Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1077

This farce was solved by a handshake.

Some people began to talk about Chen Feng. Although they couldn’t see any way, they were able to make Zhou Dao retreat just by relying on strength, at least not a simple ordinary person.

Naturally, it is not just passers-by who are curious, but also Lin Lu.

Lin Lu has always been curious about Chen Feng since she saw Chen Feng, but it was only the first time they met, and the two were not familiar with each other. She was not easy to ask anything, she just learned about Chen Feng through observation.

I thought Chen Shengeng was a rich young man, but he seemed to be gentle with others, and did not have the arrogant and lustful temperament of a young man, so she suspected that Chen Feng was just an ordinary young man who was struggling like her.

But now seeing him so easily push that Zhou Dao back, it seems that the mysterious halo on Chen Feng’s body has deepened again.

But out of reservedness, she still didn’t ask anything.

Seeing Zhou Dao taking people, carrying things, and leaving in a small truck, Chen Feng smiled and said to Lin Lu: “Okay, now the matter is resolved, and we can go back and talk about our own affairs.”

Lin Lu nodded. She was a little grateful to Chen Feng, and said, “Thank you, Mr. Chen. If it weren’t for you, today’s matter might not be easy to resolve.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “This kind of thing is not your fault, it’s just that those guys are too rascal, but this time they refunded, but if they don’t return the money, they might still come to make trouble.”

Lin Lu also knows that this is not just one time. If this time is not there, there will naturally be another time. They can always meet when Chen Feng is not here, so what should they do then?

Chen Feng also thought about this issue. He thought about it and said, “If it doesn’t work, you can save money and avoid disasters. Just don’t provoke these people next time.”

When encountering this kind of chaos, it is easier to spend some money, after all, the time wasted now is also a cost.

Chen Feng thought that this kind of financial benefit should be easy for Lin Lu to understand, but he did not expect that Lin Lu said firmly: “This kind of thing is originally their fault. I don’t think we can use the company’s interests to pay for it. If I have to hand over the extra money, I am more willing to use it to motivate employees.”

That’s the case, even the same amount of money has different effects in different places, but Chen Feng doesn’t agree with this kind of killing time.

He said: “If you keep thinking like this, you have to face the constant harassment of these gangsters. Compared to you, they have time. If you are on a business trip that day, there is no director here, you Should the employees face it themselves?”

Lin Lu rarely argued with Chen Feng: “If it is true that I am not there, they can also call the police. This is the function of the call. We are on the side of justice and there is no need to make unreasonable sacrifices. .”

If it is really argued, it will only be the gap between justice and reality. Chen Feng also knows that Lin Lu’s method is not bad, but it will take a long time, and it will even take as long as one year or two years. .

But he thought about it, after all, the management is still left to professionals, and he also respects Lin Lu’s decision as vice president.

“Well, I reserve my opinion. After all, this company is entrusted to you to manage. I also believe that you will be able to solve it smoothly.”

Chen Feng was still smiling at Lin Lu, as if the brief dispute just now hadn’t happened at all.

And Lin Lu was also stunned. She even thought of Chen Summit moving out of Xia Mengyao to deter her, but Chen Feng didn’t, so she just exposed it lightly, making her somewhat unacceptable.

But this is not an important matter. Chen Feng has already taken the lead in walking towards the elevator.

The personnel manager Zhou Chen also noticed that Chen Feng was unusual. He sneaked up to Lin Lu and asked, “Mr. Lin, who is this person! Why does it look so unusual?”

Lin Lu was still in a daze, Zhou Chen asked, and he said directly: “It was President Chen assigned by President Xia, but I don’t know who it is.”

Zhou Chen murmured, “It turned out to be the person sent by the big boss. No wonder it looks so different.”

Although he couldn’t tell what kind of difference he looked at, it might just be that his temperament was much worse.

But Lin Lu suddenly remembered, why did she tell him this, and said angrily: “I haven’t looked for you for what happened just now. Did you get into the office in such a hurry?”

Zhou Chen froze immediately, and he also knew that he was a little anxious, but if it was just Lin Lu, it might not be okay, but this time he happened to ran into Chen Feng who was also inside.

He asked carefully, “That President Chen is not angry, right?”

Lin Lu said, “The President Chen has a good temper, and I haven’t mentioned it until now, but that doesn’t mean that you are doing it right. If you meet a leader next time, if he gives you small shoes, don’t blame me for not reminding me. you.”

When Zhou Chen heard that Chen Feng was not angry, he didn’t have so many worries. Lin Lu is also approachable. He didn’t worry about it. He just smiled and said, “I see, President Lin, there will never be another time. .”

Lin Lu looked at him laughing and was helpless, but they are a company with an innovative culture and do not need that kind of high-intensity management, so they usually get along very well, but now they can’t show their face to teach him harshly. NS.

Lin Lu had to say, “Just remember it yourself.”

At this time, Chen Feng was about to walk to the elevator, but it was strange to see the two people still talking there, so he glanced at them, and the two people rushed over as if in a hurry.

Back in the office, Chen Feng and Lin Lu went into the office to discuss gold matters. After all, Chen Feng wanted to use reprocessing to double the profit. That’s why he contacted Xia Mengyao and asked her to prepare a jewelry design. The company gave it to him.

But Chen Feng would not intervene in the management of specific affairs. He just told Lin Lu his own ideas. If he were to use the gold to create wealth, it would be Lin Lu’s business.

When Chen Feng discussed with Lin Lu, the discussion outside the office also started.

Zhou Chen and a few familiar employees stood there to discuss.

“If the matter just now wasn’t for Mr. Chen, it might not be so easy to solve.” He said in admiration.

And although I didn’t see what happened, but only listening to Zhou Chen’s narration, I can imagine how handsome Chen Feng was. A sweet-looking girl said, “Is this tall, rich and handsome!”

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