Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1083

If it is according to etiquette, Chen Feng should indeed visit the old man himself.

But Chen Feng had never thought about spending more time in the city, and it was also because the old man once said that he should not meet him lightly.

As for seeing him easily, Chen Feng felt that if it wasn’t a major event, then don’t bother him.

But today, I was still asked.

The three of them walked almost side by side. The heroic woman was covering the rain for the old man. She also claimed to hold an umbrella for the old man. After meeting, she has not spoken until now.

But since the old man didn’t mean to introduce him, Chen Feng didn’t ask, just walked with the old man in the rain.

The rain is much lighter now, and the patters have no effect.

The old man said, “How is your martial arts recently? Is there any improvement in it?”

Sure enough, Chen Feng had already thought that the old man must ask this question, and Chen Feng had already figured out the answer.

He said: “Martial arts have been stuck in the pinnacle state for a long time, but because of martial arts restrictions, I am completely confused.”

The old man still looked at Chen Feng with satisfaction. After all, the martial arts restrictions were not easy for Chen Feng to break through.

The old man said, “Maybe that chance will pass to you after I die.”

Chen Feng didn’t dare to take this taboo. He hurriedly said, “Master, you have a tough body, but don’t think about those things. It is a matter of heaven, and the manpower is sometimes poor.”

The old man smiled, he just made a joke, and even if he died, he didn’t even know where the chance would pass.

“If you’re joking, don’t take it seriously. I also know this kind of thing. I didn’t even know how I got into the realm of the master back then, so if I really let me appoint you. Juniors, I really can’t tell why.”

Chen Feng nodded. He also knew the reason, but after thinking about it, he asked: “I just don’t know if the master knows an ancient book called “Return to the Sea”.”

The old man was stunned. It seemed to be accidental how Chen Feng knew. He asked, “Where did you hear this book?”

Chen Feng honestly told the old man about his own secret storage in Taihao, but still concealed that Qingzhi and Qianxunjian were also looking for this book.

After listening, the old man was surprised, then waved his hand and said, “Sure enough, I’m still old, and now I can’t even think of snatching after hearing this book.”

Looking at it, it turned out that the old man knew the origin of this book. Chen Feng asked, “Is this book important? Even the master wants it.”

The old man said: “It’s very important. If you are ten years younger, no, five years old, I have to ask where the book is now, but unfortunately, I’m old, and I can see how much I have left. Long time.”

Chen Feng was also silent. On this topic, he couldn’t admonish or comfort him. Even if he said something to make the old man happy, he just felt that it was a little false, and the old man didn’t like it either.

The old man continued: “If you get to the Grand Master, you will know that in this realm, all the moves have no meaning. If you want to become strong, it is fast, strong, and stable. With these, Any moves are superfluous.”

It was the first time that Chen Feng had heard of this, and he was a little curious. He didn’t expect that the Grand Master had already abandoned the shackles of moves and reached the realm of transcendence. Maybe this is returning to the basics.

The old man said again: “To reach this highest level is what the masters have been pursuing throughout their lives, and this “Return to the Sea” is said to be the culmination of the pursuit of the masters.”

Chen Feng exclaimed, he was curious about the extent of the Xiaoyao Sword, which is known as the number one master in the world.

“What does the master think of that Xiaoyao Sword, he still hasn’t reached the highest realm.”

The old man shook his head and said, “I met him once. He is indeed a martial arts genius. Even with him, I feel that he has broken through the boundary of the master and achieved it entirely by his own ability.”

“How can this be.”

But the old man seemed to be a firm channel: “Nothing is impossible, I can believe he is the exception.”

Chen Feng couldn’t comment that he hadn’t even seen Xiaoyao Jian’s face, but he still had reservations about what the old man said.

“But even if it is him, I don’t think it is possible to reach the highest level, and this time he gets “Return to the Sea”, his strength may reach a terrifying status, then no one in this world can catch up with him.”

Chen Feng didn’t tell the old man that the “Return to the Sea” was actually not only read by Qian Xun Jian, but there was also a Qing Zhi.

But the old man didn’t seem to want to talk about this topic again.

A few of them walked, and they came to a pavilion in the park. Three of them put the umbrellas away and placed them in the corner of the pavilion. The place where the umbrella tip faces the ground was slowly flowing with rainwater until it was soaked outside. On the ground.

The old man found the position in the pavilion. The woman had prepared a paper towel to wipe the old man clean, and then let the old man sit down.

However, Chen Feng was going to be more casual, and he just sat down without caring.

Looking at the lake outside the pavilion, it has been messed up by rain, and there is no calm at all.

The old man pointed to the place and said, “Sometimes, the rain is not good. If it disrupts the lake, it looks messy.”

Chen Feng also looked at it, but felt different. He said, “But this mess is the truth. It’s too calm, I’m afraid it will die.”

After Chen Feng finished speaking, he realized that he had said something wrong and immediately looked at the old man without saying a word. He didn’t want to upset the old man, and when he passed, the woman also looked at him coldly.

Seeing Chen Feng so nervous, the old man knew what Chen Feng was thinking. He smiled: “It’s just death. I don’t think there is anything anymore. Even if I die now, there is nothing wrong with it, and it’s just The idea of ​​watching the rain, when people are old, it is indeed not easy to like being too noisy.”

Chen Feng knew that the old man chose to settle in the magic city because of the prosperity here. At that time, he seemed to like to make noise more. He was happy when there were more people, but it was only that he hadn’t seen him for a few years, but he felt that he had changed a lot. Sure enough , The old man is really old.

Chen Feng said: “Maybe the state of mind is different, such as the one next to the master, who hasn’t even said a word. Isn’t she also a kind of quiet cultivating mind? Maybe it is higher than my restless mind. Woolen cloth?”

The old man also glanced back at the woman, and then laughed, but the woman’s eyes were annoyed.

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