Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1082

But when the rain was halfway down, the phone rang suddenly.

Xu Fu was a little annoyed, and he was not ready to pick it up, because everything was still at its most intense time.

Then the call ended the call.

After half an hour, he reached out from the bedside and took the phone to look at it. But when he saw the number, he was still puzzled. He didn’t know why Chen Feng suddenly called him again.

The woman on the side leaned against him, drawing a picture on Xu Fu’s chest with one finger.

She asked, “Who is it, so annoying, but I chose to call you at that time.”

Xu Fu smiled and said, “It’s nothing, just a friend.”

Women knew how to measure, so they didn’t ask much, not even a single word of complaint.

When the rain stopped, Chen Feng put down the umbrella in his hand. He just bought it at a convenience store. He thought that the rain would be gone during the day, but he didn’t expect to go out for a while before he got up again, and it looked like There was a trend of getting bigger and bigger, but after only a while, it stopped strangely.

The people riding the bikes on the roadside are wearing raincoats, all of which are available in various colors, forming a dazzling picture in this lonely rainy season.

Chen Feng’s phone call this morning hasn’t been responded to now. He thought that maybe Xu Fu didn’t hear it, or the phone was no longer by his side.

But he didn’t mind, it was just a phone call.

After a long time, I walked through the crosswalk and passed the people wearing raincoats. In the park, because it was rainy, there were almost no people, just one or two people, like Chen Feng, holding umbrellas.

Like a couple walking in the rain, the two are very intimate.

Chen Feng passed by them, he glanced at them, and the two of them were also looking at Chen Feng, and seemed to be more curious about what Chen Feng did when he came to the park on such a rainy day.

And Chen Feng came here naturally because someone was waiting here.

I thought that after meeting Lin Lu and having dinner with Xu Fu, he could fly to Yanjing, but some people didn’t want him to leave and agreed to be in the park on this rainy day.

Chen Feng had no choice but to come to the appointment because he could not afford to offend this person.

Demon Capital is actually not old. A long time ago, this place was just a desolate land boundary. You can even use the phrase “birds do not shit”.

But because of his development, it also attracted many people.

The master of the martial arts world, Xia Wuzhu also chose to settle in the magic capital in his twilight years.

He is very strange that those elderly people always choose to be in the mountains, by the water, in a clean place, but he has to be in the bustling city, it seems that only in this kind of place, he will feel that he is quiet. .

But there is stillness in the movement, and the agreed place is still in a quiet park in the busy city. Even in this rainy day, it is quiet and no people can be seen.

Chen Feng stood there, the agreed person hadn’t arrived yet, he checked the time, and it was indeed half an hour before the agreed time.

He came early, and as a junior, Chen Feng still had to have this etiquette.

It’s just that this gloomy sky started to rain again and again, but fortunately, the umbrella in Chen Feng’s hand has not been put down. He is holding the umbrella and standing under the street lamp next to the park.

The couple just now seemed to think that the time spent together was too short, and they actually walked back from the entrance again. They both covered an umbrella and looked even more intimate.

This time, their eyes stayed longer on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled at them, but they could only smile back.

Half an hour passed, but the old man still didn’t come. Chen Feng couldn’t help wondering if something happened. Maybe it was rainy and the old man was unwilling to come out, so he planned to cancel this appointment.

But there is no news, Chen Feng is just thinking about it randomly.

And after waiting for another half an hour, even the rain became heavy, even if the umbrella was covered, the fog seemed to be soaking people.

Chen Feng still didn’t see anyone.

He really had to reconfirm his thoughts just now, and if he waited for a while, there was really no one coming, and Chen Feng could only go back.

Etiquette and making things difficult is not a matter for a while, Chen Feng is just a junior, and will not be bound by some traditions like dead rules.

He thought so, and waited for a while.

The person who met was finally coming, and seeing the person, all the previous grievances were cleared up, and Chen Feng also ran over with a smile.

The accumulated water on the ground became a puddle, and Chen Feng splashed a large amount of water as soon as he stepped on it.

The old man did not come alone, there was a person behind him, but he was a little farther away, and Chen Feng could not see his face.

Then, as he approached, Chen Feng saw a woman in a black costume with a ponytail, looking heroic, like the handsome Mu Guiying.

But naturally Chen Feng just took a look. The important thing is the old man in front of him. The old man is very old. It looks like he is seventy or eighty, but in fact he is a hundred-year-old.

His temples are already as white as snowflakes, and his eyebrows and beard are even more so, but his spirit is strong and his body is tough.

It’s no wonder that this is a grandmaster, but he doesn’t know what his current strength is.

After Chen Feng met, he saluted him, holding a disciple ceremony.

If calculated strictly, this old man can be regarded as Chen Feng’s master.

The old man slowly said, “Don’t have so many complicated understandings. What age is it now.”

Chen Feng humbled: “Regardless of the age, etiquette cannot be forgotten.”

The old man looked at Chen Feng with a serious look, laughed, and then said: “Let you wait too long, it’s really not the old man I want to hang you, but this rainy day, there is a traffic jam on the road, I can remind you I kept driving faster, but I was still late. I just thought you were gone. After so long, I didn’t expect your kid to be there. It really surprised me. I want to use your temperament. , Isn’t such a rigid person!”

Chen Feng also laughed and said, “The teacher still understands me. I did want to go like this. But I suppressed my temper and waited for a while. If the teacher comes a little later, I might really watch it. Not me anymore.”

The old man became even more happy when he heard it, and said, “You don’t even know what to say. What are you doing so honestly? I was touched by the old man just now. I didn’t expect you to be such a virtue.”

Chen Feng also smiled, but he didn’t expect that the old man would think of himself and agreed to be at this place with him.

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