Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1084

Chen Feng couldn’t understand what they meant.

And the old man smiled and said, “I said this guy will definitely ask about you. His temperament will never be able to bear it.”

The woman glanced at Chen Feng, but still did not speak.

Chen Feng listened to it, as if the two were using him to make a bet, but now it seems that the old man has won.

Chen Feng also chuckled and said, “Master, this is boring. I haven’t seen each other yet, so I just want to use me to bet.”

The old man said, “I didn’t propose this. Little Wawa wouldn’t let me introduce it to you. She wants to see if you will ask. If you can bear it until now, I will look at you a little bit higher. .”

Chen Feng said: “What about it now, shouldn’t you tell me about this female hero I don’t seem to know.”

The old man said, “Why don’t you ask yourself?”

Chen Feng glanced at the woman. Although it seemed that the woman would not tell him, he still tried to ask: “Dare to ask the heroine’s name.”

The woman also looked at Chen Feng indifferently as he thought, but she still said, “Xue Leng.”

Listening to such a cold name, Chen Feng felt that it didn’t seem to match the woman very well. He frowned slightly and said, “It seems to be colder.”

The old man seemed to be wondering the origin of the name, and Xue Leng ignored Chen Feng, and he said: “This name was made by herself. The previous one is better to hear…”

Chen Feng was wondering what Xue Leng used to call, but Xue Leng interrupted the old man’s words directly.

“Master, do you think it’s unnecessary for me to be by my side?”

As soon as the old man heard the cold words, he immediately closed his mouth and looked at Chen Feng. No matter how much expectation Chen Feng’s eyes were, he just didn’t say it.

Chen Feng was helpless, it seemed that he would never know Xue Leng’s previous name.

And for a while, the pavilion also became quiet.

When it hits the pavilion in the rain, there will still be crackling, but I always feel that I can’t hear any sound quietly.

After chatting a lot, I still didn’t say why the old man wanted Chen Feng, and it was about time to discuss it. Since the old man was embarrassed to say it, Chen Feng had to take the initiative to ask: “Master, I think you should be about the same. Can you tell me the purpose of looking for me? If you don’t go on like this, I don’t think you can say it until you leave.”

The old man was a little embarrassed, but he looked at Chen Feng with a chuckle, and said, “I will wait for you to ask.”

Chen Feng said: “I have asked now, you can always say it.”

The old man slowed down and said, “I am looking for you because I want you to persuade someone.”

Chen Feng was curious and asked, “Who?”

The old man was still vaguely and said, “A person you know.”

Chen Feng said helplessly, “Master, if you are not direct, I don’t want to listen.”

The old man was forced by Chen Feng, so he had to say, “I know you know Xu Fu, and you are still very good friends. I want you to persuade him.”

Chen Feng was stunned. He didn’t expect that the matter would still be related to Xu Fu.

He asked: “What do you want me to persuade him?”

In fact, when he said this, Chen Feng already felt that he might get involved in those things about Xu Fu, but in front of him was the old man he respected, and he still had to listen to the old man no matter what.

The old man said, “Just let some people go. I think there is nothing difficult about the relationship between you and Xu Fu.”

Chen Feng didn’t know, and he didn’t agree to it immediately.

And the old man continued: “Those people came and begged me, hoping that I could take action. I knew that if I did take action, it would be sabotage to the whole society. I also became a sinner and I couldn’t do it, so I found You. I know your relationship with Xu Fu.”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “I and he are indeed friends, and even the relationship is pretty good, but I have never mixed up with him. Now let me persuade him, I’m afraid he might not listen.”

The old man shook his head and said, “If you still can’t, after doing your best, I have to tell the people truthfully. Because of my love, I can only help them get here.”

Hearing that the old man said so, how could Chen Feng bear to refuse.

He had no choice but to slowly nod his head: “Then I can only do my best. I can’t guarantee that I can persuade him.”

The old man smiled at Chen Feng and said nothing.

The rain is still falling here, and the lake is still chaotic. After a while, the old man said, “When people are old, they will lose their physical activity. Since the words have been brought, I won’t accompany you much.”

Chen Feng hurriedly stood up and wanted to send him off, but the old man refused.

“It’s not good for you to give it away. This is already a bit of a shame on my face.”

Chen Feng knows that the old man is actually unwilling to say such things. He loves to be strong throughout his life and does not easily ask for help, but now he is begging Chen Feng for some people who don’t know what it is, even though Chen Feng is just one of his juniors. , But this is also unacceptable for the elderly.

Chen Feng had no choice but to watch the old man leave, his back was not curved, but even with Xue Leng’s company, he still seemed a little deserted.

Chen Feng sat there, thinking about what happened.

In fact, he could easily talk to Xu Fu, and although he touched something that he had never touched before, if it was Xu Fu, Chen Feng felt that he would not say anything, or even affect it. The relationship between the two.

But this kind of thing is a different attempt, and Chen Feng is a little hesitant.

But when he hesitated, the phone rang, and Chen Feng naturally thought of Xu Fu the first time. After all, he hadn’t returned the call in the morning.

But when he took out his mobile phone, he realized that it was not Xu Fu, but Lin Lu.

At the end of yesterday, Chen Feng gave Lin Lu the number because it was convenient for future work, but she didn’t expect that she would call right now. Chen Feng was curious, could it be that she had something to find herself.

But naturally, I couldn’t understand it, and he also connected the phone directly.

“Hello!” A man’s voice came on the other end of the phone.

Chen Feng was surprised. He asked, “Who are you? Where is Lin Lu?”

“Can’t you hear my voice?”

Chen Feng felt familiar and immediately thought of yesterday’s thoughtfulness.

He hurriedly asked, “What do you want to do, I advise you to release Lin Lu immediately, but you are at your own risk.”

Zhou Dao laughed: “You are still arrogant with me. Are you not afraid of what I will do to her? You have to weigh it yourself. The knife in my hand is not eye-catching.”

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