Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1069

Then he looked around and found a slate, which looked a little bigger than the size of the beam of light.

After I felt it was right, I walked to the light beam and directly blocked the sunlight with a stone slab. The size also covered the light beam completely without leaking to the bottom.

Everyone looked at Chen Feng curiously, Qian Xueqiu smiled, his thoughts were the same as Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also waited for a long time deliberately, fearing that there was not enough time to trigger the key points of the mechanism, and then he removed the slate and let the sun shine on the ground again.

Sure enough, the opening of the hole opened once, although it was closed quickly, it was indeed a way to open the mechanism.

Seeing the opening of the hole, everyone smiled with joy.

“Now you know what it means?” Chen Feng asked the man just now.

And knowing the way, there is no need to wait for anything, one by one starts to act.

Originally, Chen Feng was worried about whether anyone was worried about the danger of jumping, so it would be more difficult to choose the first one to enter, but he did not expect the people in the Sea Lion Tower to be anxious, and the first three would be them.

Qianjia and Chen Feng didn’t say anything. With the three of them going to explore the road first, they naturally agreed with them.

After the three of them entered, Chen Feng followed in, followed by Qian Xueqiu and the other two.

Falling into it is a long slide, which slides downwards by gravity.

It took about two minutes before landing slowly.

A haystack was placed on the ground for buffering. When Chen Feng came down, the three people in front had already stood up and looked around.

Chen Feng asked, “Did you find anything?”

They shook their heads and said, “There is only one way. It must be going forward. Let’s follow up soon.”

Chen Feng said: “Wait for the people behind.”

But they were very anxious, just glanced at Chen Feng, and then ignoringly chased after them. Since they thought there was only one person on the other side, it was enough to rely on three of them.

Chen Feng was helpless, but he couldn’t catch up immediately, so he could only wait until Qian Xueqiu and the others came down.

After landing one by one, Qian Xueqiu asked, “Where are they?”

Chen Feng said aside what had just happened.

Qian Xueqiu said, “When we get here, they are the same as us, knowing nothing, and there is no difference between not being with them.”

Chen Feng also nodded. If it weren’t for Qian Xueqiu’s discovery just now, they wouldn’t even be able to get in.

The four of them checked and there was no problem, and they walked forward on the only road here.

The journey is very short, and the surrounding walls are painted with a lot of totem pictures. It seems that it should be the scene of people’s life at that time, or a rather simple way of life.

But soon I came to a door, the door was opened, but on one side you can see the same circular mark as the door when you entered, it should be the door that can be opened with the gift of Emperor Taihao.

Several people glanced, and then continued to move forward.

The square stone room, the thick granite stone, the protection here is very tight no matter how you look at it, but there is no shadow of any treasure at all.

It is hard to say that this is not a treasure trove either.

In fact, everyone’s hearts couldn’t help but raise this question.

While hesitating, the three people were seen in front of them, and they flashed past in a hurry.

Maybe they found something, and Chen Feng and the others immediately chased it up.

The stone room is very large, and there are many compartments. It didn’t take a while to catch up, but it lost its track. It would be difficult to find it again.

But after a few people stood there for a while, the other party came out on their own.

But the three of them all flew out sideways, and several of them rushed over to inspect, and the three of them had pale expressions, just like the scene when Leng Feng died, they were all poisoned to death.

It seems that Qing Yao killed them.

“Catch up.” Qian Xueqiu shouted.

So the few people continued to chase in the direction where the corpse flew out just now. This time, the stone room they entered was completely different.

There is gold piled up everywhere, almost filling up the entire stone room. The stone room is very large, but the amount of gold is also a lot.

All kinds of gold cakes, gold beans, and even these kinds of gems are mixed in them. If this gold can be shipped out, it will even have more gold than the three gold mines Qian Xueqiu said.

Although several people are well-informed, they still keep their eyes straight when they encounter such a scene, but some people wake them up from this obsession.

“This is the place where Taihao Secret Treasure really is. If you want, you can let you take out the gold here.” The voice came from the front, and there was only Qing Yao sitting on a golden seat. .

She looked at the four people standing at the door, as if they were a queen, and the wealth here was like a private property that she could squander.

Chen Feng said, “If you weren’t for this treasure, then why are you deliberately breaking into it?”

Qing Yao picked up a golden cake next to her and put it in her hands. She said, “Wealth is something outside of her body after all, and only her own strength is the last word.”

Chen Feng said: “You are also for the mystery of the master hidden here, but this is just a legend. I don’t know if he is here.”

Qing Yao laughed, and the woman’s smile became more graceful in front of the golden gold.

She said: “Legend? If it were only a legend, there would be so many people rushing, so many people would be bloodied to come in and kill them, and it is even more unlikely that after so many people came in, they would never be able to get out again. . Do you know, what they are doing is the legend in your mouth. But if it’s just a legend, it won’t make so many people crazy.”

She seemed to be partial to this unfounded statement, and even used human greed as evidence, but Chen Feng did not dare to assert that there was no such thing, so he rationally chose to remain silent.

However, even if the secret exists in this stone room, it may not be easy to find it from the mountain-like gold.

Qing Yao also seemed to know that it would be difficult to rely on her.

She said: “I wouldn’t mind sharing this secret with you, how, are you interested in cooperating, and apart from that secret, you can take everything here, I don’t need it at all.”

She and Chen Feng looked at them seriously, and from her expression, it could be seen that Qing Yao was not joking.

Looking at Chen Feng and the others, they seemed unmoved, and continued: “This is my greatest sincerity. The purpose of your coming here is not for these, but to cooperate with me, you will not lack anything.”

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