Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1067

What hit his face was not a hidden weapon, but a black spider. A spider half the size of a palm moved slowly on his face like that.

He naturally wanted to remove the spider, but Qing Yao smiled and said, “You’d better not move. If it bites on your head, you will die soon.”

For the fear of death, he stopped his hand movements, even his accomplice wanted to help him to take it down, he also stopped aloud, just staring wide-eyed watching this terrifying thing crawling on his face.

Qing Yao said: “Now you should be able to be quieter.”

It’s more than quiet, his legs that he’s already scared are trembling.

And Qing Yao looked at Chen Feng again, she became very gentle and smiling, if it weren’t for her behavior just now, Chen Feng might treat her as a lovely woman.

Qing Yao said, “Where is the one who killed Aji? Why didn’t he come in?”

Although a little lamented about the woman’s viciousness, Chen Feng didn’t suffer too much. He still said plainly, “He is going to find a place to bury Aji.”

Qingyao nodded slowly, and then said: “This is what he should do. They were good brothers, but because of me, they are not so good. But now people are dead, and those sorrows Complaints are meaningless.”

Chen Feng was silent, there was no emotion in those words, even if she knew that Aji was dead, there was no sadness in her eyes, as if a stranger had died.

Chen Feng felt that she was a very indifferent woman. She was so indifferent that she would not believe anything she said, because an indifferent woman was also a woman who was particularly good at deceiving people.

“Do you think I am strange?” Qing Yao suddenly asked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shook his head.

Qing Yao said, “I don’t think you know the relationship between me and Aji.”

Chen Feng said: “I have heard him say that you used him, and he is just a tool for you.”

Qing Yao laughed. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with this evaluation. She said: “But all of this is his willingness. I never said anything to him, and I didn’t take the initiative to ask him.”

Chen Feng looked at this woman’s smile, and just thought about it and felt that it was not worth it for Aji. No one would really care about you, except for himself.

But how many people will understand this truth, they are too lonely.

“That has nothing to do with me, that is Aji’s business, and he is dead now, his death is very peaceful.”

Qing Yao was stunned for a moment. She seemed to realize that she was talking too much, and she was talking to a stranger. She thought about it, and stopped talking to Chen Feng, but looked at the spider that was still crawling. Said: “I will bypass you today.”

After she finished speaking, the spider jumped off his face as if he had heard her.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower were also relieved, but they looked at Qing Yao, but they were even more angry.

Qing Yao took back the spider that she had crawled back, put it on the back of her hand, and gently stroked the fluff on the spider’s body, her eyes were also petting, but it made people look terrifying.

After she retracted the spider, a figure also walked from the hallway.

Leng Feng changed his previous ease, he collapsed in three steps and two steps, and it didn’t take long before he came to the side of a few people.

Chen Feng and the others looked at him, but he had always been looking at Qing Yao on the stage, and ignored Chen Feng and the others.

Qing Yao said to Leng Feng, “I didn’t expect you to come in. Could it be that you came to see me?”

Leng Feng said, “Before I came in, maybe I was still thinking in my heart that I was looking for you.”

Qing Yao said, “Isn’t that anymore?”

Leng Feng nodded and said: “Now it is too, but now I just want to take you to die here, let all the pain disappear, and bring Aji’s share of pain together.”

It’s like a person who wants to die for love, he doesn’t care about the so-called worldly pleasures, as long as he can die together, he is already satisfied.

Qingyao’s face changed slightly. She didn’t expect Leng Feng’s purpose would be to kill her and make her die here, but she still said coldly, “Don’t you think this is unfair to me?”

Leng Feng also said coldly: “There is no fairness, it is not a fair thing in the first place.”

Qing Yao knew that Leng Feng’s determination had been made, even if he said more words, it would not help. She took advantage of the gap between his words, and it was better to kill Leng Feng first than to die in his hands.

The black spider had taken the lead to fly out. Unlike Qing Yao who dealt with the Sea Lion Tower, the spider went directly to kill the opponent.

But her movements were so fast that even Chen Feng and the others did not react.

I can imagine that with the strength of Leng Feng, there should be no difficulty in avoiding it, but when they looked at Leng Feng, he just stood there, and he didn’t even evade.

And that spider had already injected his own venom into Leng Feng’s body.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng who was surprised, Qing Yao also couldn’t understand that she knew Leng Feng’s strength, and even if she wanted to kill him, she just tried her best, but it was very difficult.

Qingyao stared her eyes and asked, “You know that my spider is incurable.”

Leng Feng’s face was pale, and it seemed that he was only trying to suppress the spread of toxicity. He slowly said, “I know, I have fed it myself.”

Qing Yao said, “Then why don’t you avoid it, are you injured?”

Naturally, Leng Feng was not injured. He killed Aji so easily just now, and there was no sign of injury, but he did not avoid it, which is really hard to understand.

Leng Feng said, “I didn’t avoid it, just because Aji told me that you still love me. I want to prove that what he said is true.”

It’s like a childish child, asking a childish question. Among the few people who may be standing by, no one will think this is a legitimate reason, but he will feel that Leng Feng’s head was dazzled by love. Will do such irrational things.

Qing Yao gave a wry smile and said, “So now you know?”

Leng Feng naturally nodded, Qian Xun Qian had already sealed the acupuncture point for Leng Feng just now, but it seemed that he was only delaying his death.

He is getting weaker. It took a lot of effort to nod his head just now, not to mention speaking now. He slowly said, “It seems that what I said is right, you only love yourself.”

By the time he finished speaking, a mouthful of blood was spit out, and toxins attacked his heart, he was no more than half a step away from death.

Qing Yao said, “If you knew this earlier, I might be the one who died.”

As soon as the voice fell, Leng Feng closed his eyes.

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