Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1064

“What is this?” The people in the Sea Lion Tower discovered something strange.

When Chen Feng and others heard the sound, they also rushed over immediately.

They looked at the huge pit in front of them, and the gloomy bones over and over clearly revealed the fact that how many people were killed in the pit.

Perhaps this was originally a battlefield, and the people who died here were sacrificed soldiers, or these people were slaves who were slaughtered here, or they were craftsmen.

But whatever it is, this terrifying pothole makes people shudder.

Someone in the Sea Lion Tower said: “They are slaves used to bury them, and their lives are the property of the monarch Taihao, so after Taihao’s death, they must also be buried.”

The system of slavery has passed for so long, but now it seems that everything just happened yesterday, so clear.

However, the people in the Sea Lion Tower were a little excited and said, “Since the corpse for the burial has been found, the monarch’s mausoleum must be nearby.”

This is indeed a pleasant thing. Chen Feng looked around as if he had seen a familiar figure.

“Aji!” Chen Feng shouted towards there.

But after hearing the sound, the voice ran away at a faster speed.

Chen Feng thought he was scared and wanted to chase him, but he was stopped by someone. Later, he looked at Chihiro Ken and asked, “What does this mean?”

Qianhiro Ken said: “Don’t you feel it, are you deliberately leading you there?”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment before he felt that there was some truth, and in such a strange place, if he really fell out of the line, it might mean the danger of death.

He thanked Qianxunken and glanced in the direction where Aji had just left. Naturally, there was no one there anymore.

And this is like an episode in itself, Chen Feng didn’t chase it, and nothing happened.

Several people in the Sea Lion Tower were looking for the direction of the mausoleum according to the location of the tomb pit. It took a while before they determined it.

Passing by the burial site of this piece of bones, it seems that a gust of yin wind is blowing slowly, the wind seems to be blowing on the face, it really feels like the whole person is chilling.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect. Everyone’s steps accelerated a bit, and they passed through this place very quickly.

He hadn’t been far away just now, and Chen Feng saw the figure again. He was walking in front, and Chen Feng didn’t know whether he should yell or not.

And this time it was not just him, but several others saw it.

“He seems to be in front of us deliberately, I don’t know what his purpose is.” Qian Xueqiu said.

Although he agreed to follow in, he didn’t know exactly what kind of person he was. The strange behavior now made people feel curious.

Chen Feng thought for a while, then suggested: “Let’s take a look at the past together.”

This is naturally much safer than being alone, but since you know it is a danger, there is no reason to try.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower said, “Just keep walking at our pace. If he really wanted to meet us, he could have come by himself, and he couldn’t use this trick to attract us.”

Chen Feng also looked at the other people, and they seemed to have the same idea, so he didn’t say anything.

However, after continuing to walk, Chen Feng has been paying attention to A Ji’s figure, but it seems that A Ji also knows that Chen Feng and the others will not come up, so the figure gradually disappeared.

And when they went down in this direction, they found more things, including precious gold and jade artifacts, which proved that their direction was right. As long as they went down, they would definitely find the monarch’s mausoleum.

But things didn’t seem to be that simple. Finally, when Aji couldn’t attract them, he took the initiative to stand up.

Coming in front of everyone, stopped them from moving on.

“You can’t go on going anymore!” He said in the first sentence after meeting.

Chen Feng looked at him earnestly, as if he wanted to see some signs of poisoning from him, but it was a pity that he looked like a completely normal person without any madness.

Qian Xueqiu laughed and said, “Mr. Aji, can you tell me the reason you did this? If there is any danger ahead, we will follow your hope.”

Aji said, “There is indeed danger ahead. If you continue to walk, you will all die here.”

It was very alarmist, but Aggie said it very seriously, and people couldn’t help feeling that this was the truth.

Qian Xueqiu said, “What kind of danger is it, is it a trap, or is the shadow waiting for us? But if it is a known danger, then there is a way to solve it. If it is an unknown danger, then How did Mr. Aji know?”

Qian Xueqiu said very plainly, but every question went straight to the core of the question, which made it impossible to refute.

Lian Ji didn’t know how to respond.

But at this moment, someone walked out of the corner, walking very close, so light that Chen Feng only found him when he appeared in front of Chen Feng and the others.

“We meet again!”

Qian Xueqiu said lightly when he looked at the person who suddenly appeared last night and wanted to die.

The man only glanced sideways at Qian Xueqiu, and ignored his words, but looked at Aji.

“You are here. If they want to, let them in.”

Like someone who came to persuade, he said to Aji like this.

Aji naturally refused to let it go. He insisted: “Don’t you know he is inside?”

Who is this “him”, Chen Feng and several people have questions in their hearts, but it is estimated that only the dark shadow can be guessed.

“I know!”

“Since you know he is inside, it is impossible to let these people in. He has waited too long, and there is no more time to wait.” Aji sighed.

“But I don’t think he deserves it. He is just a thief. He can abandon anything for his purpose, including you.”

Aji looked a little annoyed. He couldn’t accept the other party’s evaluation. He couldn’t help raising his voice a little bit and said, “I don’t allow you to insult him.”

After speaking, he even rushed towards the other side.

Just making a big fight with a word inconsistent, it really made the people around feel incredible.

Aji is very strong, but the person is not weak. Only by looking at it at will can he feel that the strength of the two sides is actually not much different. They exchanged their fists and feet, but they all found that the other side had won.

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