Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1075

Her face was not too good, but not too bad. She asked the man who broke in: “If there is nothing important, can I ask you out first? There are important meetings here.”

Hearing Lin Lu’s words, the man seemed to wake up and hurriedly said, “Ah, yes, it’s President Lin. It’s that guy who came to the company to make trouble again.”

He was a little hesitant to speak, but he could still hear the meaning in his words.

Chen Feng is curious, but knows that making trouble is not a good thing, no wonder this person will be anxious to come to Lin Lu.

Lin Lu frowned and looked very uncomfortable, but she still said to the man, “You go out and hold that person steady, I’ll be here in a while.”

The man replied repeatedly, closing the door as if fleeing, and ran away.

When there were two people left in the room, Lin Lu naturally apologized quickly, and Chen Feng waved his hand and said: “This kind of thing is not for you to decide, no wonder you, but let’s go out and see the troublemaker. I think this should be It’s more important.”

Lin Lu hesitated: “Then President Chen, what’s your matter?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “It’s not too late to wait until the trouble is dealt with. Anyway, it’s just some follow-up work.”

A hanging heart in Lin Lu’s heart fell slightly, and the trouble was not to be discussed for the time being, but looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, it should not be a reception flower, but a real important job, which may be in her heart. , Doing things like a pimp made her more worried than making trouble.

But when she was thinking about it, Chen Feng had already stood up.

He walked up to Lin Lu and said, “Let’s go, the people outside are still waiting!”

So Lin Lu followed Chen Feng out.

As soon as I walked out of the office, I could see that the employees of the company were no longer in the mood for work. They all surrounded them. Looking at such an undisciplined scene, Lin Lu felt a little unnatural.

Chen Feng knew what she was thinking, and directly comforted and comforted: “Everyone is human, and some curiosity is normal. If they still sit here and work seriously at this time, I want to talk to Mengyao about you. This deputy can never do it anymore.”

Lin Lu’s heart trembled. She knew that what Chen Feng said really made sense, but she didn’t know if Chen Feng deliberately exaggerated in front of her, or could really influence Xia Mengyao’s appointment and dismissal of the company’s vice president.

But no matter what, as long as she is so careful about Chen Feng, she can’t make any big mistakes, so she also said: “What Mr. Chen said is. I just think this kind of noise is too messy.”

Chen Feng smiled and did not speak.

While they were talking, the two had already arrived near those crowds, and seeing Lin Lu coming over, those individuals calmed down a bit, but they did not disperse.

The young man who came in to report just now leaned in immediately and said, “The man stopped at the door and pulled a banner below. A lot of people were already onlookers. The security of the building also hopes that we can solve it in the past.”

Lin Lu nodded and said, “I know, I will take people down to deal with it. Work in the company will continue, so don’t watch here.”

She was still very polite, and did not get angry at everyone, let alone put on the air of leadership.

However, a group of people were quite cooperative, and one by one they returned to their workstations, but Chen Feng, who was standing on the side, heard someone looking towards him and seemed to be discussing him.

This is not surprising. After all, a person who suddenly came here with a higher position than the vice president of the company should be curious.

But Chen Feng still heard some words about being handsome, and he couldn’t help being satisfied, and smiled softly.

When everyone dispersed, Lin Lu said to Chen Feng again: “Mr. Chen, if you don’t wait in the office first, I will come up immediately after I go down to deal with it. Those are all gangsters nearby. You may go down. dangerous.”

Naturally, it is impossible for Chen Feng to let a woman go down and deal with it. He hid in the office. He said, “I’ll go down with you. Although you are a woman, you are a vice president, but in the eyes of those people, it won’t be true. Take you seriously, I’ll go down with you, and the words will at least have some weight, but if there is anything that needs to be pointed out, just tell me.”

Lin Lu still wanted to refuse, even though Chen Feng said so now, but he was afraid that something really happened, Chen Feng might not remember this.

But Chen Feng said directly: “Well, if you really can’t agree, I have to directly ask Mengyao.”

Lin Lu had no choice but to agree, but worried: “Mr. Chen, you’d better stand in the back. Those people treat entering the bureau as a writer.”

Chen Feng just smiled.

The man who went down with him just now, listening to Lin Lu calling him Zhou Chen, was the manager of the company’s personnel department, and he was generally more familiar with personnel matters than other employees.

When the three of them got out of the elevator, the security of the office building immediately recognized Lin Lu, and immediately ran over and said, “Mr. Lin, you can be considered as coming down, but these people have been making trouble here for a long time. Why are we? It’s useless to tell them. You have to deal with it. Companies with so many office buildings can’t make trouble for commuting because of this.”

Lin Lu naturally agreed again and again, and promised to deal with it.

When he was in the elevator just now, Lin Lu had already briefed Chen Feng on the matter, but it was because there was a problem with the purchase price of a piece of jewelry.

According to the contract, if there was a delay in the jewelry procurement process and the material quality was not up to standard, a part of the purchase price would need to be deducted, but the other party insisted on asking for the original price and even used this method to block the door.

Chen Feng guessed that the other party was just a group of gangsters. They thought that such a big company would never dare to argue with them. They didn’t go through legal procedures, but relied on rogue means to convince Lin Lu and the others.

Although the idea is very simple, sometimes when you encounter people who are unwilling to cause trouble, they will naturally choose to save money and avoid disasters, and to calm down.

But it was a pity that I met Lin Lu, her stubbornness made her never succumb to the past, and it was still the company’s interest, and there was no reason to send it out.

I think that every boss will like such employees, and Chen Feng is no exception, but now it is not the time to think about these, it is better to solve the external affairs first.

With the addition of a security guard, the four of them walked outside together, but the exit was really blocked and it was very difficult to get in and out.

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