Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1062

The crises that have been encountered now are enough to make people feel terrible, and what are the crises still hidden in the depths, Chen Feng and others still don’t know, even the dark shadow that took away the gift of Emperor Taihao, What he will do is also unpredictable.

But sitting here now, with the corpses beside him, makes people feel a little desolate.

In the end, Qian Xueqiu broke the weird silence. Although he was a little panicked in the battle just now, he was not scared yet. This was already a good response. After all, he was just an ordinary person.

“If we feel that we can no longer move forward, I think we can go back. After all, the price of going further is far from what we can get.”

He said this in a suggestive tone, not with the attitude of the Patriarch of the Thousand Family, so Qianhiro Ken was also thinking about it seriously.

Naturally, Chen Feng and several people from the Sea Lion Tower heard this.

Qianhiro Ken said, “I have no opinion.”

Chen Feng glanced at him. The most important treasure buried in Taihao’s Secret Treasure may also be the secret that can break the restrictions of the grandmaster in the legend, but for Qianhiro Ken, he is the grandmaster, this thing is really meaningless, and He came in naturally only for the consideration of the thousand families as a whole, and now that even the owner of the thousand families has said to leave, he can indeed agree.

But for the other people, their thoughts are different. Chen Feng still has an ancient book of “Return to the Sea” to look for. In his heart, he actually wants to look for one or two more, but he didn’t say anything and wanted to read it again.

The people who reacted the most were the people in the Sea Lion Tower.

They lost the gift of Emperor Taihao, and two of them are still dead here. They go out, then the price they have paid is already high enough. Instead of this, they might as well want to fight, maybe there is no inside. It’s so difficult to imagine.

“I don’t agree.” said the leader of the sea lion building.

But his decision does not seem to be able to convince the members of the Thousand Family. He knows it himself, and then said: “And now you can’t go out. You have lost the gift of Emperor Taihao. The stone gate outside is almost closed now, and It will never be possible to go out again with manpower.”

Chen Feng looked at him a little annoyed. The meaning of these words meant that only the Emperor Taihao who would bestow him could go out, but he had already been snatched away.

He rushed over and confronted the person in the Sea Lion Tower and asked, “What you said is true?”

And his strength is not weaker than Chen Feng, so he didn’t panic at all, just said indifferently: “If you don’t believe it, you can go back and take a look at it now, and what you see must be a closed stone gate.”

He was very confident. Chen Feng had actually trusted a lot from his tone, but he was still wary of him trying to deceive himself. Chen Feng turned around and said to Qian Xueqiu, “We have to check.”

Qian Xueqiu didn’t answer him directly, but asked, “When you stole things away, you didn’t rush in immediately because of this reason?”

The man smiled and said, “It’s too late for you to think about it, but originally we had to come in after discussing it. We must not lose the things in the treasure, but we didn’t expect you to be with us. So this kind of thing, we naturally It is agreed, after all, it will be a lot of help.”

Qian Xueqiu asked coldly: “Then why did you say it again now?”

That humanity said: “Because now you have no choice. You can’t get out, but you have powerful force. But if you want to get out, you have to rely on everything we know. That’s why we now have real cooperation. On the basis of continuing, we are cooperating in the fairest position.”

Chen Feng was annoyed and really wanted to beat up this arrogant guy directly, but he also knew that it had become a fact now. He seemed to have only compromised, but it was Qian Xueqiu who made the decision, and he still looked at him.

Qian Xueqiu would be much calmer, but he was also angry, but it was not obvious.

He said: “As you said, we seem to have no choice, but before that, we must go to the door to confirm it again. If it is really closed, then we agree to cooperate with you.”

The man was very self-confident: “Yes, I don’t care about these times anyway.”

Since even Qian Xueqiu is helpless, it seems that it can only be so.

A few people got up again, just said a word, and then ran towards the entrance again, but they were surprised that they were on the road, as if they saw a few more corpses than when they entered, and they might also want to escape back. But he died on the way back.

At present, only Chen Feng and his group have seen more than 20 deaths, but only 70 or 80 of the people who came in, this is close to a quarter of the death rate, and it is not counted in the depths. More people are dying.

But it was also helpless. Even when passing by, he just took a cold look, and didn’t even have any thoughts.

Finally, a few people walked back to where they were when they entered, and as expected, the Shimen was completely closed.

Chen Feng also deliberately stepped forward to take a look, but the tiny gap couldn’t even see what the scene was outside.

“Well, can you believe it now?”

Originally he was angry, but he was recognizing the facts. Instead, he calmed down. Chen Feng said, “You don’t need to be proud of anything, but now we are all trapped here.”

The man was stunned for a moment. He really didn’t have any pride to rely on, and he even seemed to realize that he actually still needs to rely on Chen Feng and the others.

Qian Xueqiu said, “There is no need to say more about this, just thinking about how to get out.”

Chen Feng said: “Is there any other way? We can only find the dark shadow, and even pray that he will not die in an unknown corner, so that we will never find it.”

However, the people in the Sea Lion Tower said, “If he really is dead, we can always find him in a trap somewhere.”

Chen Feng was unwilling to pour more cold water, and said faintly, “I hope so.”

A few people didn’t talk any more. After being exhausted for so long, a group of people were already very tired. They each looked for a place near Shimen, then sat there and began to rest.

Because today was not a very pleasant day, so they all lost their voices, and just waited quietly for the next day.

But in this kind of place, how could it be possible to sleep peacefully, just close your eyes as much as possible and let yourself nurture your spirits.

I don’t know how long it took, and there were shouts from nearby, as if they were running towards here.

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