Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1061

Sure enough, walking further along the road, I still saw some corpses, dead in the tunnel, or burned to death, and even shot to death by countless bows and arrows.

But no matter how they died, it was very miserable, but it also made Chen Feng and others more curious. Even if one person fell into the trap by mistake, but so many people fell into such a simple trap, it seems that it is really difficult for people to fall into such a simple trap. understand.

Chen Feng curiously approached one of the guys who had been nailed to the wall.

He opened the opponent’s eyes, it was full of blood, it seemed that he was very excited before he died, and other places were also somewhat congested to varying degrees. This should not be the emotion that should be when facing a trap, facing death, even if it is a Ruthless people, but the kind of fear that should have seemed to be completely invisible to them.

“What kind of poison might they have before they died?” Chen Feng told everyone what he had discovered.

Chihiro Qian also walked to Chen Feng’s side, and personally inspected the corpse just now, but the conclusion he got was the same as Chen Feng’s.

“It seems that they are not simply unable to hide from the organs here, but some poison that confuses their minds before that has caused them to finally die under these organs.”

Speaking of it, Qian Xueqiu naturally looked at the people in the Sea Lion Tower with a smile, hoping that the other party could give some answer.

Being watched in this way, and originally Chen Feng and the others discovered the key, the person in the Sea Lion Tower didn’t conceal too much. If you are strong, you will basically be recruited, but after being poisoned, you will become extremely excited and lose your ability to judge.”

Sure enough, I still can’t underestimate this place, just relying on this magical purple mist, that is the biggest danger.

But as for the people in the Sea Lion Tower, they didn’t remind them at the beginning, and Chen Feng and the others didn’t care too much. After all, the cooperation at the beginning was not simple.

It’s just that now that you know that there is such a thing, both Chen Feng and Chihiro Qian must be extra careful. No matter how powerful the martial arts, the sentence is enough to shock Chihiro Qian, the master.

The road behind will be much simpler then, even those who have been caught in the trap will be much better. Only in a long period of time will they occasionally encounter one or two dead people. It seems that it is also because of the deaths of those in front. Let them know the horror of those purple mists, so they should be prepared.

“I have come here now, but we still haven’t found the trace of that guy. I think it’s better to rest for a while. I can’t solve the current predicament in a hurry,” Chen Feng suggested.

In fact, because of the seizure of Emperor Taihao, the people in the Sea Lion Tower were very anxious, and even kept urging Chen Feng and the others to be quicker along the way.

But there is nothing to be solved in anxiousness, they are just a group of headless flies ramming there.

And a few people did walk for a long time. It was too big here, and it seemed that there was nothing for a while. Taihao, who originally thought it was full of wealth, was only facing the bare rock now.

Those people in the Sea Lion Tower had no choice but to sit down and agree.

But just after a few people had just sat down for a long time, the two people who came from the intersection on the side should be the other people who entered together, and Chen Feng looked familiar.

“Have you found anything?” Chen Feng asked them.

But the two of them didn’t react at all. After approaching, they suddenly accelerated and rushed towards them.

The two closest to the Sea Lion Tower were also entangled by each other first. Once they shot, they were swift, but the other two seemed to be faster. When Chen Feng and the others reacted, the other two were bitten one after another. Up the neck.

Like terrible monsters, they were sucking blood from the necks of the two of them, and they were constantly squirming at their Adam’s apple, and the blood slowly entered their abdomen.

Suddenly, even the few people in the Sea Lion Tower forgot to come forward and rescue them, but looking at them, it is estimated that they can’t be rescued.

It’s just that these blood-sucking guys are no longer normal human beings.

“What’s the matter with them?” Qianhiro Ken asked.

But the people who looked at the Sea Lion Tower, they also shook their heads. It seemed that they didn’t know these things, but they weren’t discussing these things now, because the two guys had also rushed towards them.

Chen Feng did not dare to step forward immediately. They still wanted to protect Qian Xueqiu. Because the people in the Sea Lion Tower were so close, the four of them rushed up together. One of them shouted, “What are you waiting for? The two are obviously strengthened. If we don’t get rid of them, we won’t even want to run away together.”

From the previous battle, we can already know that the two people are indeed better than the average person, and the few people in the Sea Lion Tower are also right. If they are not excluded, the two crazy guys will never let go. Anyone here.

And now they can’t completely abandon the people in the Sea Lion Tower, Chen Feng and Qianhiro Qian said, “You stay here, I will help them.”

Qianxunken also knew the importance of Qianxueqiu, so he agreed.

And with Qianxun Qian staying there, Chen Feng can still rest assured, as he said, he already rushed up.

At one point, six people surrounded each other. Although the two were extremely fast, they were still a little tired of coping in the constant involvement.

When a person from the Sea Lion Tower was about to be hit, Chen Feng hit the guy’s head with a fist. Although they seemed not afraid to die, they still couldn’t Stand up again.

Just this punch killed this guy.

And there was only one left, and it was a lot easier at once, and within a short while, one of the people in the Sea Lion Tower had his head chopped off.

The scene was a bit bloody. Everyone stepped back to one side and looked at the lives that were still alive just now. Now there are only four corpses left, which inevitably makes Chen Feng and the others also have the sadness of a rabbit and a fox.

“It seems that there is not only a toxin like Ziwu in this secret hiding place. The two people must also be poisoned, but it also poses a threat to other people.”

Chen Feng said slowly.

Everyone was silent, and they also thought of a worse possibility. If the person who was poisoned was Qianhiro Ken, then none of the people who came in this time might be able to go out safely.

But then Chen Feng abandoned this idea. If it does happen, it can only be an escape, and there is no other possibility.

Although it was something like this, everyone still wanted to stay and rest.

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