Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1068

Leng Feng got his answer, but this answer paid a huge price, and it was in exchange for his life.

Qianhiro Qian touched Leng Feng’s neck and finally confirmed Leng Feng’s death.

The death of a person will always make people feel sad. Chen Feng looked at Qing Yao who was still standing on the stage. The original coquettish face now looks very ugly. Both men died for her. One reason She died, one was killed directly by her.

If there is no such hard-hearted emotion in it, no one can give up their lives for them.

Maybe some people will never meet one in her life, but Qing Yao was lucky enough to meet two people. Unfortunately, the two of them met an extremely indifferent woman, just like a tease from heaven.

“He is dead.” Chen Feng said coldly.

Qing Yao still couldn’t see any sadness on her face. Even if she saw Leng Feng died in front of her, she knew that this man chose to die in her hands deliberately, but she was still indifferent.

Qing Yao said, “What do you want to tell me? I think I shouldn’t kill him, but haven’t you heard that he is here to kill me, I don’t do it, do you still have to wait for him to kill me?”

This sounds very reasonable, and everyone has heard that Leng Feng did say so.

But Chen Feng knew that this was only the result she deserved, and Chen Feng said, “You think you are not wrong.”

Qing Yao didn’t wait for Chen Feng to finish, but directly replied, “I’m not wrong.”

Chen Feng stared at her and said, “But the moment you made them fall in love with you, you already killed them. Their death was only postponed until now. You have killed two lives. It’s your fault.”

Qingyao frowned, her eyes fixed on Chen Feng, her hatred might make her act on Chen Feng at any time, and the spider had already unknowingly returned to her shoulder and shrank there, like a small Decorations.

But Chen Feng didn’t have anything to be afraid of. Qianxun Qian was right in front of him. If Qing Yao wanted to do something, he would have to pass this master.

However, Qing Yao also seemed to see Qianxunqian’s strength, and she did not rush to make a move.

But some people can’t contain the anxiety in their hearts.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower didn’t know when, someone sneaked under the platform, lurking, as if preparing to attack Qing Yao, and there, Qing Yao just couldn’t see him.

Everyone just pretended not to see it.

Qing Yao laughed suddenly and said, “Even so, so what? Their death only allows me to get what I want, but you will all die here, and I will leave with the greatest wealth of the secret store. ”

Chen Feng was shocked, knowing that she had said this, there must be something to rely on, the person hiding on the edge of the platform also heard that something was wrong, and ignored the waiting, so he jumped up and flew to Qing Yao.

The sudden appearance of the figure made Qing Yao also shocked, but she still reacted quickly, lifting the dagger in her hand to block the incoming sword.

No one can do it, but one is changing, but Qing Yao doesn’t fight with him, and takes a step back.

But a hole suddenly appeared on the ground that was only flat. Qing Yao’s retreat happened to fall into the cave.

I have to catch up to inspect it again, but the hole has been sealed, and there is no way he can do it.

“This hole can’t be opened.” The man tinkered a bit, but gave up.

Chen Feng and the others also saw Qing Yao’s sudden disappearance, and they hurried to catch up.

But what I saw was only a closed platform, where there was still a shadow of Qing Yao.

Then, several people surrounded there, trying to find a way to open the mechanism, but they were busy for a while and found nothing.

This made everyone very annoyed, but Qian Xueqiu was surprised to see the sunlight shooting down from the sky.

He thought for a while, and said, “Maybe the agency is in this sunshine.”

The others set their sights on him. Chen Feng asked, “What did you find?”

Qian Xueqiu looked at the sunlight and said, “The time just now was almost noon, that is, the angle of the sun’s direct rays, and at this time, it should have triggered some mechanism, that is, when she smiled and said that sentence. ”

Chen Feng remembered that Qing Yao laughed and mocked everyone, that is, at that time, people thought she was going to do something. If you think about it carefully, Qing Yao doesn’t have to wait for Chen Feng and the others to come in. If she knows how to open the mechanism, The earlier you enter, the better.

That can only explain one thing, she is waiting for time, that is, when the sun directly enters inside at noon.

After hearing Qian Xueqiu’s explanation, everyone understood, but still didn’t know how to turn on the mechanism. Someone asked, “Then what should I do now to turn on the mechanism again? Is it necessary to wait until noon tomorrow? If it’s that time, maybe That woman had already emptied everything in the secret store.”

Although they were very complaining, it was true. They couldn’t really wait until noon the next day.

But the mechanism is designed in this way, and time is not their control. If the sun can be turned back, then they will have no trouble, but naturally the idea is very unrealistic.

“I think there may be other ways to open the door, let’s look for it carefully.”

This is a stupid way, but it is better than looking at the beam of light there in a daze.

However, Qian Xueqiu shook his head and said, “We have searched for it just now, but we didn’t find anything. I don’t think I can find anything after searching again?”

The man in the Sea Lion Tower became unhappy. He said, “Aren’t we just doing it like this?”

These words were also annoyed by Chen Feng and the others, but Qian Xueqiu said indifferently: “If you want to unlock this mechanism, I think it’s still in the sunshine.”

He thought for a while, and no one bothered him anymore. After a while, as if thinking of something, he said, “No matter how the mechanism perceives the sunlight, he just turned it on and immediately turned it off. In fact, it is very unreasonable, so I think that the design of the mechanism is only to turn on once after the irradiation, and then wait until it is dark, and then re-enter another circle.”

Chen Feng understood, and thought of a way, but someone still didn’t understand and asked: “You don’t have to wait until the night has passed for you to say this. How is this different from nonsense.”

Chen Feng stood under the beam of light, with the dead bone on the side, but the owner of this cemetery, no one cares until now, he didn’t even look at it. If he were to survive, he might be caught again. Pissed off.

Chen Feng thought for a while, then bowed slightly to the dead bone.

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