Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1076

They didn’t know that the wood and barbed wire they got from there completely blocked the door, and they could only get in and out from an entrance on the side.

The security guard said: “They are stopped here. If it is an employee of another company, they can still get in and out with the employee badge, but the impact of this is really bad.”

Chen Feng smiled and looked at the seven, eight, five, and three-thin men standing outside. Unexpectedly, this group of people was quite clever, knowing that it was only aimed at Lin Lu’s company, so that it would not arouse public outrage and leave them completely passive. It’s the situation.

Although the employees of other companies that can enter and exit have an extra layer of programming, as long as it doesn’t matter to them, they don’t bother to cause trouble, and there is really no one for a while.

Lin Lu asked, “Have you called the police?”

The security guard said: “What’s the use of the police? These guys came quickly and went quickly. When they saw those people coming, they went out and disappeared immediately, and they did not commit any serious crimes, at most they disturbed public order. , Those people can’t just arrest these gangsters just for this matter.”

Rogues and gangsters have always been difficult to control. They don’t have the law in their hearts, and they don’t rely on credit to eat. They rely on being familiar with the rules to keep themselves wandering, but sometimes they are used by those who are rich. Make some extra money.

Chen Feng thought, he said, “Let’s go over and ask.”

Lin Lu had to agree. In fact, the solution in her mind was to wait until the police came. As for whether the other party would come next time, she had no idea, but she really couldn’t find anything besides money to deal with this kind of person. A particularly good method, violence is not an option for them.

Chen Feng walked to the entrance for people to enter and exit. There stood a fat man in thin clothes with a big belly, just like a pregnant woman.

Chen Feng asked, “I am from Lisa Jewelry. You should be waiting for us.”

Big belly looked at and looked aside. There was a middle-aged man with a hideous face and potholes on his face. He had fluffy hair and a fierce look in his eyes. It must be someone who will avoid it.

He noticed that his big belly was watching him, so he walked over and asked, “What’s the situation?”

Big belly said, “They said they were from Lisa Jewelry.”

The fierce man sternly said: “Didn’t I tell you, as long as it is from Lisa Jewelry, all of them will stay here for me and are not allowed to go out?”

Big belly said aggrieved: “He seems to have come to us.”

The fierce man turned his face away, looked at Chen Feng, and naturally saw Lin Lu. This woman he had dealt with several times but persisted, he even thought about giving her to her on the way back. Tied up, or mail something disgusting to her home.

But this kind of thing is even worse in nature, so he has no plans for it for the time being, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t do it. If the thing continues, he will definitely find a way to retaliate against this woman.

So after taking a vicious look at Lin Lu, he still talked to the person in front of him who seemed to be the first person in charge, that is, Chen Feng and said, “Why, are you ready for compensation?”

Chen Feng just smiled and said, “You’d better leave immediately. If I get angry, none of you can provoke me.”

The fierce man was startled, and then he laughed. He seemed to have heard a terrible joke, and smiled: “Just you, a little white-faced guy who still said such big things, I don’t think you know yourself. What kind of depth is it?”

Chen Feng followed and smiled the same, even when Lin Lu looked at it, he felt that Chen Feng, who was originally very gentle and gentle, would say such strange things.

Chen Feng didn’t say much, just smiled and stretched out his hand and said, “When we first met, my name is Chen Feng. I am the owner of this Lisa jewelry design. How can I make friends?”

And looking at Chen Feng’s outstretched hand, the fierce man wanted to teach him a lesson, and said with a sneer: “Thoughtful, brothers look on your face and call me, if you want to make friends with me, you might as well call it the same. .”

This is taking advantage of Chen Feng verbally. Chen Feng is naturally not a fool and will suffer this loss.

And Zhou Dao also stretched out his hand, preparing to pinch Chen Feng’s white and tender palm into a ball.

But unfortunately, it was Chen Feng that he met.

Chen Feng smiled and knew why the other party would stretch out his hand, but Chen Feng also had the same idea. When the two palms touched, Zhou Dao began to exert force.

He was still an understatement at first, and the smile on his face looked no better than crying.

Chen Feng didn’t use any force, just waited for the moment when he was most confident, and then completely conquered him.

Gradually, Zhou Dao noticed some differences. When he first tried to exert himself, he thought that his strength was weak and the other party did not respond. However, after he increased a few points, looking at Chen Feng, he still did that. It’s a little strange.

Even now, when he felt that his strength could at least squeeze a person’s hand, Chen Feng still did not respond, he himself somewhat doubted whether his strength had disappeared.

But I can’t back down now, otherwise it would just make Chen Feng read a joke, and make all the people who clearly saw the two men fighting at each other sneer.

He can only continue to exert his strength, almost using the strength of milking, even if it is his gray face, the blue veins can be clearly seen.

But Zhou Dao opened his eyes, but Chen Feng still smiled indifferently.

If he doesn’t understand that he has encountered a lot of characters at this time, he shouldn’t mix in this area, he wants to take his hand.

On one side he said, “Brother, it’s really amazing. I’m sure you are a friend.”

Chen Feng listened to such words as begging for mercy, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. He knew it was time for him to exert his strength.

And then, there was a scream.

The screams continued, and the pain made Zhou Dao’s face distorted, as ugly as the black roots of an old tree.

The people around listened and watched, and they felt sympathy for Zhou Dao. This was really horrible.

Seeing Zhou Dao’s powerlessness anymore, Chen Feng let go and said, “Let’s go, I’m not angry yet. If I get angry, you won’t be able to leave.”

It was almost the same as what he said at the beginning, but in Zhou Dao’s ears, he didn’t dare to laugh anymore. He knew that Chen Feng had this strength.

The accomplices next to him watched his boss get injured, and a few people immediately surrounded him, and there were even those who wanted to avenge Zhou Dao.

But when Zhou Dao stopped him, he said, “Take things and go.”

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