Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1066

Aggie felt pain, not just the pain in his body, but also in his heart.

This place seemed to be a place of treasure, but to him, it was just pain. He liked that woman, and Aji could do anything for her.

The blood of the person who had been killed was just to allow her to take a look at herself.

Unfortunately, she is a ruthless person, she is just taking advantage of Aji.

Aji knew that he knew it from the first sight of the woman, but he could not keep the impulse in his heart, he could dedicate everything for this woman.

But Leng Feng asked him to give up. He knew that Leng Feng should have given up.

Where Aji was sitting on his knees, the pain from his abdomen let him know that he didn’t have too much time, maybe he would die, no, he was bound to die here, but he looked at Leng Feng’s faint expression. I hope I can look a little bit away like him.

“I like her, do you know?”

The guy called Lengfeng was cold, and it softened a bit. He said, “I know.”

Aji smiled bitterly again and said, “But she told me that she likes you.”

Leng Feng shook his head and said, “She is just lying to you. She has never liked anyone, and she will always only like herself.”

Aggie was very reluctant to accept it. Even when he was about to die, he still couldn’t hear others slander his love. He said, “No, no. She is a flesh and blood person, not a machine.”

But Leng Feng was no longer willing to argue with him. He just said: “When she approached me, it was for the record of Taihao’s tomb. I gave it to her, but she was not satisfied. I told her that these were all wrong. Possibly, once we failed, it is even more impossible now.”

It turned out that what happened hundreds of years ago was not done by Sombra, but by the person in front of him.

Chen Feng was slightly moved, but reason was difficult to overcome greed. He was curious about the woman who made the two fall in love at the same time.

Aji said, “She will get what she wants, and that’s it, I will be enough.”

His breath gradually weakened. Just now, the steel needle tore through his internal organs. Hua Tuo was alive and lacking skills. After he finished speaking, he stepped aside and couldn’t get up anymore.

Qian Xueqiu looked at his corpse, but also remembered something. If he hadn’t been there, he might have already died in the hands of those desert wolves, but everyone has his own destiny. Aji could save him, but he Can’t save Aji, this is Aji’s life, and also his life.

Leng Feng looked at Aji, walked to his side, and silently carried him on his back.

“I met him after all. Although he has lost a lot, he is more persistent than me. I don’t even know which one is right between him and me. But no matter what, he is dead now. As a friend, I also want to let him enter the soil for peace.” He said to the others.

Love is one of the most complicated things in the world. Without experiencing pain, it is impossible to persuade them to give up.

Chen Feng just nodded with him, and didn’t say anything.

When Leng Feng left, the person in the Sea Lion Building anxiously hoped that everyone could get inside quickly. It has been a long time since the mausoleum opened, so he was very anxious about what happened inside.

Qian Xueqiu also knew that they actually had to go in, and if they wanted to go out, they had to go through this dangerous road.

Someone has already walked the road in front of him, and he also died miserably there, which is also the biggest warning to Chen Feng and the others.

When I passed by, I was very careful and didn’t dare to touch the stone lamp on the side, but I didn’t encounter anything when I went all the way.

Stopped in front of the two opened stone doors, each with a hideous monster face carved on the left and right sides of the stone door. They are like door gods guarding here, guarding this ancient king’s tomb to intimidate those who break in without permission. .

It is a pity that the tranquility here is still disturbed by these unprovoked greedy people.

It was dark inside. After entering the door, there was a long corridor. The corridor stretched forward, and a group of people still walked forward vigilantly.

Finally came to the inner palace, this is a huge square, and walking out of the corridor, the road extends to the front high platform, and on the high platform, a beam of sunlight from the top of the head shines on the throne, illuminating it with incomparable light. .

Even standing at this end of the road, you can still see the dead body on the throne that has already turned into withered bones.

In front of the corpse, a figure stood.

From the back, it looked like a woman with a graceful figure, slender and slender, but she just stood there quietly, staring at the bones in front of her.

She seemed very quiet because she was thinking of something.

Chen Feng’s group quickly walked under the high platform, and the woman seemed to have noticed the visitor. She didn’t panic at all, but slowly turned her head back.

“Hello!” the woman said, greeted lightly.

But knowing that she is not as weak as she looks, and no one despises her because of it.

“We are not very good,” said the person in the Sea Lion Tower.

“Is it because of me?” The woman laughed, like a child who was worried that she had done something wrong, a little timid.

The answer that was available was quick and unfriendly, only to listen to them sternly shouting: “Hand over things.”

Qing Yao felt a little boring. She knew that if these people could come in, then Aji who was outside would have died, otherwise he would have followed.

But she still asked: “Did you see Aggie?”

Chen Feng proactively said, “He is dead.”

Qing Yao looked at Chen Feng who was answering her words, took a look, and said thank you.

Chen Feng didn’t respond.

Qing Yao asked again, “You killed it?”

Chen Feng shook his head: “No, it’s another person.”

Although Chen Feng did not report who the other party was, Qing Yao seemed to have guessed it: “It shouldn’t be your hands.”

Chen Feng said: “It’s really not us.”

The people in the Sea Lion Tower were very impatient, and shouted at the two of them: “Now is not the time for you to chat, hand over things, or we will have to do it.”

Qing Yao was attracted by their words again. She said, “I just asked about my friend’s situation. Now I know that he is dead, and you still want to influence me to remember. It’s really annoying. One of the guys.”

Before the words were over, Qingsi threw something out.

The man wanted to hide, but the thing that flew over seemed to have eyes.

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