Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1087

After Chen Feng had been busy in the kitchen for a long time, Lin Lu almost tidied the bedroom, and when he saw the traces of crawling, Lin Lu completely believed that Chen Feng was just trying to catch the snake for him.

But she couldn’t understand why there were snakes in her room, could it be that someone broke in, but why she only saw Chen Feng when she came in.

She didn’t know, and wanted to wait and ask Chen Feng.

And sitting with Chen Feng again, it was already on the dining table.

She hadn’t eaten in the rush when she came back, but now looking at the table, there are only two dishes, but she was still moved.

She said, “These are made of that thing.”

Lin Lu felt scared at the thought of the snakes just now.

Chen Feng said: “Don’t look at those things that are scary, but they are definitely delicious. In Guangdong, this is an authentic food.”

But Lin Lu still shook her head.

Chen Feng directly picked up a chopstick and placed it in Lin Lu’s bowl, and said, “You can eat it.”

Lin Lu was a little scared, but in Chen Feng’s expectant eyes, she wanted to try again.

In the end, she picked up the chopsticks, carefully clamped it, and looked at it. It didn’t seem to be any different from ordinary meat. Even the sauce color on it could not see its original appearance. So he made up his mind and delivered the snake meat to his mouth with his eyes closed.

And when she ate it, she took a couple of bites before she realized it was really delicious.

Looking at the delicious food she was eating, Chen Feng immediately asked, “How is it, is it delicious?”

Lin Lu nodded, but she didn’t speak out directly, because she denied it just now, with an expression of rejection. If there is such a contrast now, even she herself would feel embarrassed.

Chen Feng just smiled, but did not speak.

Accompanied by rice, the two quickly cleaned up the plate of snake meat.

Looking at the empty bowls and bowls, Lin Lu finally had the opportunity to say, “What happened, and how did these things get to my house.”

Chen Feng didn’t want to scare her, but if she knew this kind of thing, if she didn’t tell her the truth, she would definitely doubt it.

And those people didn’t know if they would come back again, and Chen Feng wondered whether to change the lock for Lin Lu.

He thought, and said, “I thought about them. I don’t know how they got in, but when I came, they had already run away.”

Lin Lu was surprised. She looked at Chen Feng with amazement on her face. “They actually did this kind of thing.”

Chen Feng said: “It may also be related to the fact that I made them ashamed yesterday, so they thought of this way to retaliate against you.”

He thought about it again and added: “Don’t stay at home tonight. You are ready to go outside and sleep for one night. You will come back after you change the door lock tomorrow.”

Lin Lu hesitated, she was reluctant, but she knew that there would be some danger at home, so she nodded her head.

She said, “But I’m going there, hotel?”

Chen Feng thought that if he let Lin Lu go to the hotel alone, he was still afraid that Zhou Dao’s group would follow, so he said, “If you don’t mind, go to my hotel, where, if it’s true. Whatever happens to you, I can still protect you.”

Lin Lu looked at Chen Feng. She was a little worried whether she was too close to Chen Feng. If this matter was seen, she thought it would be easy for people to misunderstand.

Chen Feng looked at her stunned, and asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

Awakened by Chen Feng’s words, Lin Lu shook her head and said, “It’s nothing. Then go there.”

Chen Feng didn’t say much.

Lin Lu brought some clothes and a backpack on her back. Although she knew that the door lock had been opened by someone before, she still locked the door and then followed Chen Feng out.

Chen Feng also glanced at Lin Lu. She still looked nervous. Chen Feng thought she was afraid of today’s affairs, so he comforted: “I will be fine with tomorrow. I will take care of other things. I will never let Zhou again. They interrupted you.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Lu thought Chen Feng was going to Zhou Dao to avenge them. She didn’t want violence to happen, so she hurriedly said, “They are gangsters here. You can’t deal with them.”

Lin Lu didn’t know Chen Feng’s strength, so she said this.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m well-measured and I will never put myself in danger.”

But even if Chen Feng said this, in Lin Lu’s eyes, Chen Feng was just an urge to do dangerous things for her. She still wanted to persuade, but she didn’t know how to feel very happy.

She thought, maybe she could trust Chen Feng, maybe Chen Feng would really have a way to solve this problem.

But thinking about it, they had already walked out of the apartment and got into the car.

When I arrived at the hotel where Chen Feng was located, it happened to be dark just now, and took Lin Lu to open another room near his room. Chen Feng also wanted to take a good rest.

Today’s affairs are not just about Lin Lu, and Xia Wuzhu’s request, he has a lot of thoughts in his heart, and for a while, he doesn’t know how to open this talk with Xu Fu.

The phone rang, and the call that was a day late finally came.

Chen Feng looked at Xu Fu’s name on the screen and paused for a few seconds before connecting the call.

“Where did I lose my phone? Even I only found it now.” After Xu Fu connected, he explained to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said it was all right.

Xu Fu asked, “Did you call me in the morning?”

And now thinking about it, even Chen Feng himself had forgotten why he called Xu Fu, maybe he just wanted to chat with him, after all, he was leaving the magic capital.

But now those are not important anymore.

He said, “If you have time, come out for a drink.”

Xu Fu was stunned for a moment. He seemed to hear that Chen Feng seemed to have something and it was related to him, but then he said haha ​​and laughed: “Okay, but you called me out, but you have to treat him.”

Chen Feng agreed.

Before leaving the hotel, Chen Feng thought that he should tell Lin Lu, and told her not to go out.

He knocked on the door, and after a while it opened.

Lin Lu was standing behind the door in casual clothes with her still wet hair.

“I have something to go out, so come over and talk to you.” Chen Feng said.

Lin Lu worried that Chen Feng was looking for Zhou Dao, and immediately asked in a panic, “Are you going to find those guys now?”

Chen Feng knew that she had misunderstood, and hurriedly said, “No, I made an agreement with a friend. Don’t worry, I won’t risk it.”

Lin Lu felt relieved when she heard that it was not what she was worried about.

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