.

However, Qian Xueqiu also has his own considerations. He said: “Although there is indeed a danger, after all, we are also carrying Uncle Qian, and if we are afraid of this, instead we are caught by the schemes of the Mowolf. They originally hoped. We can quit.”

Wu Liuren was not good at persuading, but he was still a little worried. He just said, “If this is the case, you have to be more careful. It’s just that the Wu family who entered this time is just a peak of transformation and may not help much.”

Qian Xueqiu smiled and shook his head. He said, “Uncle Wu is polite. This incident shouldn’t have affected the Wu family. This is a matter between us and Molang.”

Wu Liuren didn’t say much any more, but just talked about the direction of the two cooperation, and then separated, because watching the time, almost the people in the Sea Lion Tower will also come out.

The sea lion building for the reception was naturally arranged long ago, but there is still a shortage of manpower, and the entire venue looks a bit chaotic, but fortunately, these people know that today’s affairs are very important and cannot be messed up, so even if they are dissatisfied, they are still pressured. In my heart.

It was the people who passed to the Sea Lion Tower quietly.

Naturally, it is not possible to receive hundreds of people indoors, so everyone sits in the courtyard outside, with a white seat for one person.

It was divided into two sides, and the aisle left in the middle allowed people to walk in and out. After a while, they were basically all seated. They were seated separately according to the numbers they received, but they were also very clear.

Not long after sitting down, a few people walked by the podium in front, all dressed in long gowns, but without braids, otherwise they thought they had come to the old society.

They looked serious, unsmiling, and seemed to regard the arrival of so many people as a very important matter.

But maybe they didn’t actually think about it that way.

The first one came forward and said something about the purpose of this time, but most of them were just clichés, but just for the prosperity of the martial arts world, for this time the remnants of thousands of years left to renew the world, etc., so Everyone must work together.

The people who came were all pretending to be ghosts, and basically treated these words as nonsense, but the scene still had to be passed, and naturally it was impossible for someone to stand up and let him go and stop talking nonsense.

It had been like this for half an hour before someone came over to inform Qian Xueqiu that he could take out the gift emperor Taihao.

The opening of Taihao’s secret collection needs to be bestowed on Emperor Taihao, which is also a secret that everyone knows, and Molang’s purpose against Qianjia is for this thing.

As for the counterfeit that Qianjia displayed last time, many people have seen it, but the person on the stage is still curious about what it really is. Everyone focused on the group of Qianjia.

Even Chen Feng and Aji sitting aside were inevitably noticed by others.

Some people know Chen Feng, but don’t know Aji, but Aji also seems to be very low-key, but it did not arouse much discussion.

Gift Emperor Taihao placed Qianxunqian’s body and kept it personally. This time when he arrived, no one dared to snatch it, also because everyone was intimidated by the horror of the master.

Qianhiro Qian followed the person who came over and walked towards the top, and when he reached the stage, he handed the Emperor Taihao in his hand to the other’s powerful man. The two seemed to know each other, and they nodded their heads when they met. .

The next step was the Sea Lion House appraising the gift of Emperor Taihao based on the storage instructions. The thing was naturally true. The Sea Lion House announced the result to everyone within a short period of time.

There is nothing to look forward to, and the result is dull.

But the latter thing is finally their focus. That is to open the gate of Taihao’s secret hideout. Only those who are able to enter it, at least it is the peak of Huajin, so most of the people who accompanied it are gone. qualifications.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower are going to enter a group of people, and there are still about seventy or eighty people. This is not too much.

A group of people walked through the manor and walked out from the back, where a trail led to a distant cliff.

The four people in the Qian Family started to make an agreement, Qian Xun Qian, Chen Feng, Aji, and the extra Qian Xueqiu.

Following the team, there will still be people looking at them, but more strangely looking at Qian Xueqiu, this is a bit unruly, after all, Qian Xueqiu does not even have martial arts.

It’s just that even the Sea Lion Tower didn’t raise any questions, so what else could they say.

Qian Xueqiu seemed to have known that the Sea Lion Tower would not object to this kind of thing.

The idea of ​​the Sea Lion Tower is also very simple. If Qian Xueqiu can be killed in the secret hiding place, and even his parents don’t have to bear anything, they can openly explain that Qian Xueqiu is overwhelming.

But even so, Qian Xueqiu resolutely followed in.

Chen Feng was still a little worried, and Aji on the side was also curious, but he didn’t ask too much. He just whispered to Chen Feng, who was standing next to him, “Since I join the team of the thousand families, I will also protect the owner of the thousand families. of.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect Aji to say that, but he glanced gratefully.

The trail finally came to an end. Under the cliff in front of him, an entrance was exposed, but it was only two or three people wide and very narrow.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower stood at the forefront. He stopped and said to everyone: “Everyone goes in one by one, and waits for a while when they get inside. When everyone is there, they will go together to open the door of secret hiding.”

Everyone responded, so they walked into the narrow entrance one by one.

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