Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1086

When Chen Feng saw it, a snake happened to stick his head out of it.

Although it is non-toxic, it still makes people feel scared to look at it like this. It seems that the group of guys don’t want to kill people, but they don’t want Lin Lu to feel good.

Without thinking about it, Chen Feng immediately rushed up. He grabbed the seven inches of the snake, picked up the bag, and threw the snake in directly, and opened the mouth of the bag. There are so many.

If Lin Lu sees this, she may be scared to death. Since Chen Feng has come in, he won’t let this happen again.

But the bag was tightened again, and he continued to search for it in the room. In the end, only one was found in the closet, but Chen Feng was still uneasy. He went through the cabinet and searched the room carefully.

Finally, it was confirmed that there was really no more, and he was relieved.

Although these guys did not catch them this time, they did such a bad thing. Chen Feng had no intention of letting them go. He thought that when he left here, he would go find these guys, and then ruthlessly. Tuck their heads into the toilet and let them know what cruelty is.

But this idea didn’t come true, because when he was about to go out, Lin Lu was already standing there.

She stared at Chen Feng blankly, completely unable to believe that Chen Feng had really broken into her home.

She was originally in the company. Although she wondered why Chen Feng asked for her home address, she didn’t want to go home to verify it, but later found out that she not only lost her mobile phone, but also had an important file, so she had to When I came home to pick it up, I also wanted to see what Chen Feng wanted to do.

But when she came out of the elevator, she didn’t see anything. She thought that Chen Feng might just ask casually.

But when she opened the door of her house and was about to go in, she saw Chen Feng walking out of her bedroom carrying a black plastic bag, and she could see from the door that the bedroom has now been turned in a mess. .

All of this proves that Chen Feng is the robbery.

Lin Lu didn’t think much, she picked up a glass bottle from the side and slammed it at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said, “Hey, let me explain.”

But Lin Lu could hear it, the glass bottle had already flown over, and Chen Feng only needed to catch it with his other hand.

Very secure, Chen Feng also took over smoothly.

But immediately, Lin Lu threw another one over, but Chen Feng had no hands anymore. One hand was a glass bottle and the other was a plastic bag with a snake. Both of them were not easy for him to throw on the ground.

Had to flash past.

The glass bottle fell on the ground, and there was a crisp cracking sound immediately.

If there was a bottle beside Lin Lu, Chen Feng felt that she would definitely throw it over again without hesitation.

Chen Feng took advantage of this time and said, “Listen to me. It’s not what you think.”

Lin Lu said, “The bag in your hand is proof. You went into my bedroom to steal things. You perverted fellow, I still think you are a good person in vain.”

Chen Feng said, “I am indeed a good person. I came to your house to catch the thief.”

Lin Lu reluctantly said, “I think you are a thief, and you still shout out for a thief.”

Chen Feng was helpless, as if Lin Lu had identified this matter, he couldn’t correct it no matter what.

He thought for a while, put the black plastic bag in front of him, and said to Lin Lu, “Don’t you suspect that I stole something inside? Or come and see if you stole something from you.”

Lin Lu wanted to refuse. She didn’t want to see what Chen Feng had stolen abnormally. She actually needed to use a black plastic bag to pack it.

But she still has some expectations for Chen Feng in her heart, maybe things are not what she imagined.

So he glanced at Chen Feng silently, and walked towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had opened the mouth of the bag, and he could clearly see the squirming snakes, and some of them were still spitting out letters, which looked terrifying.

But because Lin Lu was standing far away, it was naturally not easy for her to see. She walked in slowly, and then gradually saw the bottom of the bag, but she seemed to feel that something was moving, as if something was moving inside. .

She raised her head and glanced at Chen Feng. She didn’t know what Chen Feng was doing, or he was moving the bag.

With a helpless expression, Chen Feng didn’t speak, but waited for Lin Lu to see what was inside.

Although it’s better than seeing a real crawling snake in the bedroom, she would definitely feel scared when she saw so many of them suddenly, but Chen Feng didn’t care about that much. He first proved his innocence.

Lin Lu was watching. Suddenly a snake’s head turned up. Lin Lu was shocked when she saw it. She was so frightened that she was paralyzed and sat on the ground.

When Chen Feng saw her fall, he wanted to go up and support her. Lin Lu hurriedly said, “Don’t come over.”

Helpless, Chen Feng had to stop his pace.

Seeing Chen Feng no longer facing forward, Lin Lu said slowly, “Why did you come to my house with this thing?”

Chen Feng shook his head, and said, “I didn’t bring these. I found them slowly in the bedroom. Otherwise, do you think it’s such a mess?”

Lin Lu was skeptical, she didn’t know if she should believe in Chen Feng, but just said, “You didn’t lie to me?”

Chen Feng said, “Why should I lie to you? If it weren’t for me to find them out of the bedroom, would you see me walking out of it with these things? If I were a thief, then I would already be inside. Go, not come out.”

Lin Lu thinks about it, it seems that it is indeed the case.

But she was still afraid of the things in Chen Feng’s hands. She said, “Can’t you just throw these things away?”

Chen Feng smiled. Looking at these snakes, he estimated that he could get so many. It should be obtained from the breeding base. Snake meat is a good thing. He laughed and said, “Why don’t I cook you a dish?” ”

Looking at Chen Feng’s smile, Lin Lu immediately understood what Chen Feng meant, and she also hurriedly refused: “I don’t want it, you just need to take these things away.”

But what was the effect of what she said, Chen Feng had already entered the kitchen with the bag.

Lin Lu yelled again, but Chen Feng ignored her. Lin Lu had to walk into the bedroom by herself. Looking at the messy bedroom, she was also upset, and some of her personal clothing had been turned over. Looking at it, I remembered that Chen Summit would not touch it with his hands.

And when she thought of this, her face immediately blushed, the kind that was even brighter than the red ink.

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